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Two new computer worms detected

Los Angeles-based Panda Security announced on Friday that it has detected two new computer worms, Nuwar.OL and Valentin.E, that use the topic of Valentine's Day to spread.

"Year after year, we see the appearance of several malware strains that use Valentine's Day as bait to attract users," said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs. "This indicates that cyber-crooks are still reaping the benefits of this technique, and many people still fall into the trap."

Nuwar.OL reaches computers by e-mail with subjects like "I LoveYou So Much," "Inside My Heart" or "You ... In My Dreams."

The text of the e-mail includes a link to a Web site that downloads the malicious code.

The page is very simple and looks like a romantic greeting card, with a large pink heart. Once it has infected a computer, the worm spreads by sending e-mails to the infected user's contacts, which also creates a heavy load on networks and slows down the computer, according to PandaLabs.

Like the Nuwar worm, Valentin.E spreads by e-mail in messages with subjects like "Searching for True Love" or "True Love" and anattached file called "friends4u."

If the targeted user opens the attached file, a copy of the worm will be downloaded. The malicious code installs on the computer as a file with the .scr extension. If the user runs it, Valentin.E shows a new desktop background to trick the user, while it makes several copies of itself on the computer. Finally, the worm sends out e-mails with copies of itself from the infected computer to spread and infect more users.

"Both cases are clear examples of social engineering techniques used to spread malware. They use attractive subjects -- Valentine's Day greeting cards, romantic desktop themes, etc. -- to entice users to run attachments or click links that ultimately download malware onto their computers," Corrons said.

To avoid becoming a victim to computer viruses, Panda Security offered the following tips:

-- Do not open any e-mails that come from unknown sources.

-- Do not click on links in e-mail messages, even if they come from reliable sources. It is better to type them in the address bar.

-- Do not open attached files that come from unknown sources. Be wary of files that claim to be Valentine's greeting cards, romantic videos, etc.

-- Protect your computer with security software capable of detecting both known and new malware strains.


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That is why I use mailwasher....
I don't ever download things like that from the internet. My stupid sister downloaded limewire one time and it put so many viruses onto the computer. This thing kept popping up and freezing the computer every two or three minutes. I couldn't get anything done. It was doing this whenever limewire was opened, but limewire wouldn't let me shut it and it started automatically when the computer turns on. So I tried to simply end the tasks in the task manager but the virus locked the task manager and I did everything I could but couldn't get into the task manager. It took me hours to fix the computer. After I finally fixed it I removed limewire from the computer and explained what happened to my sister and asked her not to download it again. So what does she do? She downloads it again and I, once again, am the one that has to fix it! My sister isn't too bright... point being, you'll be fine if you simply don't download any of these things.
Thats a common method used b malwares & virses to spread. I can not understand how people fall prey to such a method. I mean any body with evena 8th grade brain could tell diffeence between a real email and a fake one.
yeah, mostly people with good thinking can distiunguish real mails from spams and fakes. I suggest that don't open advertise mails and reduce downloads from unkown sites.
Thanks dude for the INPUT I am a email fanatic that gets ALOtT of Mail from girls that could send a Subj like that So i copied paste and sent to my whole Contact list! Thanks bro!
Hmm...I think I got some of those emails in one of my accounts, and similar ones in others. As always, I've never opened up any emails I'm unaware of, and I never click any suspicious links. Still, I can imagine many people who have opened these. I will never understand why people do.
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