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now a tWinter come too Austria itst really great for skiing an Snowboarding !

So long
actually i am being a traveller so iam very much interested in travelling to austria.
I haven't visited Austrilia so that I do want to go there someday, seeing kangaroos!!

takashiro wrote:
I haven't visited Austrilia so that I do want to go there someday, seeing kangaroos!!

Ummm, I think they mean Austria in Europe, not Australia...
Austria is pretty cool. I always liked Tirol and going there during our winter break for lots of fun Very Happy
I went to Vienna austria back in August 06. I had already knew someone there before I went. The downside is that I dont know German and was at a big lose. The younger generations speak english but not so much with the older generations. It was very pretty. There is a huge religious influence throughout the whole city due to the huge cathedrals. The public transporation system is great so there will be no need to take a taxi. I stayed in a hostel because I wanted to have other foriegn nationals around me to talk to and hangout with. It ended up being a good deal cost me only 20 dollars a day to stay there. The thing that was difficult for me was finding wifi to keep in contact with my friends and family back home. I spent all of my time in Vienna mainly shopping and going out with my Croatian/Austrian friends. If I decide to go again i will definitely travel more.
Oh also I forgot but it was interesting being black and in Austria. I definitely stood out. The only other dark skin individuals were africans from countries in africa. The native Austrians and newly native darker skin Austrians definitely do not mix very much. It may be with the clash in cultures as the Africans that were their held firmly to their traditions and music, which may be why they are somewhat seperate. Another thing that was obvious was that people would stare at me and my Austrian friend very blountly, and it got annoying at times. There were protests in front of the stephansdom cathedral about abortion and you could see it was very heated and high energy.

On a different note the clubs were great. The are a variety of clubs to ranging from house to techno, and R&B. I was suprised by the R&B music mainly because even though the titles spinning were more dated they definitely were the best of the past and made me wish clubs in the US played more classic R&B songs.

Hopefully this helps someone
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