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Local Lingo/Sayings and such...

No matter where you are... which ever part of the United States or if you live in a different country... I'm sure it's safe to say that we have certain sayings that would normally sound strange to those who don't live where you are.

I work for an English company and they've expanded here in the US so I work and correspond with British people regularly and some of the things we say here in America are a bit different as to how they would put it.

For example:

American - English
Trash Can - Rubbish Bin
Chips - Crisps
You are driving me crazy - You are doing my head in
Where's the restroom? - Where's the loo?/Where's the toilet?

Question for you guys...

What are some expressions you say on the regular basis that others may not understand or would call it something else?
Fair dinkim - really?
Now i live in australia, we were originally the outcast criminals of Britain. We are King of Ling-go

everything is backwards here, and i say that with pride

a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock - referring to someone mentally ill
dad n dave - shave
coldie - beer
ubbadere - over there
not too bad - good thanks!
Well i could go on for donkeys years but i gotta call it a day at at the end of it.
Have a good one!

There's so many words that are different from English to American

English - American

Pavement - Sidewalk
Motorway - Freeway
Petrol - Gasoline
Scone - Biscuit
Biscuit - Cookie
Boot - Trunk
Bonnet - Hood
Holiday - Vacation
aren't holiday and vacation two different things? I always thought holiday was when you didn't have to go to school/work and vacation is when you actually go away.
In the UK it's called the same thing, when you've got time off from work or school it's holidays and if you go away it's going on holiday
I am from India and though English is not my mother tongue, its one of the most important languages used.

American | Indian

Restroom | Toilet
Chips | Chips
Trashcan | Rubbish bin
Hood | Bonnet
Freeway | High Road
Gasoline | Petrol/Diesel
Sidewalk | Footpath
English | American
I'm going to have me a piss | I'mma take a piss.

Something my English friend said to me that made me laugh. Even the vulgar stuff sounds polite.
haha i like this thread. It's fun seeing the differences between different places around the world ^_^

I find it funny when i play games online, like call of duty 4 for the xbox 360. The cursing is always funny, cause what one country finds insulting, the other finds highly amusing.

For example, some british people were calling everyone "wankers" and all the americans in the game were just laughing their heads off at the insult. There are other words, but i can't remember some, and other are a bit too.... strong and i don't want to get in trouble here haha.

also some more to add to the list of different words
trousers - pants
unknownc1c wrote:

trousers - pants

I'm not sure about that one...
In the US military, I was issued 'trousers', not pants...
Then again, the military has a lingo all it's own. Latrine - bathroom, cover - hat, leave - holiday, bulkhead - wall, and a lot of other things, depending on what service.
I love words and seeing the difference in various places. I once sent a text to a radio station asking for people to send in their local variant for "left-handed". Just about every region in the U.K. has a different term for it. In fact, there are places where even the next village has a different term.

I remember on my first visit to the States asking for a rubber (eraser) and telling someone I wanted to buy some fags (cigarettes). Needless to say, I got some very strange looks!

I stopped at a small cafe (roadhouse) just outside Malibu and after the meal asked the Mexican waiter "Where's the loo?" (toilet/john). He ran off, leaving me somewhat perplexed. A short while later the waitress appeared at our table. I asked her the same question.

She replied "I'm Mary-Lou. You wanted me?".

The military has some weird lingo. There's whole books on military lingo, from he civil war to Operation Enduring Freedom. Why does the military talk so weird? Why can't they use nice, normal words, like "guy who answers phone," or "big gun-carrying thing," or "yep, understood?"

Why? For the sake of all that is human, WHY?
My brothers and their friends tend to make up inside jokes and sayings, and somehow they manage to spread through the whole town and everyone's using them. No idea how they manage that...
I live in Aus and I've noticed people from other countries take bastard as an insult. Here its what you call your mates. My Christmas text to my mates was " Merry Christmas ya bastards".
DoctorBeaver wrote:

I remember on my first visit to the States asking for a rubber (eraser) and telling someone I wanted to buy some fags (cigarettes). Needless to say, I got some very strange looks!

Ha, I'll bet you did get some strange looks.

I was skiing once (still at home in the US) and a British woman asked me if I was queuing. Needless to say, I was not very familiar with that term and certainly wasn't expecting it so I stood there stupidly while I tried to figure out what she had just said. I don't know if its a lot more common in British speech but most people I know just ask if you are in line.
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
Why does the military talk so weird? Why can't they use nice, normal words, like "guy who answers phone," or "big gun-carrying thing," or "yep, understood?"

