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Best filemanager?

Da Rossa
... To replace Windows Explorer?
We @ the AHK community are very likely to be productivity addicts. And WE is too limited, we all know that. So, what's the alternative? Xplorer², Directory Opus, Total Comander, XYPlorer, etc???

share your experiences! I'm currently trying xplorer² and D. Opus, they're both powerful.
Although I've always used Windows Explorer and never felt the need to change, I once tried Directory Opus. Very good, but I still prefer to use Windows Explorer. Guess old school bonds with windows, eh?
Da Rossa
No, come on. IMO it's impossible to prefer WE to Dopus....
Studio Madcrow
Windows Explorer is fine for most "normal" file management tasks. For more complicated stuff (aka bulk operations) the shell is a better choice, even on Windows,which has a laughably underpowered shell.
I like Total Commander. Another one I have used is Powerdesk. There is a free version here.
I pretty much have to have anything with a dual pane window.
Does Windows Explorer even have dual panes? It's been so long since I've even looked at it, I don't remember.
Can anyone provide links to these other software(s)?
Da Rossa
Directory Opus
Both shareware Sad
While it's possible to replace the file manager on Windows with something better, it isn't really a good idea unless you absolutely know what you're doing and are prepared for things going seriously wrong. Windows has an incredibly poor design in that Explorer is needed to even boot the system, so if you replace it then it's possible that you'll end up with an unbootable system.

As for favourite file managers, I use ROX-filer. I use Linux but I believe it is available for Windows as well, though I've never tried it on Windows so it may well cause problems.
why do you want to use external explorer? why not just use windows explorer as your file manager?
The reason windows explorer isn't so great is mostly the two panes issue, but this isn't so hard to work around thru ... two exporer windows.

The other great stuff of Total Commander or x2 is the bulk file manipulation ease, like renaming lots of files to something else using wildcards. I liked both of these when I tried them, but haven't bothered to add them to my newer system.

I've never used the windows shell, how does that work?
I think xplorer2 beats all other file managers hands down!

The only thing I would like to add to xplorer2 is a shell window in the place of the preview window. If they put that in, I won't need a separate multiple console program!
I have tried several including Ultra Explorer and xplorer2.

I found this freeware Cubic Explorer and has since been using it for the last 9 months of so.

I like it's tab interface and also the bookmark bars and menu.

To me Cubic Explorer is free and good.

With regards
Total Commander is a must have Smile. Windows Explorer... yeah... is good for copy/paste and that is it. Using Windows XP btw.

You can easily copy/move files/folders with total commander. You can access other devices very fast and drag and drop something. For example, i'm using total commander to access my phone (bluetooth connected) and copy more than one file at a time Smile and it's working great. Explorer... doens't know how to do this Neutral.
Fast access to your search for in ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling , Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server!! - very very useful).

Try and search with google for "total commander".

Hello FriBogdan, great that you link the image of Total commander - indeed a picture tells a '000 words.

However, I do realised that it is a shareware - costing USD 38 for an individual licence, with a 30 days trial period.

So - Cubic Explorer is freeware - USD 0 for individual user licence.

For Norton Commander Die-hard use Plabo Commander another absolutely freeware and very good.

Thanks FriBogdan for the info.
Definitely Total Commander! I use it every day, I can’t imagine to work without it. It’s so easy to move or copy files, to unpack archives, copy the names of selected files to clipboard or to files, to compare two files by content or to compare directories. I adore using it.
just use the file manager that comes with the system, why need other file managers? isn't existing file managers good enough to do what you need to do? i do all my stuffs for managing files with built in file manager and i can do that without any problems.
I guess you are right, if you only need to work with limited scope.

Fast Access and need for various manipulation of files often calls for something better.

I for one needs to reference many different directories on my Data drive (DSmile.

Thus a tab interface would allow me to switch between the various directories very quickly.

I have also love the bookmarking toolbar that comes with Cubic Explorer that allows me to load a specific directory to one of the open tab very easily and of course speedily.

I have use Window Explorer for years, till I realised that I get tired of scrolling to a different directory and then only to scroll back up to the previous directory again.

So I gues each will have to examine how we are working with our File manager and if it cause lots of undesirable repetitions.

