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why do we men involve ourselves deeply with women

Do women deserve good men
 83%  [ 5 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Not sure
 16%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6

As much as i am asking means that i have no answer.

FOR GIRLS-------->

[Please can you just tell me what we are looking for with this women.
As much as i hate to offend women, but the fact remains. YOU GIRLS ARE THE ROOT OF MANS DOWNFALL AND UNBEARABLE life.
Although you girls have good in you but the bad has made you girls an object of Joke.]

Please guys. Answer this questions. I really want to know what LOVE means because that will be your answer RIGHT? Question
of course, every women need and deserve to have a good man. If ever the women is not that good, its up to the men to change the women's mistakes. Its how you control the relationship. In making decision, you need to consult with each other in order to come up with a good decision. Mostly, the root of the badness betwwen the men and the women is not on themselves but on how they communicate and decide. Control over each other is needed in a relationship. Neither the two( man and woman) has INDIVIDUAL mistkaes but it can be considered both of ypur mistake.
Every woman needs a good man as every man needs a good woman.
I am male myself but I do not feel girls have caused much downfull. True, some girls are bitches but realise that there are always some rotten apples in the trunk. There are also men that are totall idiots and who do more harm then good. This is the same with women.

Everyone needs someone that respects him/her and doesn't do things to hurt the person. Love, feelings and emotions in overall are things that are not to be messed with. Anyone doing so is evil, period. What's the use of cheating someone you love or lie about loving someone? That's just pathatic.

No, every woman deserves a partner that is honest and kind to her and so do men.
If boys weren't so cyoot, I'd probably have taken a chainsaw to the head of every single one by now.
I can't think of anything that doesn't piss me off that isn't some boy doing something dumb (crime on the 7'o clock news, war, Superman 64, etc.)
Anyways, not every woman deserves a good man. A lot of women are jerks like a lot of men, and in turn deserve the men of their same kind. Some men turn into women and then act like jerks, and that's even stranger. I sometimes like mint and chip ice cream. Melon melon.

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