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where can I find a html notebook

Hi tere, I work on sftware projects where I find myself taking a few notes on how to configure things how to start things how to generate things etc etc

currently I have been writting a collection or readme.txt files for various procedures, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could could a simple yet snazy html notebook where I can just drop me notes in it and have it kind of navagable with a index page, basically some sort of tool I can use to quickly generate a link in the index and I can add a bit of content.

The type of usability I was thinking about is have a kind of local lightweight forum on my machine where I can post a note with a title. I do not want to use phpbb as it is too heavy requires a webserver to be running so I was hoping for something very light weight where I can easily move it around between mechines and hopefully should run on both windows and linux

wow sounds like I am asking for allot, mmmmm hope someone knws of somthing available out there

Any RTF editor should be suitable?
mmmm Rtf editor will give me a flat file, I am more interested in a smart linked file whereby I can search through my notes etc etc, basically something like a little website that runs localy on my machine without the need of having a web server.

hopefully implemented in HTML and Javascript as thisway it would run in a browser without the need for server side implementation.

cheers Mic
Arnie may suit you better.
Hi there and thanx allot for the feed back its funny that you mentioned this as I stumbled apon it during my search and wow its asolutly perfect for the purposes.

Thanx allot for the feedback, really do appreciate it

thanx it's good !!
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