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Got rabbits?

So, I've taken up an interest in pet rabbits, but all the information I seem to find on reputable websites is about breeding and showing. That's not what I'm looking for....

I'd really like to know about keeping a rabbit as a family pet. What breeds are the most sociable? Is there even such a thing as sociability in rabbits? Are pet store rabbits a good or bad idea? Is it true that female rabbits are more aggressive than males? Do they all shed like mad, or which do and which don't? Can they be paper trained? Can they recognize their names or come when called? Do they get sick easily?

If you have a pet rabbit, please tell me all about him/her, and what age, breed, temperament, etc your rabbit seems to have. I'd like to hear as many personal rabbit experiences as you'd like to share, please!

Thanks much. ^_^
You know, I'm not too sure about rabbits, I just had a question about them myself. Is it true that you're supposed to hold them by their ears, as opposed to putting a hand beneath their stomach or something? Anyway.

My only knowledge of rabbits comes from the Roald Dahl short story, where the man recalls his traumatizing past. It really was quite odd, and I think it turned me off from all rodents thereafter. A narrator recalls his traumatizing past, where he witnessed a mother rabbit giving birth to a litter (is that the right term) of bunnies. In some freak turn of events, however (which I guess one could attribute to the fact that the mother rabbit was not secluded and was instead stressed out by the family's watchful eyes and flashlights), the mother rabbit consumed her young immediately after giving birth to them. The boy-narrator, terrified by this ordeal, thinks of his mother as a hungry rabbit, and flees the scene. His mother then chases him, and is unfortunately hit by a car. I don't know, but after that, rabbits just seemed too horrific.
woh woh woh woh i donot have such a nice informatin as one more thing i would like to ad is that rebits are the sign of peace.
I don't think you're supposed to hold them by their ears, as I imagine the ears are all cartilage and veins... and I need to avoid that Roald Dahl story. o.o Some of the stuff he wrote is so damned traumatic!

I did not know rabbits were a sign of peace. In most western cultures, rabbits are a sign of fertility. In Japanese culture, they tend to be a sign of energy or "briskness," if you'll pardon the awkward vocabulary.
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