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New Year in Egypt

Hello! Who is selebrated New 2008 Year in Egypt?
I was in Domina Makadi Bay 5* Hotel (25km from Hurghada) from 30.12 till 6.01.
I like this country very much! Red Sea is a great! There are so many color fishes and corals!
The water warm and clear! The beach is very clean!
Oh how i want to this country again, but some later when it will be a little bit hotter Smile
yes baby this time i celebrated in eygpt as my new year it was really ausum to see all the happy monumnents of eygpt especially all those of pyrimads.
you were in Hurghada?

i think you had a so nice time there but you would have better time if you had visited Sharm ElSheikh, Gouna and Saint Cathren....

I think Sharm and Gouna have more and more pretty beaches than Hurghada...

and Saint Cathren as a religious tourism....

and for sollo123, i hope you enjoyed the pyramids and sphinx.

i hope you attended one of light and Sound shows there...

Also try in your next visit to visit Luxor and Aswan and see the Pharaonic temples over there and take a nile voyage and see the Nubi veillages, take pictures with the nile crocodile and ride camels...

Actually, Aswan, Luxor and Sharm are the best places i desire to visit in my holidays...

i hpe you'll visit Egypt again and again and each time you'll find it more ausum than before...
Thank you zi1nightman for your advices! I will try to visit Sharm next time!
I was just 60 km south, in marsa alam.. personally, I dont like the way they celebrate new year, which is basically not at all, but everything else, diving, and snorkeling, to be exact, was awesome.
i want to go to egypt. You should post some pics of it on here. Can you go into the pyramids and like see inside them. How tight is their security? Wink
Luciferdf2 wrote:
i want to go to egypt. You should post some pics of it on here. Can you go into the pyramids and like see inside them. How tight is their security? Wink

sorry for being that late...

sooooon inshalla i'll post some awsome photos....

wait for me soooooooon...
Here's some pictures of the three great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, Cairo.

The three great pyramids and other smaller three

Cross-Section in the greatest pyramid

This is Hurghada

Conrad Hotel in Hurghada

Nile River in Aswan (View from my home)

Philae Temple in the middle of the river in Aswan

Abu Simble Temple (240 km from Aswan)

Sound & Light Show (A show where the temple tells its own story with Hologram)

*Note: Laser didn't show up in this shot. Don't know why.

Luxor Temple

Sorry that there are too many pictures and too heavy to load but there are 1000s more to show you just a few perspevtives of the temples in Egypt.

I just posted some pictures of the mentioned places by zi1nightman earlier.
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