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Guitar Hero 3

i couldnt find a guitar hero 3 post. so here is one.

anyone else played this insanley good game, i am hooked.

faveroute song: cliffs of dover by eric johnson


anyone complete dragon force on extreme?
I have only played a few times, but it is always fun. I'm almost afraid to buy the game, because I would end up playing it and doing nothing else. My favorite song (not just on guitar hero) is "My name is Jonas" by Weezer.
anyone have any good tips on playing guitar hero. My daughter just got it, played it a bit and I am now on hard. Finished the first four songs, but man I don't see how these kids do it.... I tied using the advanced tutorial tips like fingering and hammmering but when I try to use it while really playing I can't seem to get it down. Anyone have any suggestions or tips for an older hero fan?
Only real tip: keep playing and failing. Eventually you'll get it. It really comes down to practice and developing hand/eye coordination, nothing more than that.
Guitar Hero 3 is really the most sensitive to Hammerons and such, a weird piece of advice would be to play 2, because the transition forward is much easier.

Otherwise, Play Practice mode, and only use the hammerons when it lets you, don't cheat yourself into just multiple strokes really fast, and eventually you'll catch on. It'll be easier to see progress if you don't just strum fast because you give up on trying off and on.
This version of GH is the best in terms of hammer ons and pull offs that i've seen in the series. all the other versions weren't terrible but not as good as in GH3 IMO. it allows for pulling off those long sections in "My Name is Jonas" that much easier.

Other than that, I've been stuck on "One" by Metallica for the longest time, farthest I've gotten was 96%. its a sweet song, but a pain to complete once at the end. besides that the song list isn't too bad. the progression is nice so ur still playing increasingly more difficult songs as you complete the tracks. Another thing i've noticed is that the rankings are a little unforgiving. i complete a song and feel i did well but i only got 3 stars. o well just got to keep practicing.
thanks, I guess I am on the right track then. Will keep on playin, was getting discouraged
yeah im on hard now, stuck on the last level i belive, its nuts, but loving it.
ok, got 8 songs done on hard now, I cant beat morello though, but I am getting there. Almost had em twice ........... Wink
I've just started out on hard.

My favourite song is Closer by Lacuna Coil. (It's too easy in the game though =( )
Jakob [JaWGames]
Imo one of the best games of this generation, guitar hero 2 was better though. I've cleared all songs besides "Through the fire and flames" (made it to 84%) and FC:ed 11 songs on expert.
For those of you who have problems with the hammer ons and pull offs, just try to release the first button you pressed before pressing the second button and it will be much easier.
My favourite song is "One"
Cool game I has small guitar Smile
lol its all about Eric johnsons - Cliffs of dover.

still stuck, cant beat bloody slipknot on hrd. damn them :@
Fav song: Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the jungle<3

GH3 is the best of all the GH games, with the greater graphics and much more random stuff that makes it better xD the guitar battles are really cool Very Happy
the thing I didn't like is the store.... it is just ****** up x)

but the game is great and i love playing it Very Happy
Guitar Hero 3 is awesome...until you play Rock Band which is like Guitar Hero times four. Razz

Still its a very fun game if you don't have the money or people for Rock Band, Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns & Roses is by far the best song on there, though I think it was only on Guitar Hero 2.
I beat it on expert a while back, now i really only play it to get the 100 million point achievement on 360. I think the note charts in GH3 are more difficult than in any other games of the series, but you have waaay more time to actually hit the note.
I play it on the wii, no problems here
One thing is for sure and that i own that game.

i got 93% on "Through fire and flames" on expert.

the solo is hard, but it works for me, i get in to the red bar. anyways, can u beat me ?
i have 18 songs completed on hard, workin my way up
Its an unbelivable good game. We play it as much as we can over here. I just love that game, nearly completed everything on hard now.
i really like this game, i was playing at hard level when i couldnt play a song, i prefer to think i didnt because i dont have de "guitar control" hehe, somebody knows anybody whos fineshed the game playing by the normal joystick???
This is thee game hehe. I was hooked for a month but when i finished it on all modes, never looked back again xD
Yeah, this game is quite addicting I must say lol. Currently I'm trying to beat it on expert, but beating Lou is diffacult.

So if anyone has any tips on the battle with lou, please help lol.

Well I think i heard they're going to try and make a forth one, even though Rock Band made it huge.

i think they are making a fourth one. and i dont normally borther with battles, they are a bit boring. i just stick with the songs. the reason i bought the game.
im a guitar player,and this game is very nice for me.
little boring sometimes but never mind.
hope u enjoying from him.
I'm stuck on the last set on hard. I've got all the songs beat but "Raining Blood". It's just got an alternating hammer-on pattern I can't seem to get. Even practice isn't helping much. GH2 got rocked out on hard, now I'm 20 songs into Expert. But damn, Raining Blood is kicking my a$$
i won the Guitar Hero competition at my school this week haha, it was easy peasy and i got a 50 dollars Best Buy gift card out of it Smile
Guitar Hero in general rocks. But the guitar hero 3's song list is a little weak compare to guitar hero 2 and the original one.

I wish the guitar hero III controller can be played with rock band (on the ps3 of course). I'm still holding onto my money for rock band because of this.

Someone convince the stubborn devs to release the patch!
so, my mate comes round with is guitar, we are co-opping thr main game, and wait a second. new songs? the set lists were different.

we unlocked about 5 new songs that i didnt even know where on the ganme from jts playig singple player. thats soresome.
I always end up looking down at the guitar while I'm playing. It helps me play better, but i always miss a few notes. I don't play Guitar Hero 3, though, only 2. I think guitar isn't my thing. Smile
dude i beat Dragonforce after a mounth of playing it. it is by far one of the greatest games ever made. i can't wait for guitar hero Arosmith to come out. i read reviews for that games and it lookes pretty sweet. you can even change what the singer wears too. the will be more guitar viriaty and the will also be the original cast from Areosmith will be on stage and performing....they had to redo the whole camera sceam to make it look more realistic Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Arrow Arrow Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Laughing Laughing
I tried it at a friend's house for the PS3. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Not fun enough for me to shell out $100 for the game, but fun enough that I'd like to play it again Smile
Hehe, it's a great game.

After a while of playing it i've nearly completed it on expert, just stuck on Cliffs of Dover and the end of One.

I find the tutorials complete rubbish though, they're set for easy mode and don;t actually clue you in on how to pull off a 4 note hammer on followed by a four note hammer off 10 times in three seconds.

I really feel that they need to be updated online.
I'm Pretty Good Very Happy
"Look's Proud" lol
im up to lous inferno on hard pretty good eh ?
this game is very hard, i cant never end a hard song… haha arggg
I don't have the Guitar Hero joystick, i don't have $$$ for it, but with my DualShock joystick, I can do some songs on Expert and i can't do Metallica - One on Hard :'(
I just Bought this game and completed Easy mode ^^, Medium is Hard for me lol Smile I`m poor, and I`m playing on guitar controller. I saw movies with guys playing on expert ;/ Respect Razz
IDK how the hell they can control all moves Smile
i tried it at my sisters kids... Hm as a real guitarist im a bit confused....
The right hand movements may be similar - but the left was lame imho.

Still the kids loved it!

The idea is fair - but to simple to me - at least the left handed buttons.
i played it in my friend hose but i am not good
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