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New NASA photo shows human like figure on Mars

A posting on the NASA website has sparked excitement about life on Mars.

An intriguing image appears to show a human statue like figure walking down hill, however scientists have been quick to squash theories that there is life on the red planet, or that it has been visited by extra-terrestrial beings.

The picture was taken in 2004, but was magnified just recently and posted on the NASA website. However scientists say that people should not get too excited.

”Of course it’s a combination of rocks and shadows,” Sir Patrick Moore said. “Remember the face on Mars? That was far more like a face than this is like a man.”

”It’s a rather interesting image,” Craig Garner from the Stardome Observatory said. “I think the reality of it is it’s a trick of light that’s just picked up on a formation on the rocky planet.”

However, many people have other ideas.

One British paper says it looks like a Martian Bigfoot, while others think it is Mars’ version of the Little Mermaid statue in Denmark.

Bloggers are suggesting it is a garden gnome, while others say it is just a rock.

People have been seeing strange objects on Mars for years, including a face appearing on an image that was taken in 1976.

There was also an apparent pyramid spotted on the surface, as well as what some say to be canals made by intelligent beings.

The good news for stargazers is that Mars is easy to see at the moment. Earth’s orbit around the sun is shorter than Mars’, so every two years it catches up to the red planet and it is in close proximity now.

”If you’re familiar with the constellations, some people refer to it as the pot,” Craig Garner explained. “If you come down from there, there is quite a bright light with a reddish tinge in it and that’s actually Mars. So around 9pm it’s very prominent in the northern sky.”

But the chances of spotting the odd-looking figure are virtually non-existent.

The image was captured just a couple of metres away by one of NASA’s rovers. Sceptics say that would make the figure less than ten centimetres tall.


I read about this and find it really intresting, I've always been intrested in life on other planets and I really hope that this is real and that we in the future will communicate with those creatures...
Looking forward to see more pictures from mars!
I heard on the news that the photos were on a Chinese website. What a Chinese website would be doing with NASA photos I don't know. The picture actually looked a lot like all the fake bigfoot pictures that people take.
NASA clarified that these are images of a rock and its not moving for last three days.
Sometimes a rock is just a rock...
This is just formed from rocks Cool it doesn't need to be argued
yeah i wouldnt get too excited, i believe theres life out there, hell i also believe theres more to roswell than they let us believe Smile

But theres no life on mars, and if there is, its meaningless.

I did read an article a few years ago about the face on mars, and it turned out to be a mountain range something like 5 times the size of any here on earth! Thats a shame cause it really did look like a face at first.
I don't think the atmospheric conditions on Mars can support advanced life. Even if we do find life, it would probably be unicellular organisms!!! But hey, may be they will grow up to be little green aliens some day...
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