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Hurricane in US


For those who live in the area where the hurricane hits, I wish you guys & your families are fine. And I hope things are getting better soon...
That was nice of you. I don't live in the states that the hurricane has hit but I wish them best of luck in the repairs, and I have already donated to the fund of the American Red Cross for the people of the southern states.
What's going on is so sad, I mean they barely have time to recuperate and they get hit again, it's devestating... These are the times where I feel blessed to be in Ontario, we never get hit with huricains... *knock on wood*
I wish them all well, and hope they have a quick recovery from the storms. Also to the families that might have lost a loved one in this terrible storm. The all need our moral support.
It will take them a long time to recover from all this. My heart goes out to all.
It is lucky for Singaporeans where Singapore dont have any natural disasters. Phew!
I wish all of them will be well.
I live about 120 miles west of New Orleans, and we caught what would hardly be a bad thunderstorm. We where very fortunate.
I'm a helicopter mechanic and our company sent an aircraft out to survey the status of one of our sattelite fieldbases south of New Orleans late yesterday. I meet it when it got back last night. I was told the base was gone. But what was sad was one of the mechanic's that lived down there went with them. He came back saying his house was no more. He was pretty shook up.
It's heartbreaking. If your're not around here sometimes it's hard to appreciate how devestating a serious hurricane can be. I've been through 3 serious ones in the last 20 years and believe me. They're no fun. The whole part of the state that is hit is shut down for days if not weeks. When Lilly hit, about 4 years ago, we where out of power for 5 days.
Indeed, my prayers go out to those effected by Katrina.
Hi Phil,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been trough 3 serious hurricanes. I've been watching this hurricane event on TV. I have some friends in those States & I still haven't heard from them...
I was living for 3 years in Florida, USA. Every summer something happened close by. Luckily I never got to be in the middle of any, but those who had, I feel sorry for them. In another had, I remember one hurricane, I don't remember it's name, but the story was:
It moved from Atlantic towards Jamaica and was about to hit a little island Key West (the island where I used to live) after that. It was wednesday when everybody started to talk about it. Thursday it was for sure it will hit Key West and general panic started. Everybody was securing their houses and pacing stuff, they all ran to Miami area, most of them even northern. It was a great business period for gas stations where most stations ran out of gas. I decided to stay and see how strong it will be after crossing Jamaica and Cuba. After Jamaica it changed it's direction and went more towards to the middle gulf of Mexico. Yes, we got some strong wind, palm trees were broken and lots of dirt on streets, but still, people like action and if something like that happens they start panic as soon as they get a chance to panic. I think people should cam down in situations like that and think is it really neccesary to run at the first moment and make hundreds of car crashes while running away from hurricane that goes in another direction?
Of course I had my car full of gas and I was ready to leave all the time.
and feeling sorry... I don't feel sorry for those which are dumb enough to stay if they see that hurricane is not changing direction. That is what happened to some people on west coast of Florida. Rest In Peace!
Conclusion: Be smart and take care of yourself.
well thanks you..nice of you.. i live on florida and the hurricane that came here it was a category it didn't do thta much damage.. but my lights when off for 2 days!!!!!!!!!! .... its terreble... Sad Sad but now i feel sorry for the one that are living on mississippi and i think illinois cuz now the hurricane is getting stronger... i forgot what category it was...but its pretty bad..... Sad Sad and well im glad im alive.. Very Happy Very Happy oOo and also they were 4 people dead here in south florida because of the at the same time..i feel sorry too..
I have never been through anything like a hurricane, but I know they can be very severe, especially if they are category 5, so I have had those in the hurricane's path in my prayers since Monday.
The helicopter company I work for is donating helicopter usage to the relief effort in New Orleans.
I talked to one of the pilots last night. He said there's still people on rooftops trying to signal him with flashlights and candles as they fly over. The local radio stations here in South Louisiana are playing footage of the devestation constantly. It's bad, very bad. A Baton Rouge station played a clip of a man walking around in a daze, looking for his wife's body after their house collasped. He describes trying to hold her hand as she was washed away. The reporter can't contain her own emotions. I'm getting tears right now typing.
It's just heartwrenching.
Tasadduq Khan
though I am not in USA But I have heard that Hurrican costed 25 billion US $. 80 % of the city (forgot the name) of missisipe is filled with water.
Really furious hurricane.
I live in Florida To South Florida it wasnt that bad only a couple of down tree's and power out for about 1-2 day(s). But my power never went out. But I feel sorry for the people living in New Orleans.
I hope that many other lands will be mobilised as for the tsunami, to help the victims of kathrina.
God bless and strenghte you out there people.
Keep on hoping,
Things like that may happen
but we are just happy that you survive it, and
pray that you get all the support for a new start

yac from Germany
I live in California so nothing ever that bad happens here. =D

I do fell sorry for them but in a way it's their own fault for not leaving when they were told to.
The sad part is what the people who are attacking and raping others.
Well hopefully next time people won't stay and act like nothing will happen.
Red Eyes
Yeah I Send My Condolense To You Guys Over In New Orleans And The Other Cities..This Is A Tragedy We Will Never Forget!
I know what its like to be wet by living in washington but to get flooded is a diffrent story. I wish all well and that you still have the most important things still with you: Yourself, Friends and Family!
I feel really sorry for the people who got hit by the hurricane. I feel really bad.
yea, I live in miami, didnt get light for like 3 days, but I feel very sorry for the people in new orleans, they got hit really really hard Sad
Katrina left a wake of destruction.. my sympathies for those who suffered from this force of nature.. but life will always find a way..
I don't live in the U.S. but i wish them luck. I'm happy there can't be hurricanes or tsunamis in Holland Here!
US have herricane but Thailand have Tsunami, What's happend to our World??? Crying or Very sad
I live in Taiwan.We don't have hurricane.But we have typhoon.
Hurricanes. There were multiple hurricanes, some of the worst in recent history. It's not that the hurricanes themselves were so strong, it's just that their landfalls were in the worst possible places (although it could've been more catastrophic).
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