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I am always a big fan of tekken. I had played almost it's all parts. I use to play with king. What is your experience with this game? Did you like this?
well , i got all chars, all shihan so far, managed to get a 99 hit combo wqith lee in practise (did 999 damage)
so i kinda completed it, got bored and stopped playing it
I was playing Tekken 4 nonstop and didnt even want to try 5. But I did. Best Tekken ever. Although they kinda cheaped you out with having the old games 1,2, and 3, but only having the arcade modes. I'd love to go back and play some Tekken 3 Beach Ball.
haven't played tekken5 but sure enough its an addictive game. will be looking forward to play this game when i have the time.
I have PS2 with Tekken 5. The game is cool, but it isn't hooking me up lately. But my friends do play Tekken 5 everytime they come to my house xDDD. And I'm amazed, who long they can play, when I'm bored with it in 5 minutes. Maybe I have matured from playing games, but ... it happens from time to time and it's inevitable. The boredom from playing games.
I played it only on the arcades as I no longer have any console. Its a great games, I might say one of the best if not the best 1 on 1 3D fighting game series ever.
My favourite chracter in Tekken 5 is Asuka. I love the Jun clone.

I find the game a bit too slow compared to other games like VF5, Soul Calibur and even Dead or Alive.

Oh well, its a preference thing, not an issue with the game.
Man the Japanese are amazing at Tekken in the arcade, i think i only beat one person and that was by luck.
I'm looking forward more to the new Street Fighter game!!
I like Tekken too, but I have to say that I prefer Soul Calibur to Tekken.

My favourite Tekken game was Tekken 3, but Tekken 5 is great too. Very Happy
I was wondering who everyone's favorite character to play is...mine is Jin...I own with Jin.
Bryan_Bezzle wrote:
I was wondering who everyone's favorite character to play is...mine is Jin...I own with Jin.

Mine's Law. Very Happy Because he's so much like Bruce Lee! Laughing
Mine favourites are Jin, Kazuya, Hwoarang and some others. Don't remember, but I play those really often. Also it's a pity that Jinpachi cannot be unlocked, but he's overpowered, so you can only acquire him through GameShark and other code device systems, well.
tekken 5 - I found a couple of chars to good - do the same stuff always n hope they fall for it... The triplekick of the teakwondo guy for example! Just do it over n over....

girls are my favorite characters! I always play em.
I would say most people I play against use Law. I think hes the guy you play with if you dont know much about the game or only remember one of the past installments in the series. Like I said I own with Jin, but before him I owned with Steve Fox.
EEIh teken i really hate this type of games, i don't know how you can play stuff like that.
But when I've played it i played with a white bear or something, if i remember right.

dirkvb wrote:
EEIh teken i really hate this type of games, i don't know how you can play stuff like that.
But when I've played it i played with a white bear or something, if i remember right.


the power of tekken is that everybody can play it

if u are good u have nice combo's and stuff like that

if u never played it, u just pres any button and u still can win

thats the power of tekken
I played tekken 1-2-3 4 !
This game is AWESOOOME !
At tekken 3 I've always played with Hwoarang. I think all the characters have the same strength, you only need to know how to use them.
tekken is my life!!

i love every Tekken..
the sad thing id i never unlock all the character... some are to hard to train.. T.T
I have never been a fan of this genre.
im not a godly tekken player but this game is very cool and fun.
Teken is some kind of a serie were you are Or for OR against.

I'm hate teken, its boring, every time the same stupid fight combo's,...

Isn't it boring to play whole the story line?
Well if played a couple of battle and I already thought it boring.
Just like all other teken look alike.
I'd rather have a FPS, or a racer, with more diffrent ellements as in teken.

And another thing, the peoples in teken, those chinees humans? They aren't nice. Let them think again how a hero need to look.

I used to love Tekken when it just came out, got bored of the concept of fighting games now... much rather stratedgy games now like command and conquer or harder type games like Stalker
My favorite character is none other than Paul, very easy to use (others might say cheap). I own Tekken 3 on the original Playstation, as for Tekken 4 and 5 I only got to play it on the arcades.
It looks interesting, I will have to rent it eventually.
I have tekken 5 for the ps2. I have DR for the ps3... don't really like it a lot Sad. I loved tekken 3 though.
I had Tekken 3 for the Playstation 1. Man, did I like playing that game. I was allways Yosimitzu that weird alien knight or whatever he is ( did I spell his name right? ) and I did all the missions till the last boss and it was nice. I also liked to play with that hippy guy who is dancing while fighting.
I prefer dead or alive. never liked the tekken series very much Confused
The best fight game that i have played.I am a big fan of that game.But they must put better characters!
It's a great fighting game, but I don't see why they set Jin as their 'mascot' character. He's so slow and useless.

I do like it since they don't have too much 'special' effects, like a huge air ball shot or a kamehameha, it makes the fights much more realistic and requires some skill.

Anyone played Tekken 6? I played it on an arcade machine for about 4 hours non-stop. Razz
Oh, and Asuka pwns by the furthest margin.
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