I hope, I have shed some light why I choose another file manager.
i use from longtime ago windows commander !!!

but the autor prefer to avoid problem's whith microsoft and change the name in totalcommander.

before using this very good file manager, my operating system was ms dos 6 and the best file manager in this (prehistorical) moment is NORTON commander.

Total commander take is look and functionnality from this first file manager
Open 2 or 3 Windows Explorer windows for 2+ pane effect in drag and drop.

I don't like the feel of Norton/Volkov/Total Commander, despite loving it 15 years ago in DOS land.

But Windows Explorer is lousy for bulk name changing. I tried x2 and that does a good job for that.

Since most work is done inside an application, in Word or Excel or Outlook or Firefox (IE?), there isn't so much file manipulation to do every day.
I personally like Thunar, it is easy to use, and does not take up much space. Konquerer is good also, just for the fact that it can be used for practically anything.

I am not very fond of Windows Explorer, of course this may be due to the fact that I hate MS with a passion.
god KDE for Windows?
yep coming up soon
TomGrey wrote:

I don't like the feel of Norton/Volkov/Total Commander, despite loving it 15 years ago in DOS land.

bof Rolling Eyes

total commander is very complete file manager with integrate ftp, compressor, plugins ...
the 2 windows is a really good way to visualy manage the files

(sorry for my bad english language Embarassed )
fadirocks wrote:
god KDE for Windows?
yep coming up soon

Thats incredible man eh? I hope they finish the project soon. I would love to be able to use my KDE stuff on my moms pc, maybe then she will switch to Linux Very Happy
Da Rossa
I've come to a decision: For Windows XP and Vista, xplorer² fits best. It's close to perfection.
I still use Windows Explorer, haven't ever had the need to do something that i couldnt do with Windows Explorer. But i am still wondering, what things can you do with things like Total commander that you cant do with others?

because i read this at the site of total commander:
Two file windows side by side
Multiple language support
Enhanced search function
Compare files (now with editor) / synchronize directories
Quick View panel with bitmap display
ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons
Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search

2 file windows doesnt see me very needful, multiple language support does WE got too, search i dont use, Compare i can do by my self, Quick view WE got too, Archive handling WE can, but i use other program for, but thats not something i like to do in explorer. FTP got WE too, Thumbnail too, enhanced search was listed already, tabbed interface never seen before. History and Favorite i dont quite see the use of.

So are there things that they can, that you expect a filemanager to do, and that WE cant do?
dmystic wrote:
tabbed interface never seen before. History and Favorite i dont quite see the use of.

So are there things that they can, that you expect a filemanager to do, and that WE cant do?

A tabbed interface is like what Firefox has, it uses tabs for webbrowsing. Total commander has a tabbed interface too. This basically means that you can have multiple folders open in one window, or be browsing multiple FTP sites.

Windows Explorer is good for the casual user, but it is missing several things, that other file managers can give you.
Da Rossa
Right now it's impossible to live without x². it's sooo handy!
total commander POWER Very Happy

is the best
Da Rossa
What is the big differential about TC??
I tried 2xexplorer once, and Directory Opus. Both were good, but I'm old school and find Windows Explorer fine for my needs.
Da Rossa wrote:
What is the big differential about TC??

test it Wink

Windows Commander is now Total Commander!

Why this name change? In Summer 2002, we received a letter from attorneys representing the owner of the trademark "Windows". In this letter they expressed concerns that our usage of the name could lead to confusion with their own products. In particular, people could think that our program could be from their company. We were indirectly asked to change the name of our software.

Because "Windows" is registered as a trademark, we didn't want to risk a lawsuit, and decided to change the name. It's important to mention that we have been treated in a very fair way: There have never been any legal threats, and we could negotiate a transitional period until the end of the year. We ask you to consider this, and not to make any negative comments - especially in the forum. Because we are legally responsible for its contents, it could bring us into deep legal troubles. Please also do not contact us because of the new name. As a small company, we couldn't handle the big amount of messages. We will not give more information about the name change anyway.

The original name "Windows Commander" was chosen more by coincidence. There were already many "Commander"-style programs for DOS (e.g. "DOS Command Center", "DOS Controller", and the "Norton Commander"), but hardly any for Windows. The word "Commander" was standing already at this time - 9 years ago - for a whole class of file managers with 2 windows side by side. "Windows Commander" was one of the very first such programs for Windows, therefore the chosen name was quite logical.

