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Nothing else really needs to be said. I'm glad the Giants won! Eli Manning dodging 5 guys to avoid the sack was the best play of the game imo. What a game.
Ditto, but if I have to see Burress ease up one more time while attempting a catch because he is anticipating a hit I'm gonna lose it
Forget Burress easing up to avoid a hit, how bout Toomer on TWO occasions not going for the second effort in order to get that extra yard? That could of cost them in the end of it all. But the Giants defense was rediculous. Brady had never seen pressure like that in the regular and post season until that night. The line was just not expecting the Giants to get all that pressure in there. I was so glad that the game was as great as it was, kept all of the people I was watching on their seats. Congratulations Giants, the better team won.
I don't mind New York winning, but I think it's annoying because now we're going to have to hear about the '72 Dolphins until the next time a team gets that close.

Man those old guys are annoying...
I kind of wanted N.E. to win, just so someone would go undefeated all the way, but I love what Eli did. He's matured so much and has already won a Super Bowl. I was shocked he avoided that sack, which led to that amazing catch. That was a good final quarter, the rest of the game I didn't enjoy
I don't really mind New York winning, but I kind of wanted New England to win so that the '72 Dolphins would shut the hell up. Their team was average, at best. The only thing they had going for them was timing.

But this Superbowl proved that defense wins championships. Defense is the most important side of the ball, in my opinion, because it gets the rest of the team rolling. It allows the offense to not have to try and play catchup, which will (usually) result in less offensive mistakes (i.e., interceptions).

Great job NY!
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