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Which Media Player Do You Use?

I've been using Windows Media Player but lately it's been lagging. too lazy at the moment to look into the technical side to see the problem I've decided to take this opportunity to try a new media player. I've used Winamp in the past and will probably end up going back to that since I don't remember being disappointed by the media player but thought I'd get others' input before I do.

So... which media player to you use to play your music and watch movies?

Please Note: I'm sorry if I am posting this in the incorrect category, I wasn't sure exactly which board would be appropriate so please feel free to move this post where you see fit. Thanks!
easy. Use media player classic. google it and you can find it on You can also try out vlc player which will help you play almost all files available today. Both is low footprint on resources and I am sure you will find them useful to the bulky windows media player especially version 11.
Well im using winamp player since i got computer, i dnt encounter technical problem its easy to used and good quality sounds i installed dfx for the best quality sounds.winamp is the ultimate very good media player, allows you to manage and play audio and video files, rip and burn CD not just like the other player.
I use Itunes. I don't have an Ipod but it works well. It's a lot easier than Windows Media Player, in my oppinion, but then again I haven't used WMP that often.

Plus, podcasts. They update whenever you tell them to, download the newest podcast, and let you watch the newest thing in that related field without having to actively search for it. I like it.

It's the -only- media player I use. but then again, I can't watch movies with it. for movies, I either go with Winamp or DivX.
I use winamp. Always winamp:)
Never liked windows mediaplayer.
For music I always use winamp. For movies I often use VLC. Sometimes windows media player.
For movies i use vlc as well
I use (and like) Gom Player for movies. It can play all formats. If the movie needs a codec you haven't installed yet, it displays a link you can click on and the codec will be installed automatically. Further it has nice support for DVD navigation, subtitles and screen capture. If you find yourself searching for the right codec a lot you should give it a try!
I too had problems with playing media files until I started using Media Player Classic. It is available for free and plays all formats. It also has no problem doing Dolby and DTS passthrough, so I can use my surround sound system
Thanks for all of the replies regarding this...

I tried the media player classic's cool but I think I'm going back to Winamp.
I just dont remember when i last used Window Media Player.
I love winamp and their 5.52 version has changed a lot. But i use winamp just to play music files.
For Videos/DVD i use VLC player (gr8 software). If the video cant be played by VLC, i use Mplayer (its even gr8er, can play any known format with its own set of CoDecs).
Not to forget MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC, its really nice software with lots of functions.
i use mainly windows media player 11 and winamp. i use winamp for playing songs most of the time and windows media player 11 mainly for playing movies and stuffs. i also use apple's software for playing .mov files and real media for rm related files.
I use Album Player for my music, and Power DVD Ultra for my videos. I Use Windows Media Player 11 for tagging only.
winamp + classic media player + windows media player 11 works finest Twisted Evil
I use Kmplayer and GOMPLayer. If you need a music player with a good media library you should either look at iTunes (heavy) or Winamp 5.5
i use windows media player for almost everything. some times when i watch dvds on my computer i use VLC media player, which to me is by far the best as far as codecs are concerned. i also use win amp some times.
rythmbox and totem. Oh and VLC player rocks, you can even transcode or safe streams with it .
Rhythmbox again (custom-compiled to remove the terrible, windows-esque 'notification' area icon). On windows, I'd use foobar2000 if you're a serious nerd, but I used to use winamp (and loved it) but pirated it out of principle --- it used to be free, and crippling is bad. Shareware is *so* 90s.
For mpeg-4 and other video files I use BS player 2.26 with FFDSHOW codecs and ac3 filter.
For DVD's I use PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra
For x.264 HD movies I use media player classic with CoreAVC Professional Edition v1.6.5.0
For video files which cannot be opened by above players, I use GOM player or VLC media player.

Yeah, pretty much players, but I want to get the best out of every movie.
For music, I use Windows Media Player 11 and for all my movies I use DivX Player 6.6, because the 6.8 can't play my avi's Confused
I always use GOM Player.. i love the features such as subtitle shifting, audio shifting and 10 sec. rewind/forward...
Reading through the tread, i must say i'm surprised so few people use vlc. I love vlc. I never have problems with codecs not being found or anything. Plus, it's super light and uses so little ram compared to other player. I have windows media player. It basically can't find proper codecs for anything. If you haven't tried vlc, you should definitely try it.
VLC tries to play everything but it doesn't mean it plays at best performance or best picture

I used Media Player Classic using CCCP, Realalt-lite & quitimealt-lite
for audio usually winamp

for newer Divx files I actually use DivX player because thats only player that play these vids correctly without deformation
I was using WinAMP, but it got buggy as hell over the past few years, so I went back to Media Player. Now, I use VLC ( ). I like VLC. I have no issues with it except that it's not compatible with my logitech G15. *shrug* No big deal. That's what ALT-TAB is for. Smile
first i used to use media player for a short tym but it sux big tym

then i started using winamp which is pretty neat and i had no issues with using winamp as compared to media player

then one day a friend introduced me to vlc player and i am hooked on to it ever since

its a very neat, compact and tidy player which does not bother the end user at all
Reading through the tread, i must say i'm surprised so few people use vlc. I love vlc.

