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pen drive os

Which os can i install on my thumb drive suggest me one please Crying or Very sad
Arno v. Lumig
You can install nearly any OS on a thumbdrive, the only problem might be in hardware recognition. Puppy Linux is a great OS for on smaller thumbdrives, but installing XP is also possible. Vista might also be possible, but you'd need a pretty big thumbdrive for that.
Damn Small Linux works pretty good

Also you can buy a USB flash drive that already has linux on it wow it's expensive
karthike wrote:
Which os can i install on my thumb drive suggest me one please Crying or Very sad

Never even thought of doing that, what a good idea.
Check to see host of linux distributions that can be installed onto your pendrive.
It even has tutorials and help section to make it easier to do so.
So, if you're thinking of installing/trying out linux on your pen drive then this is one place where you should definitely visit.
Studio Madcrow
Legally, the only OSes that you can install to a thumb drive are free ones like Linux or *BSD. As a practical matter, Linux is the only OS that could be considered even REMOTELY easy to do so with, though.
It all depends what you plan to do with your OS. For instance, at work we frequently deal with computers which have hardware/software issues and we have a thumb drive with Knoppix on it, which is a small version of linux with many apps. We find it handy for deciefering whether problems in the usual xp which they run are either hardware/software or driver related.
Depends on what you want to do with the os tbh. I got ubuntu on my 2 gig as much as i hate ubuntu.. but i didnt feel like installing debian.. and ubuntu a distro of debian so.. i just went with that ^^
Uhm, theres tons of linux distros you can put on a thumb drive.. like Slax, DSL, easys, freespire.. its a matter of preference really.
karthike wrote:
Which os can i install on my thumb drive suggest me one please Crying or Very sad

I tried DSL, and it was very good. Another one, but with a very different desktop manager is Puppy Linux. Nice, but kinda weird if you're not knowledgable about how to get around on a linux OS already.

For a "pretty" OS to put on your USB Flash, SLAX is really good. Small and a nice graphical interface. But all of this is a shot in the dark unless we know what you want to use it for. Computers are tools, and the OS or even just the Linux Desktop has to be right for the job you want to do.

If you are just trying out different flavors of Linux, and you don't want to burn them to disk (I understand that as I have a couple of dozen discs burned with Linux Distros on them from trying out each one), then try using a VM install on your current machine. If you are using Windows, there's a very good application to run Linux inside of WinXP: QPU710. The site has a lot of similar methods. Try them out.

It's made to run Ubuntu in WinXP, but I have run several different Linux distros with it. Most work, some freeze up, but all in all it's a good way to try it out without wasting CDs. I think it also allows you to run Linux from a Flash Drive inside WinXP. So it's versatile too.

Have fun!
windows XP is the best option
Naveen wrote:
windows XP is the best option

For a pen drive operating system I'd say that would perform quite slowly...
Naveen wrote:
windows XP is the best option

What about it's portability?
Studio Madcrow
mehulved wrote:
Naveen wrote:
windows XP is the best option

What about it's portability?

IMHO, pretty bad, but some people seem to like it. Frabkly, though, Linux is the best option. Since it's open source, it can be tweaked so that it can be easily optiminzed to run from a pen drive or even a CD
Agent ME
What would be the point of having Windows XP on a flash drive? Most systems already have it or better. I guess it could be useful for recovery of a system with a corrupted system (or gaining access to systems).
i heard that there is an xp that can fit and boot from thumbdrive but i have tried it and can't seems to get it to boot up properly, so i GAVE UP and just deleted the whole thing
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