Why? For the sake of all that is human, WHY?

Partly to be standardized, partly to be hard to misunderstand, and mostly because of tradition.
The military doesn't like change.
Liu wrote:
English | American
I'm going to have me a piss | I'mma take a piss.

Something my English friend said to me that made me laugh. Even the vulgar stuff sounds polite.

isn't that the truth Razz that one made me laugh

I know just around here we have some.

Philly -- west/south
Hoagi - Sub
Soda - Pop
Lunch meet - Cold cuts

American -- Britian
T.V - tele

I would say america is the weirdest we have all people from all over the world come here so it is weird
Below is the basics of the Trinidad and Tobago dialect.


Ah -Substitute for "I"
Allyuh -All of you people. A group
Ax (Ask). -To ask a question
Aye-yah-yie -An _expression of anticipation or pain, etc.

Bacchanal -Scandal, heavy quarreling, big party, confusion
Back chat -Insolent response, especially from a child to an adult
Bad eye(cut-eye) -A look of anger, especially when looking from the
corner of the eye
Ba-John -A bully or a really tough customer
Bamsee -The rear end, what you sit on
Bam-se Lambe -Rather attractive bamsee
Bol'face -A pushy person, unreasonably demanding
Broughtupsy -Showing that a person was properly brought up, decorum
Buh wait nah -But wait a minute, now hold on/it

Callaloo -A thick soup made from dasheen leaves, ochroes, coconut
milk, seasoned to taste, invariably includes crab
Calypso -A musical and lyrical comment on any subject, usually
composed for, but not limited to, the Carnival season
Calypsonian - One who sings calypsoes
Cheups(Steups) -A noise made by sucking your teeth
Chinkee -Very tiny portions of anything
Chupid -Stupid
Chupidee -A foolish person
Coki-eye -Cross-eyed
Commesse -Confusion associoated with arguments, gossip and slander
Cuff -Hitting someone or something with a clenched fist
Cyah -Can't

Da is you? -Is that you?
Dan-dan -Any sharp looking outfit
Dat good for yuh -Serves you right
Dat -That
Doh -Don't
Dotish -Silly, stupid, foolish and dumb
Dougla -Mixture of East Indians and African parentage
Drevait(dree-vay) -Wayward person who likes to "knock about"

Eh -What did you say?
Eh-eh -No, no way, oh no
Eh-heh -Oh really? I understand. Yes
En'less -Plenty, endless
Ent? -Is that not so? That's true, isn't it?

Fall out -To stop speaking with someone or to terminate a friendship
Faddah -Father
Fed up -The state of being bored
Fete -A party, loud music, lots to eat and drink, dancing to wee
hours of the morning
Flim -Film
Founkie(foong-key) -Foul-smelling, stink odour
Fuh true/troot? -Yes that is true. Is that really so?

Goin'orf -Someone who appears to be going out of their mind, acting
Gun talk -Fighting words, to threaten verbally
Gyul - Girl

Harden -Disobedient
Hototo(hotoetoe) -A very large amount of anything

I eh payin' tax fuh mih mout' -I could say anything I want
In ting -To be involved in current activity
Is so? -Is that so?

Jeez-an-ages -Used for any reason where an outburst is appropriate
Jook -To stab at anything
Jumbie -Spirit, ghost
Jus'now -In a little while
Jus'so? -Just like that?
Jus'so -Out of the blue, totally unexpected

Ketch -Catch
Klim -Any brand of powdered milk

Lef dat -Leave that
Leh -Let, let's
Leh go -Let go
Leh we -Let us
Lick dong -To accidentally hit someone or something
Licks -A beating, physical punishment
Like t'ing -To be somewhat mischievous
Lil'bit -In small meaningless portions
Lime -When a small group of people engage in a sometimes
pre-arranged activity
Long eye -A person who is envious of the possessions of others
Look nuh! -An _expression of annoyance

Maco -A person who minds other people's business for the purpose of
Macocious -A person having the trait of a maco
Maga -Very thin, skinny
Mamaguy -To make fun of, to ridicule
Mama Yo! -_Expression denoting shock and surprise
Matter Fix -Everything is well organized
Mih han' slip -An _expression used when too much of an ingredient is
Mooma -Mother
Mout'er -A boaster
Much up -To pamper, to butter up

