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RAM+Overheating? -Computer Problems-

(Gateway Computer [816GM], Windows XP Media Edition 2005, 200 GB HDD, 512 MB DDR Memory, 7200 RPM with 2 MB Cache)

Problem: Freezing, BSODs (You cannot be truly scared unless a blue screen pops up in your face out of no-where)

Symptoms: My computer will freeze/blue screen when there is a moderate amount of power being used. Will happen when using any browser, watching a video/flash, using Paint.NET, almost anything really. When it does this, the computer may restart/BSOD/freeze when starting up, and I will have to wait 5-20 minutes before starting it back up.

When my computer starts up, the first thing I see is a screen with not much info on it, but the last line says I have only 128MB of RAM... WTF? The stick says I have 512 DDR Memory when I take it out.

Since it will continuously restart/BSOD/freeze when I start the computer back up, I am assuming there is a heating problem as well.

Would getting a new RAM stick stop the overheating of my computer? the highest I've seen the temperature (via the BIOS Settings when starting the computer up) is 209 degrees Fahrenheit (~98 degrees Celsius) and usually when I go to the BIOS settings, the computer freezes before I get out of it.

Can someone please help me solve this problem?
ah this can happen from bad/corrupted drivers
in your case it's probably your video drivers, take them off, reboot and reinstall!!!
if you really want to diagnose anything in future you should half the BSOD or at least slow it down!!

right click on "my computer" --> Advanced Tab --> Startup and Recovery's "settings" button --> from there you can stop it from restarting or you can change the small dump to full dump

so when BSOD happens you can write up the error on a paper and then usually you can figure it out if some type of graphic driver dll or you can put in the code in MS site or google and usually you get some type of answer!!!

NOTE: DO NOT TRUST Microsoft Update to update your hardware drivers!!! it is best to download drivers from manufacturer's website, Trust me I've seen many screws up before!!

I'm assuming if it's not RAM problem if it is then use MEMtest it can be found on many places on the internet also it's included on Knoppix Live CD
98*C is too much for any computer part. Check your CPU fan, Heat sink and cooling grease on motherbord. If possible install another cabinet fan.

About your RAM, I think your RAM has run past its life. In your BIOS, enable Memory Checking/Disable Fast Boot Up, to check your RAM.

Or, if posible try with some other RAM, (may be of your friend?) to see if problem occurs.

Bu, first correct your heating problem.
98 is WAYYYY to high. try to open the case and then boot. If you still c the problem probe ur had in the case to see where the heat is comming from. DO NOT TOUCH just hover over CPU, North Bridge, South Bridge, GPU, Sound card (no likely the problem), ram, and hard drive.
Is this a laptop or desktop? Cause if its a laptop, the 128MB might be because your laptop is using some of the ram (looks like 70%) for the video card?
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