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How about that IMVU?

So for those who have never heard of IMVU use my link to check it out and get started Wink It's a 3D chat with incredibly detailed characters and rooms. Oh and you can buy all kinds of new things for your character (rooms, pets, clothing, pretty much ANYTHING) It's A LOT of fun.

That way i get credits hehe. But seriously, what do those who have heard about it, think about it? I've heard some interesting things from some girls that use it Razz One said, "girls just use it to act differently then they normally would act in real life."

In my opinion it's pretty cool and fun, but there are a lot of perverted guys on it Confused So what do you all think? and if you don't know about IMVU

<--- this last one is my avatar on imvu. I normally turn my dragon, wings, and fire off but i think it looks cool for my avatar Smile
I more like I only been on it a few times to investigate and cheer up my curiosity, glad it didn't kill me Very Happy
removed the referral links because it's against our forum rules. Those who want to try it out can go here:
oops sorry Sad Didn't mean to break the rules
ive checked out imvu, and it looks like it could become something great in the enxt few years, but right now its kinda.. boring. Maybe if windows live partnered with it/bought it out (as bad as that sounds i wouldnt rule it out) to create a 3d msn.. that would work, but right now it seems that second life is taking the cake, and its a pretty small one at this stage.

Im against secondlife myself, bring on any free mmo instead, they all have better gfx. Id personally like to see imvu make it through as it has commercial potential, but still people are going for a standard chat.. windows live, and an incredibly horrible "virtual world" secondlife
I personally don't like IMVU, and am getting pretty sick of all the advertisements that are constantly spamming the websites that I go to. I wouldn't mind if it was something discreet that people can glance at and pass off, but no, these advertisements have to be made as obnoxious as possible. Most of them are portrayed in loud screaming colors while accompanied by flashing lights and glitter.

In my opinion, it's just another piece of crap created for the younger generation as they become increasingly focused on web interaction, whether through myspace, imvu, etc. Half the people online arn't even girls, it's just an excuse for guys to look at sluttily dressed girls. I agree with ozziejim, if you're looking for online interaction, an mmorp would be better, at least it has a purpose.
My girlfriend was big into IMVU and kept saying I should get into it and I did. It was pretty kewl, I did the chatting for 5 days to get the free credits to get some kewl stuff.

After a while, both of us quit because it got a bit boring. I'm not saying it was bad or anything but it just got boring to us and the lag...omg the lag Was horrible. We could never be in a room with over 4 people in it(me, her and 2 others).
yeah it is a little boring, and it lags soooo much, i've got a gaming laptop and it's incredibly good with graphics and is still smooth for most games, but for some reason imvu lags for me as well...
Mostly it is just guys trying to hit on 'girls' but you have no idea if it is really a girl. It is cool, I will give it that. Time consuming and lagtastic.
It doesn't look like something fun to do.
My friend bought a tuxedo for $5 and I was like, "What a waste of money. Go buy Yu-Gi-Oh Cards or something."
Laugh-out-loud Smile
It lags terribly. Most of the people on there seem pretty stupid (at least the few people I talked to on there) and it's just not very enjoyable.
i think you should just play a mmo if you want to chat with people in 3d, and as a bonus, mmo's have goals and quests and stuff
i don't like it. lags too much, and you practically have to buy everything. i rather spend my time in forums.
Im sure its an alright concept, but i tend to just ignore anything that pops up as annoying ads on pretty much every website...unfortunately, thats a category IMVU tends to fall into.
haha wow a lot of negative comments. I suppose if you don't have a good computer, or you haven't run any kind of adware scan in a few months it would lag. I wonder what you would all think if it didn't lag. Seems like lagging is the main problem, that and annoying ads :/

As for buying all the stuff, yeah that part sucks. They used to have a mosaic image and they used it for a Treasure Hunt game. You found the treasure sticker on someone's homepage, clicked it, and got a bunch of credits (at least 100 every time). Unfortunately to many people were cheating some how, and they closed it until they could find a solution Sad
I prefer Project Entropia. Not only can you chat with friends and have your own avatars but you can play the game as well. It doesn't need to cost anything either unless you want to. No advertising either.
i don't quite understand the point delivered by that method of chatting online. Is it like a life simulation similar to SIM or is it merely a chat engine which allows users to change 3D avatars?

If the former, I would think funny, since it acts like a second life for someone. If the latter, I don't think anything worth mentioning, since I can create a PNG avatar in Photoshop and make it like any 3D or even animated graphics Smile
I think it sucks. This website is about bunch of pathetic teens being cool and they're actually pathetic in real life. I have seen them. They just have this real cool personality on the internet world. They cant do the same thing in real life. They troll and they fail at it. If you're not a VIP or you have a guest in front of your username, you get called "noob" and people will say different type of mean things to you. You have to get those cool outfits like other people do and they will accept you. Some are KB ****** and some are not. They discuss their personal problems in imvu and try to be a attention ******. They cry at imvu and discuss it with their friends. Imvu relationships are stupid too and people even cry about it. Are you kidding me? and their bf/gf live miles away like in UK, Australia, Canada. They all copy each other and they do the same thing. Example, if you join imvu, you will see NA in almost every avatar cards there is. They all hide their age and copy each other. The people that have actually 5, 4 or 3 letter names are cool with their avatar pics. They have those chat-rooms called "Emo school" and "Hipster school" and they use labels. Labels are annoying and nothing should be labeled. And if you look at the chat-room rules, you'll see rules like "only emo and scene people" or "only hipsters". Its completely ridiculous and funny at the same time to me. I wasted about 345 dollars in imvu and I could have used it for something else, like charity. But, unfortunately.. what can people do? Those damn imvu ads are all over the internet and it wont go away. People just have to join and then later they become addicted. Its just how imvu is. Imvu is fail and I suggest not to join. I failed test's because of imvu, but that's my fault though. I was a addict. Its waste of time. I joined Imvu when I was 17 and my friend encouraged me to. I gave up imvu at the age of 18. Imvu just wants your money. Its bunch of crap. Try Second Life instead. Or any of lots of other 3D avatar programs, that are free, and more fun. Imvu is basically some teenagers having fun and trying to act cool with their pixel outfits. They waste 6 hours a day for free credits. Anyone who joins, I just have to say this. Way to blow your money there genius.
medievalman26 wrote:
Mostly it is just guys trying to hit on 'girls' but you have no idea if it is really a girl. It is cool, I will give it that. Time consuming and lagtastic.

I agree.
Topiccc wrote:
I agree.

So you decided to bring back a post that was long dead (4 years old) to complain. Good grief! Nice way to start out here.
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