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Music - My Life

I am 17 and have already played piano for 10 years. I have taken 7-8 years of piano lessons and I have been playing still. I have taken 3 years of guitar lessons (even though I haven't played for a while). I am in a band at the moment and I make my own music. Our band is looking for a guitar player, but we have a drummer, singer, and emcee (me). We're working on a mixCD right now and we're going to copyright it and release it (for free to people around the city). We used to use a program called Magix Music Maker 11 Deluxe for our music and I can say by experience that's an alright program. However, now we use CakeWalk Music Creator 4 and I recommend that program more. If you are a beginner use Magix because it's more user friendly. You may find that CakeWalk can be a pain when you first use it, but if you get the program spend a few days using it and you may end up liking it. I love CakeWalk now more than Magix... even though it's more difficult. The instruments sound more real and you can do a lot more neat things with it! I also recommend the company Uno who makes music tools that you can use for the computer. I bought a cord that allows me to use USB to create MIDI from an instrument (mainly my piano). So I love making music, it calms me down and I love hearing my own music when it sounds good!
Music is also an important part of my life... I really enjoy listening to it when I'm not doing anything else, it's great to reflect whatever mood I'm in and listen to that kind of music and just surround myself in it...

I also play guitar, and setting up a rhythm track and looping that for 10 minutes and just improvising random solo's, which will also express how you're feeling at the moment, is a great feeling. Smile I love disconnecting myself from the world around me and just becoming one with the guitar. Though I've only played for about a year, all self-taught.

My musical interests include 70's rock/metal, 80's metal, some funk, Euro Trance techno, and some more classical rock suites my needs quite well...

I just listen music.. Smile I'm not good at playing anything, specially drums! But, I like to listen those, who can play good! Smile And of course I listen music with my mp3-player! Laughing
music is said to be an art in his history
msuic has a power to over come an thunderstorm
music brings relax to a stress mind
when i was i5 ,i came an interest in music and music made me good person b'coz of my calm mind
anyone relates music to the humanity or philosophy and explains why music is kinda an instinct of human body. Even human did not invent any kind of instruments, they sang and danced round fires or hunted animals to express their own feeling of happiness. Why is that? And how came rhythm?
Music's just so stimulating.
Love it so much.
It always has this magic over mood changes and all doesn't it?

Music just came to us as a way of life I guess =)
Music is most rewarding to the soul, it brings such a joy to listen to, and also to play it. I get a great feeling out of playing instruments, and its an immense pleasure creating and playing music. And if you get that amount of pleasure out of an instrument, you will never put it down, and always try and create and learn something new. Music is so vast and there is no end to learning it.
Musik is the most importent thing in my life. I love to hear techno, trance house and many more. But I hate Hithop, soul.
I have a lot of friends in that are in the marching band with me and they always walk around in their music note jackets, pretending to really love music. But in reality, they just enjoy the side of music that comes from the "I can make music come out of this thing and you can't" side of things. They're not overly interested in contributing to something beautiful.

I don't really enjoy band all that much, but I do enjoy the music I can make with my friends. Right now I play the Saxophone (mostly alto), guitar, and keyboard and am always looking to achieve new sounds and master new things. While I'm mostly a photographer, I understand the joy you can get playing real music that your really enjoy. It's a great medium of creative expression.
While reading all the different comments on music I am amazed that people have totaly different preferences.
The sort of music the first one realy dislikes is favorite for the other. What is the determining factor?
Is it education or is it just random, like favouring color red in stead of green, experience?

Whatever the reason, music is important for a lot of people, although less spending money on CD's and especially less spending an interest on HiFi would suggest interest is declining.
Also the amount of people for instance singing in a choir is becoming less. It seems only older people are involved.
Or is it because classical music is only for old people?
Or are there too many other things interresting?
Allow a fun note: it seems, I'm a neighbor of the some of you: piano on a one side, guitar on the other. Zero soundproofing Very Happy (25-35 Db, to be fair).
Is music my life? Definitely. By choice? Not.

P.S. Finished music school, chello. Not playing now.
I've been playing the piano for quite awhile too! This yr would be my 12th year and I absolutely love it. You learn and discover new things from the same piece of music everyday... I've been playing the violin for quite some time as well .. nearly 10 years but i'm nowhere near good.. mostly because I never practiced but oh well.. I've dabbled abit in guitar and the harp and i've recently picked up the clarinet, which i think is really fun!
Music is one of the most important things in my life as well. Even though I don't play any instruments I love my music. I'd say my favorite kind if music is Metal/Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal. Seom of my favorite bands are Iron Maiden, In Flames, At the Gates, Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, SuidAkrA, Metallica, Slayer and many more.
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