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Here's how to get great surfing results...

Here's how to get great surfing results...

Dear fellow surfer:

Are you surfing without a plan?

Are you tired of getting very little results
from your surfing efforts?

Are you frustrated with the lack of a central
resource center containing just the right
surfing tools you know you need but just
can't seem to find?

Don't feel bad, you're not alone.

I feel your pain.

These are common problems with a lot of
surfers today. But...

Stop - and listen to this!

That is about to change!

You see a long-time surfer, Darrell Dean,
has just launched his new site called:


No - it's not another traffic exchange...

No - it's not another tracking service...

And No - it's not another splash builder...


The Ultimate Surfing Success Center!


Introducing, the...

Surfing Calculator

Imagine using an easy-to-use online system
to answer questions like:

1) how many credits will I earn for each of
my three splash pages if I surf 20 minutes
today on these five traffic exchanges?
What if I surf 45 minutes using seven
exchanges? Or...

2) what should my daily surfing schedule be?

3) what should my weekly surfing schedule be?

Yes, the Surfing Calculator can answer all
of those questions! No more guessing and
no more wasted time!

The Surfing Calculator helps you figure out
your best Surfing Plan. Automatically!
It's easy to use. And there's no software
to download - just visit a special,
members-only web page, fill in a few boxes
with your information and - out pops your

But wait - there much, much more!

You see, Darrell has created a reference
center containing valuable resource material
to help you get the most out of your
surfing efforts.
You can get information on:

- Splash pages
- Co-Ops
- Traffic exchange listings
- Tracking services
- Rotators
- ...and much, much more!


If you're serious about your traffic exchange
results, go check out this new site right now.
Don't let another minute go by surfing without
the right resources and a surfing plan.

Here's to your surfing success!

Michael Grant

P.S. -- Warning - getting your hands on the
Surfing Calculator may cause your surfing
results to increase! Don't delay - check it
out today!


P.P.S. -- Darrell has finally spilled the
beans on the tools he personally uses to get
fantastic surfing results. Learn from the
best by going here:


WARNING: A new immensely powerful viral
marketing system has been released, which
allows marketers to broadcast messages
directly to people's desktops.
Learn more about it here:

I don't think this kind of referral link and self promotion is allowed in this forum. And for surfing, is a much better idea.
leontius wrote:
I don't think this kind of referral link and self promotion is allowed in this forum. And for surfing, is a much better idea.

I use I use some of their great services and I've discovered many new sites there. Smile
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