I'm a consistency freak and the vlc interface is a crock of @#!&. That said, its compatability is superb and it is very light-weight, so I often use it for fiddly tasks like dvd-playing or odd formats that gstreamer won't support.
simplyw00x wrote:
Reading through the tread, i must say i'm surprised so few people use vlc. I love vlc.

I'm a consistency freak and the vlc interface is a crock of @#!&. That said, its compatability is superb and it is very light-weight, so I often use it for fiddly tasks like dvd-playing or odd formats that gstreamer won't support.

Not sure where your aggression toward the interface is coming from. it's pretty easy to use. There are no flashy pictures or bubbly fonts or pretty 3D buttons. instead, it's simple. *shrug* But, to each their own, i suppose.
Video files & DVD ---- Videolan
Music & sound files --- Videolan
For the majority of my music, I use Winamp. I use VLC for other audio/video formats (such as FLV) except for DVD - for DVD I use PowerDVD, the software that came with my DVD drive.
For music I use winamp for music, WMP for music from CD-ROM (for view only) and Media Player Classic for wathing movies.
I used to use Winamp for everything. Now I use KM player or GOM for the additional features. I still have a soft spot for Winamp, though, so I refuse to uninstall it.
I don't often use media players on a PC, but when I do it's either Winamp or Windows Media Player. Does the job fine for me.
VLC Media Player because
1.It is completely free.
2.It is very small in size.
3.It has almost all of the codecs that exist out there built into it. This means that you are probably never going to have to find and download any codec.

Latest new real player is also good because it has a feature to download video.
winamp is the best choise for playing musics....
jembo wrote:
winamp is the best choise for playing musics....

Was a time I'd have agreed with you. Until Winamp would randomly start opening my browser to advertise Nullsoft stuff. I'd be in the middle of WoW or CoH and my game would close and a browser window would open with Nullsoft crap on it. And then Winamp started locking up, wouldn't exit, etc. Just got really messy. Being an old fan of Winamp, it took some willpower to pull it off my system, but finally I managed to get it done. heh

Now, I would have to disagree with you completely because of the afore mentioned reasons. To me, the best choice for playing music is a player that plays music rather than locks up on ya. hehehe...

I am a little bummed though because I was running a radio station through Shoutcast... but since I don't have WinAMP anymore, I guess that's out. Sad
I use Winamp, old version because it's light,fast. However, i don't connect to the web so i dont fear the hackable holes...
I use both winamp and WMP, a while ago i was Very huge winamp fan, but then they made a very bad version, and thats when i stopped using winamp, but now i use winamp again since the version now is pretty good
I use Rhythmbox - it's very intuitive and simple. When I had Windows, I used to play my music on foobar2000. The graphical interface wasn't that pretty, but it doesn't count Razz.
Even though I love Apple, I can't stand iTunes and I don't know why Razz.
I use Winamp since 5 years and it's cool. WMP and others media players still good choices but the UI of Winamp is so great... I recommend it always.
Mainly I use WMP, VLC, Winamp, foobar. I found that foobar is the best if it's about the sound quality. Because foobar is diffrent than other players. The sound is not modulated or changed in any way. It's clean. And it's an ideal player to play FLAC "almost-uncompressed" files, which I love. It's like you're getting a pure WAV file. Plus, these files are also denoised, because compression always cuts those "noisy" effects in the background. You won't hear them anyway, but ... Very Happy
For audio i choose winamp and for video i use vlc player.In my knowledge these two are the best players avilable Cool
VLC Media Player for AVIs, Winamp for MP3s, Windows Media Player for DVDs, VCDs and Audio CDs. Smile
VLC media player
And Windows media player
I think I can read any media with those.
I use Media Player 11 and sometimes Media Player Classic
I use iTunes for all music, and I use VLC for everything else. I've never come across a media file that vlc didn't have the codec for. And its cross platform.
Winamp with a nice codec pack will do the job I guess.
I love Jet Audio
Media player classic and VideoLan (VLC Player) for watching movies. they play almost everything. yeah every format. i do use Windows media player 11 to play my mp3 songs.

