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Thanks to everyone who assisted me in my dilemma

i have repaired MY WEBSITE


be honest please!

i havnt finished all the pages yet so some links will still go to that hideous black and fluro green!

I have used loads of javascript and spend 3 days making the homepage perfect!

Note i will cut and paste the script from the home page. (not spending 3 daus on each page!!)

1 question. what else should I have on the homepage. Its got great graphics but thats all!! nothing else, any tips please!

Tell me what you think!
First of all I would suggest you put some content in the homepage. It will be the very first impression of visitors and it should be a good one. If you're really out of ideas, just put a nice welcome and introduce yourself.

Also the title picture doesn't fit in well with the background. I think without those 2 black lines at the right and bottom would look better. Not putting any background colour (ie. white) would be more easy on the eyes.

Making your font size smaller would look better as well.
I notice that you don't set the typeface as my browser is putting in my default typeface. That is okay if that's what you want, but many times, text will run into itself especially around links, italics, etc. at least for me.

The background color is quite hard on the eyes. What was your reasoning behind the color choice? If it was about making it sky blue to reference the airplane games, perhaps you might try adding an image in the header of a nice sky and clouds and moving the background color to white. Also, the cyan clashes with the bright red you feature on the homepage.

The links up top, while nice, are a little hard to read. Perhaps using a lighter blue in the background?

I notice the "Welcome to the JT Zone" is underlined, but is not a link. I would take off the underlining.

In parts of your website, you have black text with this red that runs through it. It is rather distracting, I would probably not use that either.

Remember though, that Content is king, and the design elements should point towards and organize the content. Ultimately, it is your content that will draw people in and keep them there.
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