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POP UP Blocking Software

Dear Frihosters,

I just tried to upload something on the internet, but then a window pop-up saying that I have a pop-up blocking sofware installed (Norton?) & prevent it to upload. What steps should I do to make it work?

Thank you so much for your help....
I don't think Norton, I used to use it, and I never got that. Do you use FireFox? That has a built in pop up blocker. It could also be your ISP, the new ones are building in pop up blockers, and spam blockers, etc. I know that NetZero does it if you are using Internet Explorer. IF you thinkt that it is Norton, just right click the icon in the system tray, and hit disable, it will ask how long, just put it for 15 minutes or soemthing, then try.
Maybe it would be helpfull if we knew on which site this is happening?

James Smile
There's really no way to tell which popup-blocker is doing the blocking easily. Just go to the page, disable all of them, upload the file, and then enable all of them.
The best way to avoid pop ups is to shift to Firefox or Opera.

You will never go wrong with these and would also save u from all the spywares & malwares
With most of the browsers and popup blocking softwares, all you need to do to allow a popup is to keep ctrl key pressed when you click.
ctrl + click in firefox = open in new tab
hey orno, even the mouse middle click opens the link in new tab Wink
The posts above is correct. The best you can do is to inactivate the Norton popup blocker and use Firefox/Opera or even the new Internet explorer will have popup blocker possibilities... not sure about IE and malware though...
norton internet security 2005 has popup blocker Idea
Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for your repplies. I used both Explorer & Firefox. But, I tried some of the tricks and it's now working Very Happy .

Once again, thank you so much and I really really appreciated your help...
I have Norton as well. Just turn off the pop up blocker from the spam section. If you are using Internet Explorer, it has a built in pop up blocker and you can disable it anytime. It is located in the tools section.
warriordude wrote:
norton internet security 2005 has popup blocker Idea

I don't think it has. I am using NIS 2005, but doesn't seem to have popup blocking. Anyway, to solve popup blocking problems, if u r using Windows XP SP2, ur IE has inbuilt popup blocking. Go to the options and disable it.
Joha wrote:
The best you can do is to inactivate the Norton ..

No, there's a better option: uninstall that junk. Gay firewall software doesn't offer you much 'protection'. Do you have a NAT'ing router?
I am happy with Ad-Watch that comes with professional version of the Ad-Aware. It doesn't only allow you to block popups, but it also looks for a spyware in real time. So it runs on the backround and any time some website ofers you a tracking cookie or any other crap that you don't need, it will automatically block it. Also while you are installing something and a program is trying to make changes in your registry, for example it will write a record about startup program to be loaded every single time your computer starts, then Ad-Watch warns you about it and gives you a choice to block it or allow it.
Another similar project is ran by Microsoft, it is called Microsoft Antispyware. But it is still beta and is not working very well. After I clean up my computer with Microsoft Antispyware beta, Ad-Aware still finds some additional crap.

Why to use Ad-Watch? Because I don't like to have a separate program for every single thing. I like more those which do everything.

Why I am not using AOL or Norton? They are doing everything! … well, they do their things wrong or in a not good way.
For example AOL makes his own VPN tunnel to AOL servers, which will slow down your internet speed if you have a good connection without it. And their virus free email dowsn’t work, because I have seen a virus that used AOL program to send spam from computer where AOL was installed. The worst thing is that it used account that was registered on that computer.
Norton is still running a separate program for each operation they do. It is just bunch of not well working programs together. Besides Norton antivirus is good at finding viruses, but bad at fixing them or sometimes it even fails to delete the file if I choose to do so. Evil or Very Mad

OK, enough blaming, it goes out of topic as well. Perhaps I should open another discussion related to this.
Very Happy
First of all preventation is better than trying to get rid of these. First of all use a secure browser with a good firewall and anti-virus and adware software. These will keep you out of gettign the irritating stuff.
While I used IE a had a program pop-up stopper, who blocked most of annoying windows. But better suggestion is to switch to firefox or opera.
Migrate to Mozilla or Opera . It works smoothly on popup blocking or unblocking .
POPUP blockers should not effect uploads
HEY! i shud noe, i upload quite a lot of files and have 2 blockers installed
Norton should not intefere with uploads
it seems a bit fishy, them wanting you to turn off a secuorty measure
Why don't you try disabling norton for a while & then trying to upload whatever you want. Then you can enable norton again...
It depends waht is blocking you have any toolbars (eg: google toolbar)?

It might be internet explorer...if it is it should come up with a message up the top. Tell it to allow popups.

I can help u with Norton after u have told me what version you have and its features which are enabled.
a better browser is always a good start.
you install adaware.
and it have adwatch you use it
you install adaware.
and it have adwatch you use it
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