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make money with no capital

the internet has been a place where anything that happens physically in our life also occurs.Dubai which has beeneveryones dream place of going to purchase goods is now coming online.what took ebay years of hard work to build,they are building it in months because they have the resources needed.I am giving u chances to join this dubai online market now that it is free.when u join,u get 50 dollars free in what is know as mastercard(they would give u).when the site is finally released,u can add more money(either through egold,paypal, and monney transfer) to the 50 dollars which u can use to buy cheap goods from no longer need to waste flight tickets,because dubai is coming right to your door step.This is a gtreat opportunity as registration is free from now to match.but later than that, u have to pay to register.this would be the largest online market ever.To register, go to --removed referral link by rvec----

For more information,visit and post in wher you see help desk

Joscityweb(partners of dubaimlm)
I can't tell if you're plugging your own goods or not :S. But if you're not, you're incredibly stupid.... I don't know what their angle on making money off you is, but let's assume that it's not a nice one

But I do know that one shouldn't use U instead of you.
why are u insulting me?yeh,i am benefiting from uit and u guys cud if u want.just check it out.
jossylala wrote:
why are u insulting me?yeh,i am benefiting from uit and u guys cud if u want.just check it out.

i don't think he is insulting you. don't you know your robert heinlein?
there aint no such thing as a free lunch

especially not in dubai
Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Don't waste your money.
You tend to lose money in these schemes unless you design and launch these schemes yourself. If you are smart enough for that.
I know that's your well-intentioned, jossylala. It's true that the internet has been a place where anything can be happen, like you said, but only if it's come in right way and clarity. However, I would like to say only one significance, it hard to trusted and believed in something like that, just "make sense" and then "keep a lot of your circumspection!". Open your mind and you will know that no one insult you, and why they and I said like that.

Best Wishes,
AftershockVibe wrote:
Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Don't waste your money.

Yeah, I've seen a lot of those. Some guy came up to me one time and handed me a business card and was telling me about his business. He was telling me that all he has to do is recruit people and he makes money. He told me that he works eight hours a week and makes $10,000 a week! I knew this was a scam (partly because I knew someone who had fell for it before; it was with the same company). This looks like a similar scheme.
It happened to me several times before I give-up and looking for more realistic money making opportunities. Yeah, there's no so called 'free lunch' in this modern world. Its funny that people still believe (including myself - history) that we can make money without doing anything. If we don't do anything then where's the money come from? Even the richest people in this world won't give you free money...
No thanks, if I want to throw my money away I go to Vegas.
Hey, I wanna know a method to make huge money with the slowest investment. Can you guide me guys?
gtoroap make a new topic for this, it's completely unrelated!

also, what do you mean by slowest investment? as in, the slowest rate of money input by you?
Or do you mean the least amount of money by you? Or do you mean an investment in which you can respond to losses without losing too much money :S
I believe in making money with hard work and honesty. With wisdom too, of course.

I saw some thing like this before but never had interest to try out. It is simply too good to be true.
Ya, if you're not born with it you have a higher chance of having even less than your parents than you do being in a higher social class, so anything that makes it sound easy to make a lot of money, watch out!
... This isn't making money..
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