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why does it seems like so easy for somebody to let go?

Are the person who truly loved somebody or someone are being fooled by anyone always?
So simply means that I and you who loved somebody truly, should be stupid like them for us not to be hurt anymore? Thank for your advance.
for your first question, not all cases are that like. All people who try to love truly are those people who deserves a not to be fooled. If you loved truly and fooled by someone, it simply means that the one who fooled you don't deserve your love.

For yhe second question, i can't really get the point. Kindly elaborate it.
If you really love someone and have a relationship with him/her then you simply trust he/she feels the same way about you. Should someone just pretend then that's really low. Mostly, however, people will not pretend and mean what they feel. Everyone with dignity knows that you shouldn't fool around with other people's feelings.
For the first question, I agree with Zaira, if you loved truly and been fooled then you deserve better than him/her. And at least, it would be enough for you to find out his/her true intentions and feelings. There's an old saying which means: "The near problem is better than far disaster". Be grateful that you found out and didn't spend years with him/her.

If you mean to be like these guys and fool them back, if I get it right from you second question, then I don't think so. This would be revenge and it never gives you self rest & peace.

Thank you
I've loved deeply and been fooled a few times (or I've been used for something other than my love) but hey, its life, move on and find the wonderful things without looking back.
The times I've been hurt I've found mostly that the girls concerned had their reasons, and ok, they made choices I never would to someone, but thats the mad tapestry that is people and society.

Love is beautiful and amazing yet the most dangerous thing in the world, I'd prefer to be beaten unconscious by angry men than feel that pain of a broken heart - and believe me I've experienced both a few times in my life lol!

Never fear it though I say, I've always lived by a question I ask myself, "if I never walk the scary paths in life how can I truly appreciate the beautiful ones"

Heartbreak always heals, just wish I had a fast-forward button for life sometimes!!
its very logical that it is easy for somebody to let go if he/she really does not like you anymore or for some other reasons too personal enough to let her/him carry it all alone. people tend to let go if he/she gives up fighting for you. but let me say, people give up if somebody interferes, even the person gives up with his own will.
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