The new name "Total Commander" was chosen together with a trademark attorney. "Total Commander" was also registered as a trademark. Thanks to the new name, we now also have new possibilities to offer similar products for other platforms, e.g. for PocketPC or Linux. The name should stand for the fact that the program puts you in total command over your files. It allows you to see what is really saved on the harddisk, and helps you to manipulate all files directly.

We can only speculate why the owner of the name 'Windows' has become active just now (after 9 years). On one side, they have been put under pressure by the usage of their (slightly changed) name by the Linux community. There have been reproaches that they wouldn't be actively defending their name, and losing their trademark this way. On the other side, someone else had just registered the domain (which we own ourselves in the meantime). The company may have noticed us because of this registration.
and this is the plugin page:

Packer extensions (plugins)
Name/Ver. Description Author home
With this plugin you can extract/view ADF, DMS, ADZ, HDF, HDZ, DMP file types for Amiga Emulators (WinUAE, U*AE). You can also create/modify ADF files. If you are an old Amiga user who have installed WinUAE or other Amiga emulator then this plugin is for you. Peter Bakota
1.2 Create AVI video files (from BMPs), open AVI files with Ctrl+PgDn and extract frames/the sound with F3! Max. 2 GB AVI supported. Source available. Sascha Hlusiak
1.1 Very good compression, but only one file per archive (as with GZip). The update v1.1 is based on the bz2 1.0.5 library, which fixes various security issues. Source available. myself
3.1.5 Create catalogs (lists) of the selected files/directories, with user-defined list format. Source available. Konstantin Polyakov
0.2b Provides MD5 and SHA1 checksum generator/checker from within TC packer interface. It is able to generate ".md5" and ".sha" list files acceptable by GNU respectively md5sum and sha1sum utilities. There is also 'virtual' browser for these list files. Source code also available! Stanislaw Pusep
1.2 Plugin to open Outlook Express 5/6 mail files. Also available: A configuration tool to change parameters like maximum message title length. Dmitri R.Letichevski.
1.0 Unpack Debian Linux .DEB packages. Source available. Alexandre Maximov
(site) Plugin to extract/view/create CBM disk images (Commodore 64 disk images). Former D64 plugin. New: 0.7 can now also create disk images! Loo
1.1 Creates a list file with all selected files and directories, including subdirs (e.g. as an index for CD-ROMs). It is called like a packer (Files->Pack)! myself
DiskDir Extended
1.32 The same as DiskDir, but also lists contents of archive files ARJ, ACE, CAB, JAR, RAR, ZIP, TAR, TGZ (TAR.GZ), TBZ (TAR.BZ, TBZ2, TAR.BZ2). Format is fully compatible with DiskDir, i.e. this plugin works with DiskDir files, as well as DiskDir works with this plugin's files. Peter Trebaticky
Disk Explorer Professional
(site) This plug-in allows you to view the contents of Disk Explorer Professional Database files. Disk Explorer Professional is a powerful tool for catalogizing CDs, DVDs, floppies, ZIP disks, or other removable media, hard drives, network drives, or even FTP servers. Tomas Jelinek
1.02 Extract/create support for GRP (Duke Nukem 3D and other Build engine-based games group file) file format. First (and only) plugin written in Assembler! Source available. Stanislaw Pusep
HA (site) Packer: Good compression, relatively slow. Sergey Zharsky
v1.2 Open and change icon ICL library files. ProgMan13
0.9 Open floppy disk image files (1.44 MB). Only supports short (DOS) names. Source also available. IvGzury
1.6 Advanced floppy image (diskimage, rawread etc.) plugin: create IMG (different sizes, use "Configure" button to choose), extract, add and delete files. Long filename support. More advanced than IMG(1), but without source code. Andreas Ziemer
1.6.10 Reads CD-ROM image files! Source also available. Sergey Oblomov
Kryptel For the encryption program Kryptel Kryptel
1.0 Plugin to extract files created with LZOP packer "Netolish"
2.0 Unpacks the popular Amiga pack format LZX. V2.0 now also handles file date/time (with Y2K workarounds), file attributes, filenotes (saved to descript.ion) and some more. Everything can be customized. Source is also available. Michael Ofner
Sebastian Erbert
1.3 Write-only plugin to create batch files (*.bat) with all the selected files, e.g. for repetitive tasks. May also be used to create mp3 playlists. Source included! myself
1.2 Opens Microsoft Installer files. Alex Gretha
(site) Calls external programs like JAR, AIN, IMP, 777 and many more - user-configurable! Sergey Zharsky
1.1 Packing/unpacking of Quake levels. Source also available. "DarkOne"
1.0 Similar packer as GZIP and BZ2. Andreas Muegge
Progress PL
1.4 This plugin can list or extract files stored in PROGRESS PL files (procedure libraries). Progress=ProVision(tm) Plus is an Integrated Development Environment to develop and manage scalable, high-performance applications, whether they are web-based, client/server, distributed, or host-based. This plugin is NOT for perl PL files! Jan Polonsky
1.5 Read Linux installation files! The source code is also available. New in 1.5: Detect RPM files packed with BZip2. Requires Bzip2 plugin to unpack. Mandryka Yurij
1.2 Opens SFF Fax files as BMP in Total Commander. Source. Amenna Heratsini
1.0 Opens SIS installation files (Psion, EPOC5 and new also EPOC6). Developed mainly for using with Nokia EPOC5 and EPOC6 packages, but can be used with other types. Patrik Daranský
Total ISO Total ISO maker (TotalISO) is a Packer/unpacker plugin for creating ISO image files. TotalISO is a front end for mkisofs.exe and cdimage.exe, which need to be downloaded separately (see download link in the readme of the plugin). taohe
1.041 It's intended for copying/moving files while keeping the full folder tree. The main differences from TreeCopy:
- Support standard, Branch View, search results modes
- Presence of an option "Number of upper levels to exclude"
- Possibility Overwrite/Skip all Alexander Golikov aka SUKER
1.0 Z packer plugin (Unix archive format). Unusual Works
Interface description
2.1 Description of the plugin interface - write your own plugin! If you want to write a plugin of general interest, and want to offer it through this page, please contact us first so there are no duplicates! Jiri Barton

