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Good film schools in Asia? Confused

Every idea and random thought will be accepted. Wink
There are film schools in China, Japan, etc.
crown wrote:
Good film schools in Asia? Confused

Every idea and random thought will be accepted. Wink

I was in the Philippines some months ago. They have this really amazing film school by the beach . Their equipments rock! Not to mention that they have mentors flying all the way from Hollywood.
China and Japan have good schools, except you could get lost in translation there! Ha ha. By the way, I checked out the website of IAFT and the school looks very interesting. A school right beside the beach….i wonder if they have short courses in underwater filming. Would you know?
for your information:
HKBU is a public-funded tertiary institution with a Christian education heritage. Founded in 1956, it is the second-oldest institution of higher learning in Hong Kong. At the University, we seek to create an educational experience that is holistic in nature, and are committed to nurturing students to become well rounded in their intellectual, professional, physical and moral development. This educational philosophy is the basis of HKBU's long-cherished aim of 'whole-person education'.

We also place great emphasis on research, for it is our belief that the creation of knowledge through research is a mission of paramount importance to the University. Faculty members actively conducting research on a regular basis also set an example to their students, and help them develop into seekers of truth and knowledge with life-long learning skills.

To achieve these goals, the University has provided a social and physical environment that facilitates personal growth and fosters reflection, life-long learning, professional competence and self-confidence.

I hope the University web-site will provide you with useful information about HKBU, and I look forward to welcoming you to our university.

Prof. Ng Ching-fai, GBS
President & Vice-Chancellor
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