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What is the best laptop brand?

I just want to see who you think the best laptop maker is!!

Apple, Gateway, Panasonic, Dell, Sony, who?

I will create the poll later from results!! If there are any!!
I've always been a proud supporter of Acer and I don't know why. My whole family uses Acer laptops. I guess I never had any problems with them. Very Happy
So far Apple has been making the best

Acer is the worst due major design flow that can break the screens
SONY is EVIL so screw that company
HP/Compaq they're pretty good but little bit on the heavy side also whatever optical drive they're using died out pretty fast
IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads: they're most popular with the business professionals
Toshiba, i head good things about but many designs i didn't like how the monitor hinges on the laptop
DELL, desktops are junk but their laptops were supposed to be good but lately I'm hearing otherwise!
Panasonic, i got no clue, I don't think I ever saw one
Gateway, are they still in business? they're almost forgotten so their products

I would always try to see the laptop before buying it
what should you look into the laptop?

the way it's designed!!!!
- While running try to feel the heat coming off the laptop, try to evaluate if heat spread all over the laptop or just one spot? and if ventilation is mostly quiet and efficient
- Check the screen hinges and try to open and close screen so how good they can stand some abuse!
- Locate your power input if it's on the side it's better than from the back, also if it has some type of safe release if somebody trips on the wire that would be great
- Optical Drive, RAM and HD upgrade, check if you have easy way to get new HD, Optical Drive or RAM installed (all thinkpads are very easy to update)
- keyboard!! see which one you feel more comfortable with
- touch pad and track point, do you want them both? because I have both and love it Smile
- USB, audio, ethernet and other connections do you think you like how they're setup?

then you need to look at specs especially graphic cards, so far I liked nVidia ones better to hook up to TV through S-video connection, ATI is still pretty good but I hated Intel Graphics so try to avoid

Built in wireless, try to find out what's in? and the manufacturer I still hate my Intel2200BG for messing up but then my sister's wireless which i forgot but it's on the Compaq series wasn't that good with some channels so i had to setup my router differently to make it work better
1 more point, if it has the easy wireless switch On/Off which makes your life easier

HDs: SATA300 is a must also if it's solid state it's even better for the laptop! you'll use less power and not worry as much to run the lappy on a bumpy ride (still don't recommend if you have DVD/CD inside the optical drive running!!!)

Battery? how long it can last? can you upgrade to larger battery and how does it look afterward?

the Charger!! usually you can change the cable that connects to the wall to a longer or with different prongs! 3 prongs ones are kinda annoying I like my 2 prong power connector!! also something like Apple has extra protection method using magentisim so if anybody pulls on the wire instead of laptop flying off or breaking the wire or socket they power connection just get released Smile

But seriously if I have the money and I need a laptop to use in a professional setting I just go with the Apple so don't have to worry as much as having a windows based laptop but DELL is offering new laptops with Ubuntu too!!! so you can look into that too
Well, the notebook industry is quite something. None of these notebook "brands" actually build their own notebooks (exceptions would be Asus and MSI). There are ODMs (original design manufacturers) that assemble barebones (that consist of the screen, casing, motherboard, optical drive, and graphics card) for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) that add the CPU, RAM, hard drive, wireless cards, bluetooth modules, etc. and give it their own branding, coat of paint, etc. Thus, I can't really say what the best "brand" is when over half the world's notebooks are built by two companies (Quanta and Compal).

However, if I had to choose a brand, my first choice would be Sager. Sager the largest Clevo reseller in the United States, primarily due to their pricing. They also sell some of my favorite Compal models, and being a Clevo fan, that naturally makes them my favorite. PC Microworks is also pretty good, and at a close second.

Another brand I'm really into is Asus. They've been known for their motherboards and other products for quite awhile. They had been working as an ODM and manufacturing notebooks for other companies (including Apple) for quite some time. Not too long ago, they started to create their own notebooks and sell them under their own brand. Their recent EEE has been receiving a good amount of attention. Although, their own major flaw is battery life.

Now for other companies, I'd only look into them if there were no other choices. I'd start with looking at Thinkpads and Toshibas. Some HP notebooks aren't bad either, and the XPS m1330 and XPS m1530 ain't bad. Apple, well, I just don't see why I should spend so much on their notebooks when I can get more performance from other notebooks for less. If you want OS X, then you have reason, but I'm an XP/Linux user.

