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Any fast way to transfer/backup a domain to another server?

Consider this, you have a really big site, about 1200 megabytes of data, and other 900 megabytes of sql data.

To connect to internet, our PC has a dialup connection, so transfer the data to the PC and then upload, is not possible.

What is a safest way to backup the whole domain to another server quickly?

In this case, there is not ssh access, and software like FlashFXP don't work to connect both servers.

What is the better way to transfer all the site, with the sql database to another server, directly?
If you have such a big site I'd try to ask someone with a good connection to down and upload the data. You can always give him/her an ftp account with just enough permissions and only able to see the directories he should see (Only 1 compressed file and the databases). After he/she did this you remove the users and unpack the compressed file. This person of course has to be fully trusted by you.

If that doesn't work you could try a vps trail, download the files to that server (you have ssh access) and from that server upload them to the new one. This should work but you need to know how to do this in linux.

BTW May I ask if this is hypothetically or is there really a webmaster of such a big site with only a 56K modem?
It is not hypothetical the 56k modem, at this time has trouble with the broadband connection, so the only way to access is the dialup access to both servers.

In both servers there are not options to access ssh, because in both servers the hosting plan has no ssh support.

About to compress the site and the database, I think it takes more time to compress 2100MB of site+database rather to send it through Internet to the another server.

I was thinking in a php script, something to do a ftp connection from one server to another. Also, in the same script to put a sql command to download the file to the first server and then send through ftp to the another.

What do you think? Smile
hmm thats sounds good idea Smile

Also if your SQL storing sessions & search results you might want to skip that (that will save you some bytes)

Also, you can backup 1 table at a time instead of umm the whole database and it's all can be done from phpmyadmin!

Good Luck Very Happy
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