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New Home Server - stable mobo?

I'm looking to build a new home server - it doesn't need anything fancy or extreme and I would like to stick with AMD64 (no need for opteron) and I'm looking for some guidance on the mobo. What seems to be the most solid, stable mobo out. Obviously I don't need SLI or any of that ... just a couple of SATA ports to mirror the OS (or raid 5).

I've used gigabyte, asus, abit, msi and I've had some really great luck and some really crappy luck with all of them. I know it is often a shot in the dark - but sometimes you guys/gals have 1 or 2 particular mobos that just seem to ROCK.

Ideally - I will use a dual core, 4 or 8 gigs of ram - prefer a PCIe slot (have a junker pcie card for now). I may toss in a 8600 or 8800gt later and use for a bit of light weight gaming. My main concern is stability and longevity. It's a light weight DC and file storage (prolly win2k3 sp2 r2 - maybe 64-bit). Thanks for your guidance / input. It is greatly appreciated.
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