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No More Heroes!

Please excuse me if there's already a thread for this game. I searched but I didn't see anything on the forums.

The game I'm talking about is No More Heroes for the Nintendo Wii. It was just officially released in the USA on January 22, 2008. Anyone else heard of it or has played it? I'm interested in hearing other opinion on it.

For those who haven't heard of anything about it, here is a trailer for it

Basically the premise of the game is your an assasin and you want to become the #1 ranked assasin in the US, so you obviously have to beat/eliminate the higher ranked assasins.

The fighting system is relatively easy to pickup and understand but it's still not an easy breezy game (especially the bosses near the end). When not fighting the ranked assasins, it has a very beat em up feel to the game. There's also a free mode, which kinda feels like GTA, where you can ride around town on your bike picking up jobs.

It's all done in 3D with cell-shaded textures and it has a very retro-gamer and overall japanese overtones in the game. At times it can seem to try to be artsy-fartsy, but I think overall it was done very well.

I just beat the game in about 10 hours but I had a ton of fun and there's a lot of comedy aspects to the game. I'm actually gonna play through the higher difficulties now because there's a lot of little things left to do.
My friend got it... he says it's okay. I'll get it when it gets cheap.
The game is rediculously amazing, from concept to execution. I played through it a few times, and finished on the hardest setting, Bitter. Collected all the shirts and stuff. I had been waiting for the game for a long time and I tore it to shreds once it came out. It was so good.
I've played both the english and japanese version and there are only 4 differences from what i've noticed. First of course the obvious english and japanese text/subtitles, then secondly there's the gore/blood in the english version, third you have to press trigger instead of the "a" button to move the star on the loading screen, and lastly there's the No More Heroes trailer instead of the Heavenly Star music video.

Have you found a way to unlock the Heavenly Star music video? I was thinking it was unlockable somehow. I found it odd they removed the video, it was kinda neat, and the song grew on me.
Wow, trailer looks very nice! Is this game available for PC or only for consoles?
I've seen a trailer for the game and It seems interresting altough I never tried a Wii to see how easy to control a game can be.
This game was a lot of fun. It gets kind of same-y sometimes, especially with the repeated assassin jobs. But the side jobs are really odd and fun to do. Seeing Travis (the main character) waddle around with a coconut in his arms is just a funny site.

The game has some really funny dialogue and if nothing else, it keeps you playing through till the end to see what happens next. It's actually a satire and they make fun of the game itself, especially with the final boss and the real last boss if you unlock the secret ending.

It was definitely fun, enough so that I replayed it on a harder level.
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