Nah -No
Nastiness -An _expression of disgust applied to a good-for-nothing
Never see come see -Someone who has recently been exposed to
something new and who overdoes it to ridiculous proportions
Ning ning -Tired eyes
Now fuh now -Instantly
Nowherian -A person who does not have any fixed place of abode

Obzokee -Awkward in appearance, anything bent or twisted out of
Oh geed! -An _expression used when an offensive smell arises
OH gosh!-
Oh gorm man!-
Oh shimps man!- These are all expressions denoting shock, surprise
indignation and admiration
Ol' talk -Idle chatter, social chit-chat
One set ah -A lot of anything
Own-way -Stubborn person

Pallet -Frozen lolly
Papa yo! -Exclamation of surprise
Pesh -Money
Pissin' tail -A person of no class or importance
Planasse -To hit someone continuously with the flat part of a
Playin' social -Someone who pretends to be of a higher social strata
than they are
Pong -Pound
Po-po -Very small child, baby
Prim-prim -Disgustingly proper and formal

Quenk -An irritating person
Qualey -Withered, dried up

Raff -To grab suddenly
Ragadang -Broken down
Ram-cram -Packed to capacity
Rumfle -Ruffled or wrinkled

Saga boy/girl -Flashy dresser, dandy
Shades -Sunglasses
Shif' yuh carcass -Move over, get going
Shub -Shove, move or cast aside
Skinnin' yuh teet' -Grinning
Skin up yuh nose -To turn up one's nose at anything
Sometimeish -Moody
Strims -Shrimps
Sweetie -Any confectionary
Swell up yuh face -To look angry, to pout

Tabanca -The forlorn feeling one gets when a love affair is over
Tanty -Aunt
Tight -Intoxicated, drunk, stoned
T'ing -Thing
To besides -Besides which
Too-tool-bay -A confused state,in a daze, also head over heels in
Tot tots -Female breasts

Umpteen -Plenty of anything

Vampin' -An offensive smell
Vaps -To suddenly behave excitedly or in a strange manner

Wajang -A roudy, uncouth person
Warap -A very weak mixture
Well yes! -An _expression of disbelief
Whappen? -What's the matter with you?
Wha-happenin' dey? -What's happening
Whey -Where
Whey yuh say? -What did you say?

Yampee -Mucus, found in the corner of the eye
You an' all? -You too?
You so -People like you
Yuh faddah head -An _expression of annoyance
Yuh faddah is a glassmaker? -You are blocking my view.
Yuh look fuh dat -It's your own fault
Yuh makin' joke! -You can't be serious!


Zug-up -A rough and uneven cutting of anything
I can only think of one off the top of my head, but I think it applies in both the UK and in Australia on occasion.

J Arthur Rank (remember the films with the guy banging the gong at the start? That was his doing) is rhyming slang for wank (as in masturbation). E.g. = "Bob's going off for a J. Arthur Rank".

Always love that one. Razz

We also have a habit of having nicknames that end in "ie" "y" or "ca" like Maccas (McDonald's, whether it be the fast food place or a person with that as a last name), or Newie/Newy (short for Newcastle, a large centre in New South Wales).
I'm from Utah:

Where mou'ain means mountain.
Brigh'on means Brighton.
Fer-cute: How cute.
Fer-ignernt: How rude.

We say words like darn, fetch, flip, gosh, and omiheck.

To round out, these were peeled from a blog article that is dedicated just to Utahisms:

"Just barely"
Relating to a lack of excess. Example: "Have you been waiting long?" "No I just barely got here." The phrase "Just Barely" downplays any sense of urgency in the moment, putting both parties at ease. It's pedestrian nature suggests a sense of acknowledged personal fallibility.

"I appreciate you."
This heart-felt phrase is not unique to Utah. However it's casual usage is something that might catch a cynical New Englander off guard. Utahns may use this phrase in thanking you for a good deed, like holding the door open. However where some people might say, "Thank you. I appreciate that." Utahns are likely to say "I appreciate YOU." The difference is awkward at first, but it's just pleasant to hear things like that. However it is more likely to manifest casually in passing as "apprecia-Cha." Slightly less heartfelt but preferable nonetheless.

