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Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, American Dad

Which Is Best?
The Simpsons
 29%  [ 7 ]
Family Guy
 16%  [ 4 ]
 20%  [ 5 ]
South Park
 25%  [ 6 ]
American Dad
 8%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 24

Poll time. Lets see which cartoon sitcom comes out on top! I realize they all have their good and bad points but I'm going with south park for its deep meaning morals and hilarious comedy.
I voted for American Dad. The Simpsons has been pure garbage for the last 10 years; Family Guy has been mediocre at best since it came back; South Park is great, but too preachy sometimes. to me American Dad has the best balance of story and laughs.
Bryan_Bezzle wrote:
Poll time. Lets see which cartoon sitcom comes out on top! I realize they all have their good and bad points but I'm going with south park for its deep meaning morals and hilarious comedy.

Hell yeah, South Park kicks all there behinds.

[quote="eday2010 wrote:
..South Park is great, but too preachy sometimes...

preachy ? Wink

I find south park to not be preachy at all. It simply pokes fun and criticises things in society and rather lets you decide what is right. If you said it was negative I would say 'ok, fine', but preachy... I never feel like south park is telling me what to do (just what not to do).

For example it doesn't tell you what religion to believe in just which not too! Laughing
By preachy I meant they are always pushing some sort of message. They've even admitted it themselves.
Fair enough they are normally pushing a message but not in a preachy way, and when it comes down to it would you disagree with anything they imply (except when there not really serious, they're just exaggerating or taking the piss) ????

I think its refreshing to watch a program that can in a funny, enjoyable and rather vulgar way point out (instead of ignore - like most) some of the messed up things in society. Wink
eday2010 wrote:
By preachy I meant they are always pushing some sort of message. They've even admitted it themselves.

Yeah I think the quote was from the family guy episode of south park. "At least Family Guy doesn't get all preachy and up its own ass with messages."

By the way I thought that episode was magnificent, the way south park poked fun at itself, while differentiating its type of humor from family guys' since an often topic between my friends and me was that family guy and south park are so funny blah blah they're almost the same blah blah. So they hit it on the nose with that episode.
I voted for South Park. I reckon its the funniest and it can be really outrageous sometimes. The Simpsons was funny for about 5 seasons, now its just stupid. And family guy + american dad are blaint copyright of the simpsons and they try to be 'outrageous'
I voted for Family guy, I hate south park, it's just spamming of swears and stuff... hilarious
American dad doesnt have enough comedy, while family guy is packed with it, and simpsons is too old
The Simpsons still makes me laugh all the time, even though a lot of people say its going downhill. I'd argue its stayed the same while other animated shows have become more pervasive.

Family Guy, Im starting to get into, the first seasons I thought were terrible, but the non sequitor elements have gotten funny, as they know thats their trademark now.

South Park is very bad, with few exceptions. Unnecessarily violent just for pure shock value, plots loosely based on current events to try and make it timely, or as pop savvy as Family Guy or The Simpsons. The show needs to disappear.
Family Guy has definately gotten worse. The show is starting to remind me of the Simpsons; instead of having a story in which to insert jokes, it feels like they try to build a story around jokes. And a lot of the jokes are either not funny, or corny, as in you can see it coming. The first two seasons were definately the best. The politically incorrect jokes and the pop culture references were great. Now they seem to be relying too heavily on pop culture and celebrity jokes; so much so that a lot of their jokes and references are too obscure or just don't work. But they need more politically incorrect jokes. That is what made the show hilarious.

The voices also changed a bit from the first two seasons; they were better then. Plus with the new episodes, I don't know how they are recording them, but the quality isn't that great sometimes. It sounds like they are speaking too loudly into the mics or something.
Every one in the poll is my favourite animated tv show ;] But I guess South Park really kicks ass, it's got the greatest ideas, they aren't affraid to mock anything and don't care what people will say or think. Apart from that, they are on TV for a pretty long time and they've had lots of outstanding episodes ;]
My vote is southpark...
I feel like South Park has really found it's voice in the newer seasons. They sometimes touch on public issues, moral issues, and being a kid all while using the type of slapstick comedy to make you bust out laughing. I know what they're doing now and usually know why they're doing it. For example, the tourettes syndrome episode, they really made you feel the way some kids with tourettes actually do. They also portrayed the moral danger of making fun of someone like that, and then seeing how it really is to have it. All this..and they still managed to make you laugh. Even more so..they made you laugh at something that is not funny at all. They're just good with it.

