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I want to renew my domain, but I don't have a credit card

I wish to renew my domain from, but I do not have a credit card to do so. I got the domain from a free domain service ( but I think they've went out of business. I wish to renew the domain with PayPal, and so far I haven't found a domain service that takes PayPal.

Does anybody know how I can do this?
I think does accepts PAYPAL ACCOUNT, You can can check with them.
Godaddy accepts PayPal payments, but the paypal account should be verified, meaning a credit card should have been used to verify the account./ Otherwise it wont be accepted by them

You can try or, they accept paypal too..
I'm not sure about the specifics, but I believe registrars are required to make some effort to assure that domain owners are who they say they are. If you have a bank account, you can get verified by Paypal with that.
Dotster does offer the ability to renew domains using Paypal. I'm not sure if the domain is in a account owned by you or ( since no domain was listed. You can call Dotster at 360-253-2210 to have this question answered and get assistance with renewing the domain.
I don't have a credit card to verify my PayPal Account. I don't have a bank account that can be verified with PayPal. I believe it requires a "Checking" account, and I have a savings.

Please help, I badly need my domain renewed. I am using Dotster currently, and it's $15 dollars to renew.
As I said earlier, did you try namecheap.. I am quite sure that they do not need a verified paypal to renew or transfer or register domains.

Just create a free account with them, transfer the amount from your paypal and then transfer the domain from dotster..
Well if you are a member at there are few domain resellers who accept NP$ [ namepro.coms forum currency ]. you can earn NP$ by offering services or completing other members offers such as forum posting. domain transfer price there is like $7. even you can buy NP$ from web site bank and use to renew/transfer your domain.
I believe that I have found a pretty good domain site. It's called Has anybody heard of it or used it before? I don't want to waste money if they are going to rip me off.

They offer a $6.99 .net domain that is basic. Has anybody else used them before?
look at . reliable service
Has anybody tried the two sites? Trying to debate which one I want to buy.
Domainsite is reliable enough.. You can go ahead and buy from that.. But honestly, Namecheap would be my choice since their support is pretty fast and also problems with domains are pretty less.. this is from my 2 year experience with them
usually in every country there are local companies who are a reseller where you can pay cash to these companies. ask around, that is, the real people there, or in local forum. there should know.
Namecheap offers domains for 9 dollars, and I am very limited with my budget. I plan to buy the domain from as it is the cheapest.
Good luck with your purchase at domainsite
Rather buy from at $5.99 if you have a low budget

Quite Reliable
Another option: my siggy. Take a look at my forum.
I just posted

Maybe it suit your need. Very Happy
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