i dont like WinAmp. way too slow....
I use both Windows Media player and Media Player Classic.
I used
Windows Media player
Media Player Classic.
RealPlayer 11.0.4
HeroVideo 3000
Vcd Cutter 4.04 and
VLC Media Player 0.8.6i

all are cool but i changed my choise.

now i like and using PowerMp3 (2.0) for Audio
Media Player Classic for video
I used to use winamp quite a bit. now that they have changed the interface, it has become useless. i like minimal design. i have been using vlc player quite a bit. lately Song bird has been generating a lot of buzz. seems nice. too heavy on the resources. takes very long to startup. it has nice plugins though. i can use Shoutcast radio with it. so no more winamp.....
I use Media Player Classic to play my movies, because it's light and extensible with many video and audio decoder, such as K-Lite Codec Pack.
But for playing my musics, I use Windows Media Player, because it provides an easy way to update my album info.
i have been using winamp since 1998 and it works great... ever since they added the Media Library i have been hooked
i sometimes use VLC for videos that dont play in winamp, but thats rare

I don't understand how people can say winamp has changed and they hate the new version.... you dont have to use the "modern skins" I use the classic skin and its exactly the same............
I used to like winamp for music, but as it turns out, windows media-player have worked it's way up there,
so now I find it just as good. Just more compatible with the rest of my win-system.
For movies, though, I still go for VLC. It's nice not having to worry about codec or format. Simply just
press play. Very Happy
I used BSPlayer, MediaPlayerClassic, ZoomPlayer, VLC for videos, but for a couple of years now my choice is KMPlayer for all the videos, it knows every format, has huge ammount of options, best what I used so far.

The one field where KMPlayer is weak is the streamed media, so for that I use the media's home software. mov->QuickTime, asf->WMP, rmv->RealPlayer

And I love foobar2000 (I used winamp before it), so for audio, music, radio (except that's the one.
I use vlc player. In fact i dont want to change it, since its perfectly working for me....
Try GOM Player...
i-tunes for music
VLC for all other videos.
And some powerdvd program for dvds.
media bugs too much everytime a video ends my sound goes.
iTunes, but that's just because that's what I use to sync my iPod
i use VLC media player because VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac ...) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs VCDs, and various streaming protocols. See the full features list.
It can also be used as a media converter or a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on networks.
I use Itunes for my music, VLC player for videos and occasionally Realplayer
personally, vlc where ever possible (as it is available on windows and linux) .... although having said that I have a multitude of options installed - just in case.

Da Rossa
Media Player Classic Home Cinema. It's simple and functional.
For music, I always have, and ALWAYS WILL use Winamp. I will live and die, by this media player for music, I've used it since I was about 7 or 8 Razz

For videos, I'll use VLC, or if VLC won't play something (which rarely, but occasionally happens) I'll use Media Player Classic with the Satsuki decoder pack.

soljarag wrote:
I don't understand how people can say winamp has changed and they hate the new version.... you dont have to use the "modern skins" I use the classic skin and its exactly the same..........

I totally agree, while I don't like the modern skins , I just choose to use some other skin I downloaded a while back called Syrogenesis. The only way you could make me hate Winamp, is if Apple bought them out, and integrated winamp as the player in Itunes. Even if that were to happen , I'd just keep an older version Razz
I'm using T-T player... really nice and not causing lag to computer when use. Very Happy
year and years i've used winamp, but after a re-instal of mine pc ive start using the default windows media player, and it works good for mee.. so i keep it that way
I mainly use VLC on my PCs, but also Windows Media Player. I'm not a big user of this kind of app to be honest.
I always use VLC player and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’m really satisfied.
I gave a chance to BSPlayer for several times but it was always a disappointment, it hanged too often, even after trying to load subtitles… BSPlayer created several problems to my system, I would never recommend it. Mad
I have the QuickTime Player. I'm very satisfied.
The QuickTime Player is one of the most used media player, not just Apple but also for Windows users.
I used to use windows media player 11 until i get mega codec pack for xp with which i can play almost all format in windows media player classic.Recently i downloaded realone player because one of site i visited ask me to download it for online buffering.Now i use it to play all my rm files and for online music.
I always use the "VLC" media player: is a great player, stream encoder, stream decoder, file converter and it reads all the format that you can try. Video, audio, wow!
And you can set your video preferences like brithness, contrast, saturation and a grat thing called "Sigma accentuation".

It transform an ugly and a low bitrate video in a dvd-like video.
And it is totally free!!! God save the open-source!

Good by, and gonna try it! You will see that it is the best! If you know a better player, plaese let me know! I will appreciate it!

thank's a lot
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