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Im getting tired at school and wanted to have a job.

i wanted to have a job for me to have an experience in the real world. eventhough it doesn't fits what Im taking up rigth now...should I look for a job or focus on my studies first?
Full time schoolwork, part time job. School is more important but having a job gives you a sense of responsibility and appreciation for education.
I'd go with studies, or as loryl said, full time studies and part time jobs. Take it like this : If you study more, you will get a better job, which, in turn will give you more hands-on-experience. OK...that last statement doesn't make sense. Razz But I'd still suggest to go with studies.
It all depends on your capability.Let me tell you one thing i have seen students scoring equal to other students after doing part time job at night.So i dont see anything wrong in doing job.Although you are in school.You will get lot of experience of real world plus you will get money for your needs.
But burn one thing in your mind that education is also the most important thing.While doing job dont neglect your studies.Because depending on good degree you hold you are respected finally and it is a need for good job.
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put your education first - i think most people who don't end up regretting it. myself and everyone i know that did included. :p
Far to many young people today think too much of the here and NOW and not of the future. By all means get a small part time job if it only fills some of you free time, but education sets you up for the rest of yopur life and opportunities missed now becomes difficult to recover later in life. I have a few friends who went down the "I want to work now" route not finishing their education. They did say at the time thewy would go back to education later and catch up , but as life gets more complecated with girl friend-wife-family, then this going back into educatoipn pails into the back ground and therefore often never achieved.
It's nice to work! But if you are still young, you must put your studies in firts place. Of course that it doesn't mean that you can't work.

Work a little bit while studing is good to get some experience and to know better what exactaly you would like to do. But if you stop to study, you can just stuck. Not good.

Most of all, to study is good for your ego. To learn is always a great investment.
I quite agree with loryl, school training is the most special training one should take for his one best. If you are fed up with the school activities now, maybe to take a part time job in a real world business is a good idea to taste the cost and difficulties of life. It's hard and crutial without mercy and understanding to failure, which is a most outstanding difference a society is to a campus.

Take a parttimejob that interests you and tell youself maybe three months later, whether you really want to jump out the school life and face to the surge of real life.
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