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Traffic accident

I the luck very is not good today, in goes home on the road had the traffic accident, my beloved motorcycle collides and damages.

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
bad for you. You have my sympathy. "Maybe something is wrong on your driving(joke). Laughing : Accidents mainly happen because of two reason and it is true.

1. Unsafe Driving
2. Drunk Driving

Your in a badluck if your careful enough but hitted by a drunk driver. Very annoying but true!
Was anyone hurt? Since you're online making this post, you should just be happy you made it through even when your life was on the line. Motorcycles aren't exactly the safest means of transportation.
Hope you've got insurance! (and they do too!)

Uninsured drivers are just scary - not to mention EXPENSIVE.
ouch! how much damaged was caused? to both veichles?
Omg! I got hit by a truck today, damn that was scary..

But good luck with your insurance and stuff. Wink
sorry to hear bout that....
Fengtai - I'm glad you're OK after your accident. Is your bike repairable?

I and a friend witnessed an accident last Thursday. Afterwards I was incensed enough to write this letter to my local newspaper.


I am writing to express my disgust and outrage at the behaviour of certain drivers after an accident.

On Thursday of last week (24th January) I and the co-writer of this letter were in my car driving along the A4260 in Adderbury when we witnessed an accident involving a lorry and a car that resulted in the lorry tipping sideways into a deep roadside ditch.. Although there was quite a lot of traffic on the road, which meant there were plenty of witnesses to the accident, we were the only car that stopped.

We had stopped on the opposite side of the road from the lorry and as none of the passing drivers had the sense or decency to stop as we tried to cross the road to render assistance to the lorry driver, we had to run between, and dodge, moving traffic.

The lorry was at such an angle that I had to climb on the wheel to reach the lorry door while my friend called the emergency services. Plenty of motorists must have seen that, yet not a single person stopped to assist us. Nobody even called from a car window to ask if they could do anything to help.

I would like to ask those motorists how they would feel were they involved in an accident and no-one stopped to help. There was no way they could have known that the lorry driver's injuries were not life-threatening. They could not even have known if the emergency services had been alerted. Were those people to suffer serious or life-threatening injuries in an accident and no-one stopped to help, how would they view those who took the same course of non-action as themselves and simply just drove on by? My guess is that they would complain very quickly and very loud were that the case. They should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for the callous, uncaring attitude they displayed.

On a happier note, I must commend the speed with which the emergency services arrived. A paramedic was on the scene in approximately 2-3 minutes and an ambulance and police vehicle arrived very soon afterwards. It could not have been more than 10 minutes after the accident that the lorry driver had been assisted from his cab by the ambulance crew and was on his way to hospital. The paramedic, ambulance crew, police officers and fire crews performed their duties speedily and professionally and we should be proud and relieved that we have such people to call on should we need them.

I would also like to commend the lorry driver who, by his split-second decision to steer his vehicle onto the verge rather than into the other car or, even worse, into the oncoming traffic, averted what could have been a much more serious accident. I am pleased to say that I was later informed that he had not suffered any serious injury.

Finally, a note of caution. After the accident, many passing motorists were paying more attention to the scene of the accident than to the road. In fact, 1 particular motorist was so busy gawping at the scene that he almost ran into a police officer who was directing the traffic. Such people could easily have caused a further accident and should learn to focus their attention where it should be when driving.
its good for you that not too much injury you have got from that accident. Accidents really happen the moment you don't expect it. Hope you are fully insured so that you wont injure your wallet.LOL
lifes are more important than vehicle dents .... you should be glad your here and wrote this !
I'm sorry to hear that. What kind of motorcycle did you have?
driftingfe3s wrote:
I'm sorry to hear that. What kind of motorcycle did you have?

My motorcycle is SUZUKI which Japan produces, GN125, my durable 4 years, the feeling have been very easy to use.
I extremely thank everybody to my care, what a pity is my motorcycle has not insured, therefore cannot obtain the compensation.
I luckily have not been in any traffic accidents yet... Not to say I haven't come close to some...