How to install and use a packer plugin:
1. Unzip the downloaded archive to any directory
2. In Total Commander, choose Configuration - Options
3. Open the 'Packer' page
4. Click 'Configure packer extension WCXs'
5. Type an extension suitable for the plugin, e.g. "lst" for diskdir
6. Click 'New type', and select the .wcx file
7. Click OK in all open dialog boxes.
You can now use the plugin via Files - Pack (or by opening archives of this type).
File system extensions (plugins)
Name Description Author home
ADO Data Sources
1.1 The plugin gives you access to the objects of server-based and local databases that can be connected using Microsoft ADO technology: OLE DB providers and ODBC drivers. Some special plugin features are available for MS SQL Server.
Note: The link on the left does not include the crypto dll crsqlwfx.dll, for legal reasons. OlegY
2.3 Undelete erased files from FAT and now also NTFS volumes. Also shows degree of damage and cluster map (Alt+Enter). There is also an excellent standalone version available at the author's site. Shareware (US$15). No more size limit in the test version! Alex Mokrov
1.5 Plugin to download/delete files (JPG, CRW, WAV, AVI) from Canon Digital Cameras. Most PowerShot, IXUS and EOS digital cameras supported!
Note: You also need the file SDKlibs.rar (579k) on the first download of this plugin, or if you use plugin version 1.4 or earlier. Vladislav Sagunov
(author site) CDDataBase is a plugin, designed to organize and maintain a catalog of your disk collection, including CD-ROMs, harddrives, MP3s, removable disks... for quick searching and navigation. Shareware. Crown_s Soft
CD/DVD burner
(author site) Complex CD/DVD Burner is a light, fast, and easy-to-use CD/DVD burning plugin for Total Commander. It can burn a data disc in the following formats: CD-R, CD-RW, ISO files, DVD+R/W, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, and DVD-RAM disk. Shareware – 14.95 US (Pro) or $9.95 (Lite) Complex New Technologies
Device Manager
1.4 Improved Windows device manager for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Alexey Ryabinin
Events NT
1.3 Plugin to view system events on Windows NT/2000/XP. Does NOT work with Win9x/ME! Sergey Kostyuk
1.3 Plugin to open Ext2 and Reiser file systems on your own machine! This is useful when you have Linux installed on the same machine (multi-boot) and want to access your files. For security reasons, this plugin is read-only. It combines two open source projects to access Ext2 partitions and Reiser partitions. This plugin is Open-Source (GPL).
Version 1.3 fixes read errors with newer ReiserFS partitions. plugin:
unnamed author
Ext2: John Newbigin
Reiser by Gerson Kurz
1.2 Plugin to open file system on HP100/200LX (older HP palmtop machines). Source included! Pavel Zampach
HTTP browser
1.0.4 Browse websites, follow links and download files and pages via HTTP as you do with FTP clients. Source code available! Fabio Chelly
HTTP SmartBrowser
(author site) Use HTTP services which implies browsing the web and downloading of all kinds of files which are linked from websites. Similar to HTTP browser (try both!). André Martin
POP3/SMTP EmailPlugin
(author site) Access your POP3 mailbox, download and upload (send) mails as text files (in eml format) or delete huge unwanted mails from the server directly.
(also available as packer plugin). André Martin
2.0 Show list of running processes (similar to Task Manager). A double click on a task reveals details like Windows belonging to this task. Donateware. If you had any problems with the first version, then please re-download it! Alexey Babenko
2.4 Plugin to browse the Windows registry database, change and export registry keys. Vitaliy Knyazev
1.0 Plugin to access another PC via the serial port (RS232), or a PalmOS® device via Serial or USB. The palm version now supports the Treo. myself
2.4 Plugin to view and manage services on WinNT/2k/XP. Serge Kandakov (KaSA)
SFTP plugin
(author site) Access remote servers via secure FTP (FTP via SSH). Requires SSH2. This is NOT the same as SCP! The plugin is based on Putty source code and is therefore open source. Because of the Swiss crypto export laws, the plugin is only available from the Author's site. Hans-Jürgen Petrich, Martin Kanich
Startup Guard
0.52 Contains links to files, which will start on windows start up. Sergej Puljajev aka Gorbush
Symbian device access plugin
(author site) Allows to access the file system of Symbian based mobile devices (e.g. Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones). This provides a convenient way of transferring files (e.g. JPGs, ring tones, application files in the software development cycle) between desktop PC and mobile device. Ralf "Sabo" Saborowski
Temporary Panel
1.0 Container with links to real files, on HDD or Network, allows to aggregate files, can import M3U, PLS playlists. Sergej Puljajev aka Gorbush
1.6 Access to Web servers (read+write) via the WebDAV protocol over HTTP and HTTPS, also known as Web Folders. The Web server needs to have WebDAV services installed, which are available for Microsoft IIS, Apache, and many others Source code available.
The update to 1.5 adds Vista support, and fixes several problems. myself
1.0 Access PocketPC and other Windows CE devices via ActiveSync direclty in Total Commander! Source available. Requires installed ActiveSync, otherwise it cannot be installed! myself
FS-Plugin writer's guide
1.3 A help file which describes how to write your own file system plugin. Also available:
A very small sample plugin (mirrors local file system). It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins. myself