Oh, just want to comment on one thing in the above post. SATA300 is by no means a must. No notebook hard drive can even utilize SATA150, let alone SATA300. The only hard drives that even come close are the high end 10000 RPM Raptors. All I'm saying is that SATA300 won't make much of a difference at all in hard drive performance.
I have seen Dell laptops, IBM thinkpads, and a recent ACER. My personal opinion about dell laptops is that they are cheap and they break down at some point, but customer service is good - so overall good value for money. If you don't mind spending extra, IBM thinkpads are solid, will work without problems for a long time. I recently bought a cheap acer laptop. It has some flaws, like running hot too soon etc., but for its price, it is good enough.
I think the IBM thinkpads. As ugly as those things look, they are strong and powerful laptops. I never went for a thinkpad because of how unattractive they are, but a couple of my friends own a thinkpad, and they seem to be strong computers.

I own an hp compaq presario laptop, and it's actually quite a good computer. Sometimes, however, I feel that I got lucky b/c I haven't had to take it anywhere for hardware problems, since everybody else around me that owns an hp seems to have problems with their laptop. Then again, that's probably why they are among the cheapest in the market. If you take good care of a laptop though, like i have with mine, it can help stretch its lifespan.
Can some one tell me about the performance of Sony VAIO...I am planning to buy one shortly....

I am asking about the features and the drawbacks,if any...One of my friends recently brought one..and when asked the same,he said only the brand sells and there is nothing special...

So some one tell me whether it would be a nice option to go for it.. Confused Confused
I have never bought a laptop myself but I have used several at work.
IBM thinkpads are robust and good. I only had once a problem in 4 years with the PC shutting down immediately and not able to boot again. It was just because of the battery. Just needed to remove it and put it again.
Some other people at wok had Toshiba and were not really happy with them at t seems that ther were some hardware issues.
Now I have a Fujitsu Lifebook. It is quite new, so I can not tell how it will go in the long run. It looks less robust than the IBM but could be anyway a good option.
I vote Apple.

My MacBook is the best laptop I have ever used. And I have used Toshiba Sattellite (old and new), Dell XPS, Dell Inspiron, Acer something (i don't remember), Several Sony Vaio's, and a few HP's.

I personally don't like bulky, so that throws alot out the windows. And for SOME reason, most laptops ARE UGLY OMG BURN MY EYES!!! Terible colo matches and they're all black or grey.... how boring...
I have used Compaq, Sony & Dell.

Sony has impressed me most, But its comes down to actual model and specifications as well. Sony is a bit costly here as compared to lets say dell. Not great fan of Acer laptops. Also comes down to the model you're choosing. Should be atleast core 2 duo...1 Gb ram and 965 or + Motherboard.

Whatever model u decide, make sure u search for reviews of it on
The New MSI Gaming laptops seem to be interesting; though they have a nice look.
+ they claim to be the first overclockable notebook ever! Which happens by just pressing the turbo-button, Without ever restarting! Very Happy

also the colored WASD buttons & the gaming tattoo thingy are very nice Very Happy

It is a pretty nice notebook (I'm pretty sure you're referring to the GX600). Still, despite all of it's nice set of features, it's still beaten in raw gaming performance by several other 15" gaming notebook (eg. Asus G1S, Asus C90s, Sager NP2090, and some others). It also bugs me that you can't upgrade anything without voiding the warranty. The battery life is also dissappointing, since it actually uses a smaller battery than the Asus Eee.

Still, if MSI fixed those shortcomings, it would be one nice notebook. The looks would definitely appeal to many.
Thats like asking, "Whats the best car ?" There is no one answer as is depends on individual needs most times. I've used most of the types mentioned here and I ususally return to Dell, but thats just my preferance. One of my collegues swears by Apple, but to me I just swear that they are overrated and limiting to those with strong tech abilities ( again just opinions, there is no best answer ). Perhaps tell us the type of usage and the models you're considering and we can provide a better answer.
I've had a Sony Vaio (a few years ago now) and a Toshiba Satellite.... I've now got a MacBook Pro and I have to say it really is the best of the three.

The screen hinge broke on the Vaio and the power connector gave out so it wouldn't work anymore.

The Toshiba died completely - wouldn't turn on at all - showed no sign of working. I took it into a laptop specialist shop and they were unable to repair it. That put me off them.