"You're OK" or "You're fine"
A casual response to an excuse or apologetic sentiment. Utahns are quick to forgive. Sometimes too quick. Rather than dismissing an offense, Utahns are likely to absolve the offending party altogether. For example, you're checking out at the grocery store and when asked if you have your frequent shopper card, you say "sorry, no I left it at home." Rather than saying "It's OK" or "That's OK", Don't be alarmed if the checkout clerk says "You're OK." He or she is pardoning the offense, although it may sound like they're acting gracious in excusing your very existence. You might think "Well of course I'm OK. I just forgot my frequent shoppers card. I wasn't looking for your approval." But try to take this generous expression with the innocent nature in which it was intended.
I grew up in Central America and began learning English in grade school for three years. At age 10 my family moved to a corner of the city with a large number of American residents, mostly service men and families (pardon me: dependents) and the only sport all the kids played all day long was baseball ... and I realized that I had wasted 3 years of English class. Not only could I not meet anyone at the baseball field at 2 p.m. since they would all get there at fourteenhundred, I had no clue about this game's unique language. It took a while before I began to get a hang of it, but after a while it got better. Sitting on the bleachers watching the older kids and adults play and listening to the crowd was very educational. Especially the crowd heckles had me mesmerized, as they forced me to come to terms with slang I had not heard before.

P.S. Here's a collection of some of my favorite ones, which might also explain some of the mistakes in my posts here at FriHost:

Batter heckles:

  • Hey, Dracula, wake up your bat!
  • You've got less hits than an Amish website! (added lately)

Fielder heckles:

  • How can you eat with those hands?
  • I've seen better arms on a snake!

Umpire heckles:

  • You really shouldn't be in the game until you get warmed up!
  • How about asking the audience? (added lately)
  • How many fingers am I holding up?
  • Sweep the plate! It's the least you can do.
  • It sure sounded like a strike!
  • Have they stopped printing the rulebooks in Braille?
  • Does your wife let you make decisions at home?
  • Flip over the plate and read the directions.
  • Wipe the dirt off that called strike.
  • Sure you don't want to phone a friend? (added lately)
  • You can open your eyes now!
  • Sit down, bus driver!
  • If you need the money this badly, get a paper route!
  • You flipping coins?
  • Is that your final answer?
  • Take off that welding mask.
  • Lenscrafter called...they'll be ready in 30 min.
  • Open your good eye.
  • When your dog barks twice, its a strike!
  • Next time buy a ticket if you're going to watch!
  • Can I buy you another beer?
  • Eat a salad.
  • Kick your dog, he's lying to you!
  • Do you get any better or is this it?
  • You're blinking too long!
  • Do you travel with this team?
  • Move around Ump, you're killin' the grass!
  • Hey Blue, do you feel guilty?
  • The manager called, your uniform is ready.
  • You're getting better, you almost made the right call that time.
  • Hey Ump, how can you sleep with all these lights on?
  • For a guy that only works 2 hours a day, you're doing a pretty bad job!
  • Hey blue, if you had one more eye you'd be a Cyclops!
  • Hey Blue, try looking BETWEEN the bars on your mask!
  • You couldn't see the plate if your dinner was on it!
  • Sure is nice calling 'm safe ain't it?
  • I thought only horses slept standing up!
  • Hey Blue, ask your dog.
  • Were you a lookout at Pearl Harbor?
  • I've seen better eyes on a potato.
  • I'm gonna break your cane and shoot your dog!
  • There's a town in Massachusetts named after you.(slight pause), it's called MARBLEHEAD!
  • Wake up blue, you're missing a great game.
  • We know you're blind, we've seen your wife.
  • Did you lose your strike zone in the lights?
  • They're putting your strike zone on milk cartons.
  • The French judge says its a strike.
  • How did you become an umpire? Flunk out of tollbooth school?
  • I got confused the first time I saw a game too.
  • I've seen better Blues in a Crayola box.
  • Its a strike zone, not an end zone.

(Pardon me if this is a bit off-topic)
Interesting topic! I am also from India and here are some commonly used words.

Freeway = High Way
Trash Bin = Waste Bin/Waste Bucket
Zero=Jerow (0) !
Ghost Rider103
Interesting topics.

I don't really know any of these myself, since I only speak one language and don't know that much about other countries language and how to say it.

Quite funny some of these though, lol.
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