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Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna

Hey All,

Dungeon Siege is one of my favorite games and always will be.
I thourghly enjoyed Dungeon Siege. So when the expansion was announced, I as close to first in line to buy it as I could be. I was not disappointed with the game. There are two more character types that you can pick up in journey. The Backpack is a great addition to the inventory system. It allows you to expand the ability of your characters to carry more. There are a range of new and instersting monsters to fight. Mad Doc (the company that wrote the expansion) has obviously played a little bit of Diablo II as they have included the Set Items in for magical items. And they did so that the single player can actually complete a set (are you listening Blizzard ?) .All and all if you liked Dungeon Siege, you are going to like Legends of Aranna. And for the first timers, the full version of Dungeon Siege is included.

The biggest complaint that has been leveled at LOA is that it is more of the same. The point is that yes it is more of the same only improved. If you disliked Dungeon Siege, do not buy it. But if you beat Dungeon Siege and want more or are thinking about picking up Dungeon Siege to see what all the fuss is about, this is the product for you.

Keep it real.....
I played a little Dungeon Siege a long time ago and I liked it pretty much but I don't think I'll try it again because new rpg's are allways beeing made.
I played Dungeon Siege too, it was fine and it was all I can say about it. Just a very stable and fine game. Unfortunately after few hours of gameplay everything became kinda boring, it was just hacking&slashing countless monsters, there was so many hacking and slashing that I forgot what the main story was all about anymore... I was just killing them monsters Twisted Evil
So in the end I didn't knew if I saved the world or not, all I knew it took me like million monsters to get to the damn end...
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