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Is it right to be sad about something for over 3 months?

What is your opinion on holding on?
1 month
 50%  [ 1 ]
1 week
 0%  [ 0 ]
1 day
 50%  [ 1 ]
1 Year!!!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 2

Well this is why im asking. Its because me and my Ex broke up about 3 months ago and im still broken inside ive had 4 boys ask me out and i said no to all of them i feel bad and sad at the same time!
I think a rule of thumb is you have half the length of a relationship to get over it. I'm actually not sure where I heard that so I don't know how widely accepted it is but it makes sense to me. Regardless, give it time but don't mope about it and try to move on.
How long it takes to get over something depends on the person. If you just got turned down it'll take less long to 'recover' from it then for someone, like you, who just ended a relationship. If your relationship lasted long then it is only logical that recovering will take time. You can do things to try and get over it. Talk to people, like you are doing now and more important, accept the fact that it is over. Those things should help, I'm sure you can think of other things too, as long as they make you happy.
i have not voted for the poll...since moving on does not require time. Acceptance of the situation really is the hint when to move on. If you have already accepted your lost, then its time to move on.
qhwn it comes to getting over a relatinship either long or short or loved.

it depends entierly on you, i was with a girl for nearly 5 years took me like 6/7 months to get over her, i didnt vote because there is no set time.

i new and had accepted that the relationship was over straight away, but its hard to get over not having somone there all the time, just start living life in a way that makes you happy. the day i got over my ex i had gone to a gig on my own, and had a right good time.i new then i didnt need her to have a good time and be happy. and this wil lhappen for you as well. you will will be happy again
Most important is that you keep in mind that better times will come. This is only temporal.
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