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Internet Explorer problems

Ok, well my internet explorer doesn't work, it freezes up and i have the manually close the program. I believe it has something to do with my registry or something. Also, nothing shows up on Symantec anti-virus scans, but my Ad-Aware 2007 freezes up as well after scanning about half my computer. It doesn't say what file it's stuck on, so i can't begin to fix it myself.

I found something called RegistrySmart that scans and fixes your computer. It found a whole mess of problems and it the first thing that's told me so. I'm thinking about paying the $40 for the full version because it won't fix these unless i pay. I'm just wondering if it's a good program? is it safe? trust worthy? reliable?

or if you can help me fix my internet explorer then i won't need this program ^_^ Any help you could provide me would be much appreciated ^_^
Try reinstalling Internet explorer.

Must be a virus, so try running the Antivirus and Adaware in safe mode to check. Try these pages too .

Maybe these will help :
Solving IE problems, more IE, more problems. Trust me there are too many problem with IE. Idea
i tried re-installing it, as for the safe mode thing, when i go into safe mode it won't let me do any scans >.< i get an error message of some kind....

access violation or something for the ad-adaware, and i can't find the program that turns on my anti-virus so i can do scans. I can find the symantec folder but not how to start a scan
Did you try the links in my previous post.

Try to see if any of those symptoms match. I don't think Registry Smart will fix your Internet Explorer problems anyway. I wouldn't even think of buying it. Most of the problems it shows are just normal but useless stuff.

Try posting the errors it shows in your computer over here.
internet explorer just opens then keeps saying "connecting..." until eventually it freezes and i have to shut it down through Ctrl+Alt+Delete. So far nothing is working >.< but thanks for the info about registry smart.

I'm just going to use firefox from now on, but thanks anyways for the help Very Happy <b>
Use firefox. and run a virus scan. IE sucks but not that bad.
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