How to install a file system plugin:
1. Unzip the plugin to a directory of your choice.
2. In Totalcmd, choose Configuration - Options - Operation - FS-Plugins
3. Click on "Add"
4. Choose the .wfx file of that plugin and click OK

You can now access the new file system via the Network Neighborhood.
Lister extensions (plugins)
Name/Ver. Description Author home
(author site) Anytag displays metadata of audio files in lister. It supports the following audio formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, , M4B, MPC, OFR, OFS, OGG, SPX, TTA, WMA and WV. Florian Heidenreich
ArcView Allows you to display info about archives in the Lister or the QuickView window of Total Commander.Currently supported archive types: RAR, ZIP (ACE, 7Z and ... planned). Dmitrie Murzaikin
aka poiuytr
1.2 Allows to view and edit dBase and FoxPro files (*.dbf) with MEMO-fields. Extensive filtering options. Roman Novostavsky aka StayAtHome
CAD View
(author site) View AutoCAD DWG and DXF; HPGL, SVG, CGM formats. Convenient navigation: right-mouse pan, mouse wheel zoom, export to BMP, WMF, GIF, JPEG, Layouts (commercial). Shareware (only $19), free for home use! CAD Soft Tools
1.10 View DBF database files (Dbase, Paradox etc.). Very small and fast plugin. Sergey Chehuta
1.11 This plugin displays text and numbers from spreadsheet (xls) files created by OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel and similar programs. It does not require any program or library to be installed on your system. Ivan Petrovic
2.04b Display Version Information, Executable Header Information and Symbol (like Dumper) for MZ, NE, LE, LX and PE format (programs, DLLs etc). GANNIER François
1.4 View Shockwave Flash files(SWF). Needs an installed Macromedia Flash Player. Roman Novostavsky aka StayAtHome
Flic Autodesk Flic Animation(FLC/FLI) Lister Plugin for Total Commander. Extracts a frame to BMP/GIF/TGA file. Exports to Animated GIF file/AVI/Pro Motion Animation. Chun Sejin
0.5.13 Viewer AND Editor with syntax highlighting support of 9 different programming languages and text formats. Other features: 10 bookmarks, undo, creation of backup files, auto association in lister. hpg
v26.6.2006 Show icons in *.icl, *.exe, *.dll files. Extract one or all icons. ProgMan13
Original: Pavel
1.0 TC lister plugin primarily designed as a JPG viewer which can optionally also display BMP, EMF, EPS, GIF, ICO, PCX, PIC, PNG, PSD, PSP, SCR, SGI, TGA, TIF and WMF files.Context pop-up menu allows for printing, for copying to the clipboard etc. Michael Diegelmann
v1.3 This plugin does not show anything in Lister! It is used for displaying thumbnails for huge jpeg files in thumbnails view on system with limited memory, and on Windows 95/98/ME. Source code available. myself, jpeglib by independent jpeg group
1.51 Plugin for viewing all possible parameters of LNK-files, and changing them via right click. Konstantin Vlasov
(author site) Interface MCI, MediaPlayer 6.4+, or WMP 7+ to play virtually all media files (with appropriate codec). It can play directly cda files from audio CD, play and show m3u list and display mp3 frame information, Id3V1 and V2 tags. GANNIER François
Multimedia factory
View/edit/delete information tags in multimedia files: OGG, MP3 (ID3v1 and v2). If you use this plugin together with the Mmedia plugin, make sure to install this plugin after Mmedia, then you can press '4' to switch to this plugin and edit the tags. Alexey Tarasov
1.0 This plugin is intended for viewing MS Word, Excel, Write and other files for which a convertor into RTF format is installed (and configured for the plugin). Convertors for Word, Excel, Write and HTML formats come with MS Office and can be found in
\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv directory. Yuri Gershanov
(author site) pdfview.wlx is a basic lister plugin for Total Commander 5.5x to display pdf-files (portable document format), ps-files (postscript) and eps-files (encapsulated postscript) using the Ghostscript postrcript and pdf interpreter. Florian Heidenreich
1.06 Displays and plays the contents of m3u and pls files. For every song in the list, it displays file location, duration, filesize and id3tag info. You can copy either list or song info to clipboard... Dark One
(1 MB!) View files with highlighted syntax: ObjectPascal, C++, Fortran, Java, Visual Basic, HTML document and many more. Export to HTML, RTF and copy to clipboard. Print files with highlighted syntax. And many more... Sergey Chernih
LS-Plugin writer's guide
1.5 A help file which describes how to write your own lister plugin. Also available:
A very small sample plugin (shows line numbers to the left of each line). It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins. myself
p>p>How to install a lister plugin:
1. Unzip the plugin to a directory of your choice.
2. In Totalcmd, view any file with F3
3. Choose Options - Configure - LS-Plugins
3. Click on "Add"
4. Choose the .wlx file of that plugin and click OK

You can now access the new lister plugin with F3.