Luckily I'm a pretty careful driver and prevented them... The usual of someone trying to merge into me on the freeway, or in one case someone flying through a 4-way stop at 55mph... I had made my stop, saw it was clear, but saw a car on my left that looked like he was going awfully fast so I decided to be on the safe side and wait 3 seconds... Thank got I did. :-/ He flew right through the stop and would've T-Boned me.

I'm glad to hear you're OK, life is always more precious than a motorcycle.
I know how it feels like :S
Who was at fault matters in the accident. If another driver hits you, then they pay to fix your motorcycle.

If you crash your bike then it's your fault. You have to fix your motorcycle.

Which is it?

Were you drunk? the other driver (if any)?

Some conditions make it possible for these statements to not be true. If you hit someone who is drinking and driving, then usually you can overturn ANY decision to make you pay for the accident, and they will most likely be responsible for the damages. Judges hate drunks... FYI.

You should also considder getting insurance that pays for your motorcycle if ANYTHING happens to it like theift, fire, or road damages. It's called full-coverage and you can ask your insurance provider about it. It usually comes with Road-side assistance which is nice when you break down while on a trip.

Full-coverage is costly so you'll have to figure out what you want.

Here is a formula:
if you make 20,000 a year or 384 a week, and your bike is worth 300 dollars then you should only have liability insurance (to cover other motorist) because you can easily replace your bike.
if you make 20,000 a year or 384 a week, and your bike is worth more than 400 dollars then you should carry full-coverage because it's not easy for you to replace the bike.

Granted this formula is not an exact science and won't work in every case, but it's a good way to look at what level of insurance one needs on the car/motorbike that is used for transportation to and from work. Obviously if you are Bill Gates then you don't even have to carry insurance on things like your car, but you'll have to find out what the state requires you to "hold" in the event of an accident. I believe that you have to proove that you have more than the minimum insurance level in a seporate bank account for emergencies.

BTW, I would really like to know if you were drinking or not because it makes the difference of me feeling sorry for your loss or laughing at you for being an idiot. Which is it!?!?!?! lmao
That's so scary.
One of my biggest fears is that my boyfriend (who just bought a motorcycle yesterday) will get in an accident. Oh God ughhh.
I've seen motorcycle accidents. There must be a reason that there are few old motorcyclists but plenty of old motorists!

I guess you're lucky you're OK. riding a motorcycle (or worse a pushbike) in a busy place is scary and dangerous.
on the subject of accidents, I know of an Englishman who was had migrated to Australia and then shortly after this killed his 8-year old daughter in a driving accident.

The problem was the road was wet. You would think in England they would be used to wet conditions, however in merry England it rains every day of the year (esp in Northwest england!). This meams the roads are wet all of the time but not necessarily slippery as the constant rain washes away slippery things like oil and other gunk that may be on the road.

The problem where he was driving in Queensland was that it hadn't rained for ages - then there was rain. What happens is that the gunk get washed to the surface in this situation the road is absolutely slippery. He lost traction and went into a tree. I presume the guy was going faster than the advisory signs (They have in austrlia) around the bend, however pretty well everyone ignores these in Australia anyway.

The poor bloke then got a dangerous driving charge (which is i believe a criminal thing - not like a speeding ticket) - which I think is a bit rich after losing a child - but then again this is the robotic way the police work.
yeah Rite accidents are increasing So fast these Days, I dont Know why they lack confedience or lack attantion during drive, I have seen to many accidents in my area only because of lack of attention and Speedity, thats it, All Want to rush fast to their Destiny and in result they collide with some oither vehicle..
motocycle accident is really terrible to imagine, since there're always no enough protection methods to save you from bumping with machines and hard rocks. It's great you are OK, and just to remember to drive safe next time Smile
salman_500 wrote:
lifes are more important than vehicle dents .... you should be glad your here and wrote this !

Quoted for truth.

Though, understandably he (like most other people) would be quite disappointed about their bike, as depending where you live, the money factor bites.
fengtai wrote:
what a pity is my motorcycle has not insured, therefore cannot obtain the compensation.

BUGGER is all I can say! *Cue the old Toyota commercials about 4 years ago in Australia!* Bad luck mate, I guess you may reconsider you're position on insurance, although if it hasn't been insured for a long time you may find that you have saved money! Razz
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