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after installing drupal memory error

i get the follwoing error when trying to access different admin sections in drupal: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 199086 bytes)

i got this only after installing some security modules but now because of the error i cant go back into the page and uninstall the modules.

is there some kind of limitation on the server for memory space that is causing this error? is there a way that this can be resolved from my side or maybe through you guys the admins?

hope fully i dont have to start from scratch again cause this will take a long time and i dindnt back up the db to make reinstallation faster. also i dont know if its the db that could be causing the problem so i dont want to have the same problem again.

let me know if there is some thing that can be done, or if you need more info to resolve the problem
rvec wrote:
try to change the filename of a module-directory. Just one of the directories of modules you added. Drupal shouldn't be able to load the module and apart from an error you might be able to get to the admin section and disable some other modules, change the dir-name back and disable that module.

i tried this and it doesnt cause any errors. i tried a few modules but its always the same error. by the way i can get into the admin section its jus when i click on the list of the modules i have that is when i get the memory error. so i can never get in there and disable the modules that i think can be causign the problem...
go to phpmyadmin and login to your drupal mysql database. open the table 'system' and search for the row where the name column is the name of the module you want to dissable. In this row set the column status to 0.
oh man, i didnt see your post in time! i just ended up reinstalling everything. i tested first with the modules i thought were the cause of the problems and it was a module called Single Login that kept on givng me the error: recoverable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to _single_login_is_user_single() must be an array, null given

with warnings: warning: array_keys() [function.array-keys]: The first argument should be an array
and warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

on the drupal site there's a post saying that if you enable the profile module it will work after but i still get the same errors, so for now i'll just wont use the Single Login module...

eveyrhting else seems to be ok now but next time i'll use your trick, would have been a lot easier! Laughing
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