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Looking if he or she is watching

Klaw 2
How many of you recongnise this?
Not really a relationship... but i was wondering

who has the same sometimes±

You are in class(or same place else) and boring your ass of.. So you look around. A girl 10 meters away does the same. Then you look by accident in too her eyes and she in yours Embarassed so you both quickly look away. Then you think she was looking at you all the time (and possibly she loves you), and of course she is thinking the same. Just to check you look again if she is looking again. And of course she does the same thing so you look at each other again. Embarassed again. Embarassed again. Embarassed .
(O and if your a girl replace she with he)
Do you recongnise this too. Afterwards its always funny. Laughing
I recognise it but do realise that it can be a coincidence. I sometimes have the same thing with a girl in my class but she has a boyfriend and I'm positive she isn't in love with me. So bear in mind that she just might be bored, just as you, and is looking around the class. Could be that she's really in love with you though. You'll notice the both of you will look at eachother more often and there should be other signs too.
Klaw 2
I know that, if something like that happens its coincidence like I said.
do you ever act on these opportunities?
mostly, lot of these happens during boring classes and lectures. there was saying that goes by this...If you caught her looking at you, it means that your looking at her too." But the root of looking at each other is that you adimre each one, its not your digging for a relatationship right away but the admiration that exist between you and her/him whether its physical or mutually. But its normal to happen that if you accidentally look at each other it merley a coincidence.
Chris24 wrote:
do you ever act on these opportunities?

It depends. If I am in love with the girl that's looking at me I'd smile to her and see if she smiles back. Of course in the middle of class you can't stand up and make a little chat with her. If I spot her looking at me on other occasions I'd go to her and try to make a little chat. It really depends on the situation whether or not I would act.

i know it has happen with me many times... and most of the time, i have approached the girl, there have been both positives and negatives, but its worth if you get a one night stand... happen with me once... guys be open ... cmon... show up what male species is upto
I am open Razz
I've told you what I did or do and that's the truth. Can't make anything more out of it.
coincidence or not its an open door (sometimes window). Talk to her, play hooky (sounds like a boring class). If you think repeated eye contact with smiling is a coincidence then you might be better suited for online dating.
Yes, it's an open door. You can ask the other one to a coffee at the end of class. If he/she accepts, then it's not coincidence.

That reminds me something at college, I liked so much a boy, and I looked at him, but he hardly look at me, so, he never invited me to that coffee. I really like that kind of innocent flirt, it's better than the one you have today, when a man wants to bring you into sex just two minutes after knowing you by msn Sad

I'm old fashioned.
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