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Serious computer problems.

Hi! Again!

I think I will never make this computer work correctly mainly because Vista is shitting everything up. I just solved a big problem, I had remove a partition to delete Ubuntu and I got some problem to boot it, then my parents got bored and went to FutureShop, paid 100$ to "repair" it, anyways. Now it's just not working, it's always crashing for hundred differents reasons, the screen often close when I start a new application, I'm getting a lot of error because "I'm not the admin account" but I'm the only account of this computer and the account type is "admin", I just don't understand. It's REALLY slow, I can understand that Vista make it more slow, but not THAT slow! My music lag, everything lag, example : I list a song, every 30 secs the music will lag (not lag, "slow-motion") for 3 seconds. The biggest problem is with my internet connection, I'm using a router (model Linksys WRT150N) with an USB Adapter (model Linksys WUSB300N) and they were working perfectly! For the last three days I was getting a download speed of 5kb/s but with Steam (The application that we need to play games like Counter-Strike Source) I was getting a better speed (about 200kb/s). I contacted linksys, I talked with 4 differents guys, 3 hours of work and they had no idea of my problem. I tried the same router with the same adapter on my second computer with XP and it's working perfectly! At the end they told me to send the adapter and they would give me a new one but I don't want since it's working fine on the second computer. Yesterday, I changed absolutly nothing in my router setting but I get a nice download speed of 800kb/s, a bit later, I booted my computer and when I connected to my network, the download speed was 10kb/s again. So since yesterday, my computer speed change to 800kb/s to 5kb/s for no reason. I have 3gb of RAM, 2.2gHz dual core and my second computer with only 1gb of ram and a 2.1gHz processor but it's still faster than my computerr with Vista (atleast 5 times faster).

My computer lag, crash, block 1/5 of my requests, close the screen, boot whenever he want, NEVER shutdown (When I shut it off, it's just saying "Shutdown" but after one hour, nothing as changed), slow my internet connection, ask me if I REALLY want to move the 9 on the 10 on Solitaire and make me want to kill everybody near me, am I normal, doctor?

I'm gonna ask a "downgrader" Vista->XP to Gateway (Since I have a Gateway computer), I wish they will send me one because I won't remove Vista (I just don't want to screw it more).

If you can resolve, even ONE of my problems, please help me.

-Another Vista's Victim.
If your computer actually came with any physical disks, you may want to try reinstalling Vista from those. I'm not familiar with the process, but it might kill your data... So maybe not. But I recommend at least opening Hardware Manager (I have no idea how to do it in Vista... it's in the properties menu under hardware...) and see if any of your devices have a question or exclamation mark under or beside them. This will ensure that all of your hardware is working properly... And if not... You'll just have to reinstall the drivers...

Good luck
Have you checked for viruses? A rogue program could be sapping your system resources and network connection. Before you try anything else, you should backup your music and data to a DVD or CD if possible.

Hopefully you don't have to downgrade to XP, you paid for the shiny, you should get the shiny.
I think I've redownloaded atleast 3 times each of my drivers from the official website of the products and I doubt I have any viruses, I have the latest version of Avast! plus Ad-Aware and even if I don't really like it, I still have Metacafe.

I don't have any physical disks. All the problems keep doing as I said in my first post, nothing as changed.

I can give you a bit more infos about my problem with my download speed because I have no idea why I am getting it and I'm sure one of you know what is it!

With BitComet, my download speed can go up to 100kb/s and when I'm downloading games on Steam, my download speed is about 300kb/s and at the same time, I'm getting 10kb/s when I'm downloading something on the web.. This also affect the page loading time. When I get a normal speed, I get about 700kb/s. I'm having another problem with my connection and this one is even more strange, after ~10:00 PM, my internet just die, I can't get any network even if I unplug/plug my USB Adapter or reboot. I tried to install the driver again to see if it would work but nothing!

Yeah, could be a virus.

Try using task manager to see what is running.
Or something like HijackThis or Process Explorer.

And Try repairing the installation using the Vista DVD. It works sometimes.

Downgrading is not a bad option either.

If your computer doesn't have atleast 1GB of RAM, better stick to XP
I have 3gb or ram and I'm 100% sure it's not a virus. As I said, I don't have any installation cd, neither for xp, neither for vista. Maybe it's a problem with port fowarding? We can't foward Internet browsers ports but maybe there's a problem with ... I don't know.. A port generaly used by Internet browsers?
For all the effort this is going to require you might as well back up anything important you need, format, and reinstall windows completely.

Not only will it save you time but your windows install should be in a much healthier state.
The problem is that THEY gave me the backup which they probably made with the current configuration so it would only reinstall the same system with the same problems, no?
Ok! I got a new USB Adapter and my connection is working fine. Vista don't crash anymore but I still have the "admin right" problems.
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