Family Guy definitely changed their style from the first few seasons. I think mostly because they found out what made them so likeable in the first place then they personified that. Other than the toned-down-ness of the first few seasons, I dont really see a drop off in the comedy. Family Guy is really coming into its own as well, but they are treading on soft sand with FOX. I think FOX signed them back simply because of the popularity boost, but FOX's audience isnt one and the same with the Fam Guy audience.
I wish there was a option for all of them - I love 'em all. Very Happy
Aside from it's good, nice jokes and great on how they integrate stories with current events, history and whatnot ... also due to longevity i'm for the Simpsons.
I also like American Dad even if i'm not american. Simple plots, nice punchlines.
I pick Southpark. In my opinion Family Guy and the Simpsons aren't funny most of the episodes. I mean that there are moments I have a serious laugh but mostly it is lame. Southpark has both boring and exiting episodes, in which most of those are exiting Smile
Im actually starting to like American Dad a bit more than I used to. It still wont top the others for me but it might pass Simpsons soon. For right now i'd rate them like this.

1. South Park
2. Family Guy
3. Futurama
4. Simpsons
5. American Dad

and like I said 4 and 5 Im thinking might be swapping soon.
I voted for Futurama, because it relied on wit and excellent writing/acting to pull it off. No bleeps and a little cleaner than South Park, which I can't really stand to watch. Family Guy is also amazing and definitely comes in second, then American Dad, then Simpsons, and I don't think I'll ever like South Park, so it stays at the bottom.
1. Family Guy
2. The Simpsons
3. South Park
4. American Dad
5. Futurama

I've seen Futurama enough to critique it - and all I found memorable was the voice talent of Katey Sagal and the drunken robot Bender. The rest of the list I have always watched and the grandaddy of all is The Simpsons. The Simpsons is always funny enough and if it stays on as long as the voices live it's fine by me. South Park is an animated sit-com, but it's completely unique and hilarious. American Dad will keep me watching for the Roger character alone. Having said all that, I am a faithful follower of the man, the myth and the legend: Stewie Griffen. Victory is his.
TVme wrote:
1. Family Guy
2. The Simpsons
3. South Park
4. American Dad
5. Futurama

same opinion as TVme.

The Simpsons used to be my idol, but I recently got into Family Guy, and I must say they are both amazing shows Very Happy
My favourite episode from Family Guy is - Padre de la Familia from season 6.
Its the most hilarious thing Ive seen in a loooong time Very Happy
The Simpsons is definitely the best in my opinion. It has a longevity that surpasses almost anything that's been seen on TV before. The show has enough humor in it and it does it without vulgarity. What seperates South Park and the Simpsons from the rest is the fact the shows are not afraid to place current and real world issues into the show and make fun of them.

The Simpsons just has better artwork in my opinion and that along with longevity and integration with current events, history, and even some religion make it the best of the bunch.
1. Futurama
2. Family Guy
3. The Simpsons
4. South Park
5. American Dad

This is the order I like. Futurama is awsome, not only for the voice talent but it is hilarious, and it dosen't delve into current issues as much as most of the others. To me American Dad is the boring red headed step child of Family Guy, same style just without the same laughs.
Id have to say family guy then the simpsons family guy is more adult humour and more straight to the point although the simpsons is funny but not as offensive lol in which case id have to say that family guy is the most offensive and funniest cartoon ive seen so far
The Simpsons..all the way
It is the BIg Daddy of all them
I think the simpsons is the best. It's been around the longest, and I agree that some of the recent episodes are pretty bad, but overall, it's a great show.
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