I've had the MacBook Pro since August and it really is a joy to use - the power connector is very well designed... the screen is lovely and much brighter than others and it looks good (purely because of its simplicity). I am running Vista on it though... I'm not a fan of OS X... yet.
Hmm all these topics asking for the 'Best', as i keep saying there is no 'Best', its a matter of opinion or preference Smile

As of now, i got a dell inspiron 1501 which i got last January. My screen on it broke , but thats cuz it got accidentally dropped. The only issues i had were drivers for the most part, well for linux, and then my sound drivers on windows didnt have stereo mix.. But it's alright once i found it and got it working. Oh and when i dropped it and sent it in, when i got it back they gave me a really crappy screen. It wasnt a dull lcd like a monitor would have, it's one that gives off a bit of glare.. the screen basically looks like shiny plastic whereas before i didn't get glare like this one gives off.

Now, err in a week or 2 im entering a programming contest at a university , and the prizes for the best entries are new laptops.. Now they came in to our school and did a presentation on their university at one point , and they showed us the laptops they give out at their school and they were toshiba satellites, so im assuming the ones in the contest are going to be the same (hopefully). I love toshiba laptops , they look nice, err. Idk, my cousin had one, and she lent it to me for a few days so i could do a format for her. And i dont think i had any problems, it was good.

Acers uhm.. I don't have much personal experience with them , but my mate had one and it seemed alright. He liked it anyways.
It depends on what you are looking for in a laptop.

In any case, if you consider the price - performance ratio, you just can't beat Dell. The main reason is that you laptop will definitely get outdated in 3 - 4 years time, which is the average lifetime of a Dell laptop, I bet. Spend $2000 on a Apple / Sony laptop which gets outdated after 4 - 5 years, with, say, HD content rendered unplayable on the slow processor, or get your hands on a similar Dell one for $1200 which conks out after 5 years, but you will anyways be buying a new laptop to play all the nice ultra compressed media around.

Sony is evil, agreed, but Apple is even more of a Mephistopheles. They make obscene amounts of profits on their products, and just because their fanboys buy any random stuff they put out in the market. Someone must teach them a lesson to show them that it is the price - performance trade off which matters not their looks or sizing alone.
Last laptop I had was a Sony, 1600$ last me like a few months until a floppy got stuck in the drive, a year (or less) later power supply broke(why do they always break), then a month or two after the new power supply I had a hard drive failure, then a month or two my power supply broke again... I just cut it at the so there is two wires and i stick it in the back so it touches the metal things and junk. Then after like 6 months a blue screen showed up and now I have a hard time even trying to get it to turn on... even using a linux operating system so I gave up on it.

Well I hope that helps or killed some time Razz
I think that Apple is something special, especially it's OS Leopard, but if you can't put the best out of it or you don't know it's benefits, then you should rather look at some other good brands, such as Dell, HP, Sony or Toshiba.
Best laptops are probably made by apple, hp, dell, sony and toshiba. I personally don't know about the others, but those mentioned are the most expensive ones Wink

But you shouldn't just take the price into account. I mean, even Acer or Medion or something that is supposed to be less good than apple etc. may last longer. E.g. my Gericom Webboy is now 7 years old and still works like charm. Well, as well as it can work like a charm with PIII 800mhz cpu, but I've never had ANY problems with it and it was really carried around a lot!
Apple are very good but never, ever get and Acer!!! Their customer service is appalling and the laptops themselves aren't much better. For Windows, stick to Sony and Dell. They sell quality products and have a good reputation for support.
Hmmm, in my opinion XXODD, or acer, Not a dell, for dell you pay 10 times the price you would pay for it in other brands, sony isnt a really good laptopbrand (didnt even know they sell laptops) so my choice would be xxodd, but it looks like that is a dutch brand, so not in the rest of the world...
dmystic wrote:
Hmmm, in my opinion XXODD, or acer, Not a dell, for dell you pay 10 times the price you would pay for it in other brands, sony isnt a really good laptopbrand (didnt even know they sell laptops) so my choice would be xxodd, but it looks like that is a dutch brand, so not in the rest of the world...

You didn't know sony did laptops... How is that possible? Not to mention, how can you say they are bad when you JUST found out they make them?

And Dell is not priced the way you are thinking it is. I think you need to do some more research and update you prices from the companies.
I am using Dell right now, which is supposed to be one of the best brands, but I really don't like the keyboard... I have to push buttons hard so it indicates it... Otherwise it's good. Btw, I'm talking about Dell D520
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