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Nokia Xpress Music 5310

i just bought this phone and i dont know which video formats it can play.i knw it can play .3gp but when i put in a file which was orignially .mpg (i converted it to .3gp and put it in) the pics won't show but i can hear the sound fine.can anybody tell me wat to do?
This is probably not a file type problem but a resolution problem. What resolution did you have your video scaled down too? Most mobile phones (yours included, I guess) Don't have enough memory or processing power to scale down a video on the fly, so the video must be converted to the phone's native solution. Do a Google search for your phone's model number and screen resolution. Keep hunting until you find it. Then open the program you used to change the extension and put in those numbers as the resize or crop. That should do the trick!

Best of luck!
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