Content plugins (for Total Commander >=6.50)
Name/Ver. Description Author home
(author site) Anytag.wdx displays metadata (like Artist, Album, ...) and technical info of almost all audio files in custom file lists. It supports the following audio formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, M4B, MPC, OFR, OFS, OGG, SPX, TTA, WMA and WV. Florian Heidenreich
1.4.0 Shows info/tags from audio files. Supported formats: MPEG, OGG, WMA, WAV, VQF, AAC, APE, MPC, FLAC, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, UMX. Alexey Torgashin
1.2 Compound document properties (e.g. Word, Excel files) MGP Software Ltd.
1.21 DirSizeCalc displays size, subdirectory and file count of a directory. All calculations are processed in background. Lefteous
0.2 The ExeFormat plugin can show information about executable files: Currently supported are MZ, NE, LE/LX, PE(PE32/PE32+). Sergey Urbanovich
1.5 Show camera data like aperture and exposure time from JPG and Canon RAW image files. Source available! myself
File descriptions
1.3.2 Shows file descriptions: from files.bbs/descript.ion, from contents of text/HTML files, for executables/DLLs: from VersionInfo fields. Alexey Torgashin
Filename ChrCount
(author's site) Purpose: Checking pathnames exceeds the 256 charakter limit after moving folders...
Columns: Pathname(ChrCount), Filename(ChrCount), Path(ChrCount), Ext(ChrCount), Filename(ChrCount excl Ext), Path J. Bleichroth
1.1 Show mp3 ID3 tags (only ID3 version 1), like Artist, Title etc. Very small and fast plugin.
Source available! myself
(author's site) Purpose: Sorting images by size, showing image size below thumbnails..
Columns: Width, Height, Pixel, Diagonal, Orientation, Size, Aspect Ratio
0.6.1 Supports the displaying of: Duration in time-format, Duration in ms format, Audio stream information (codec, bitrate and etc.), Video stream compressor (codec, video bitrate and etc.), Video tags information (AVI only). Information cached in database. Sergey Chernih (aka SCHMaster)
1.02 Plugin for displaying information about NTFS hard links and reparse points (junctions, mount points and so on). Konstantin Vlasov
1.12 ShellDetails displays all Windows Explorer fields in Total Commander. Lefteous
1.04 xPDFSearch can be used to perform fulltext search in PDF files. In addition xPDFSearch provides meta data information from PDF files. Source available! Lefteous
Content-Plugin writer's guide
1.4 A help file which describes how to write your own content plugin. Also available:
A very small sample plugin (shows file details like date, time similar to Total Commander's internal plugin). It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins. myself

More plugins can be found on the inofficial plugins site This site is independent from us and also hosts new and beta plugins.
and some tools that use with total commander :

Name Description
Irfanview A fast and easy to use graphics viewer, supporting many formats.
XNView Another powerful graphics viewer. Both Irfanview and XNView can be used as a viewer plugin in Total Commander's built-in viewer (Lister).
Uniview Another graphics viewer which works as a viewer plugin (Shareware).
(134k) Freeware DBF (database) file viewer by Jens Richter
DBFRead Freeware DBF viewer, by ALXsoft
Acrobat reader By Adobe, to view PDF files (portable Postscript files)
Lister External version of Total Commander's built-in viewer.
New: 32-bit version now available!
Notetab An excellent multiple-document text editor which (like Total Commander) also comes from Switzerland.
External packers
Name Description
(ZIP-NT) 32 bit command line ZIP-compatible packer, recommended packer for use with Total Commander
pkzip pkzip 2.04g and 2.50 for DOS (16 bit) work as external packers in Total Commander. Pkzip 2.5 for Windows and NT console are currently NOT supported (different command line parameters!).
ARJ The ARJ packer. Please note: Total Commander doesn't support the new JAR format, because the file names are NOT readable by other programs like in ARJ files. You may use the multi-arc plugin above for JAR files.
LHA for Win32 32-bit-Version of LHA, direct download.
Packer Homepage (in Japanese, download-link in English)
RAR Packer homepage
UC2 Packer download page on Simtelnet (development was stopped)
ACE Packer homepage
Other useful addons
Name Description
1.02 Used to change the time and date of multiple files by a specified amount, eg change the time of each file by + 1 hour 30 minutes (useful for misset internal clocks of digital cameras, etc.). Author: Roman Korcek
Backup4All Powerful backup program which creates normal ZIP files for the backup, so they can be browsed with Total Commander (one file per backup, or user-defined size). Like Total Commander, it supports many different languages through addon language files.
1.0 Small tool to recombine files created by the File Split function in Total Commander. The tool will check the integrity of the created file with the CRC file created by Total Commander. Author: Andreas Kromke
Compare It! Very good file compare program (if the internal compare isn't enough for you). Can also edit the compared files.
Examdiff Other very good file compare program.
GRBackPro Windows professional backup and copy utilities - creates ZIP-compatible backups (one file per directory)
Inireloc Tool to set the locations of the settings files wincmd.ini and wcx_ftp.ini. This works only with the 32-bit version of Commander 4.53 and later.
JBCat Disk catalog tool, which uses the same file format as the diskdir plugin (see above)
Kryptel Strong encryption software invoked through the right click menu. Produced in New Zealand, it doesn't have to follow US export restrictions.
lptdos Standalone parallel port server for DOS. Allows to transfer files from/to a machine without an installed Windows. Does NOT support long filenames!
1.3 List to multi-instance converter. This tool can be used together with the button bar in Total Commander to open all selected files with a specific program, with the click of a single button (direct download).
1.20 Similar to lst2multi, but instead of calling the program multiple times as lst2multi, it calls it only once, and passes all names on a single command line. Direct download.
Microsoft Power Toys For Microsoft Windows 9x are very useful extensions. Especially the 'Send to X' tool, which also works with Total Commander's right click menu (32 bit version only).
RaidenFTPd A powerful FTP server for Windows which works well with Total Commander.
1.03 A tool similar to the counter [C] in Total Commander's Multi-Rename Tool, but for changing file dates and times. Using ReDate you can change the dates of multiple files incrementally, see screenshot. Author:Roman Korcek
1.05 Total Commander Menu Editor is a tool with which you can modify your TC menu or create a new one from scratch. Author:Roman Korcek
1.7 Add drop-down menu functionality to Total Commander's button bar. Uses standard *.bar files. Author: MGP Software Ltd.
TC Plugins manager
1.8.2 TC PlugMan is an external plugins manager for Total Commander. It allows to:
- View list of installed LS/FS/Packer/Content plugins;
- Add/remove/Configure plugins;
- Temporary disable/enable plugins;
- Run/restart Total Commander.
Author: Alexey Torgashin
USB installer Tool to install/copy Total Commander to an USB stick, including all plugins and settings files. A separate installer for U3-compatible sticks is available too.
wcicolib Sample replacement icon library (replaces internal file list icons like folders etc.). Feel free to create your own with a resource editor.
Da Rossa wrote:
... To replace Windows Explorer?
We @ the AHK community are very likely to be productivity addicts. And WE is too limited, we all know that. So, what's the alternative? Xplorer², Directory Opus, Total Comander, XYPlorer, etc???

share your experiences! I'm currently trying xplorer² and D. Opus, they're both powerful.

I am using Far manager (, It looks like Norton commander manager. I like this manager.
Da Rossa
I decided to stick with Xplorer². Simple, easy and VERY powerful.
i want to ask just a question (or few questions):

who are created xplorer2?
it's independent of microsoft?

this project have it a good future?
Da Rossa
A company named zabkat.
It's independent of Microsoft.
And it's very good.

Not a project, but a mature program.
anyone of yours tried MC that is Midnight Commander? available on every linux
I find it useful also beacuse it can effectively connect ftp sites and maintains a nice text based interface - old fashon Cool
I use XPlorer2 from This is great file manager because it has 2 windows for file browser and 1 folder browser. It has several facilities and fast enough, easy to navigate. And the most important is it is free software. There are several languages supported.
Da Rossa
Just a reminder: only the lite version is free.
Sometimes lite versions are good enought, and being lite they are small and not charged with unuseful things. The problem is when the commercial version includes the most important things, and the lite only restricted basics!
Da Rossa
... or have built-in banners or adware Sad
yes, of course.
that's also one of the reasons why I prefer free software, and especially open source. I post one screenshot of my installation of midnight commander, so you can see if you like. Notice that the right panel shows an ftp connection to frihost! The interface hasn't got icons, but I find it ergonomic and effective in most cases - assuming I am not going to use the shell Cool
Remember that the compiled program is about 5 Mb total if I don't go wrong.

I don't know if it is available for windows too, I have not investigated yet.
Da Rossa
But that's Linux only right?
Not mandatory. I have simply googled for midnight comm windows and at the first shot it found this page:
note the download executable size Cool amazing
I use Windows Commander (not even Total!) and I must say that I'm satisfied with that. If I've got a trouble with packages or ftp connection I just open my WinCom and it helps me every time Smile
In other hand, I use standart WIndows '98 interface. I don't need any special functions.
That's good!
If I was in windows, I don't know if I prefer mc or something else. I think I probably give up and click "my computer" hoping is don't lasts lot Rolling Eyes

PS: I can see also people talking about norton/volkov comms up in the conversation.. cool! I started using computers with DOS
windows commander what this ???

this is the other version of total commander ?

or some thing different ?
oufti Windows Commander is now Total Commander!

I suppose the former is a new version -.- I don't like it Cool
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