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R/C helicopters

okay so iv recently bought a mini combat force helicopter which is pretty dam fun when i got it i kind of instantly broke it not knowing how to fly it properly, i broke the back tail fin, but it still worked fine then i broke the back rotor luckly it came with a spare, then one of my friends when drunk had a go and flew it straight into the celing and broke it, im now awaiting spare parts from hong kong, but other than that those mini helicopters are loadsa fun shame they only last 5-6 mins but they take 15 mins to charge so its not all that bad i suppose. then today i got a birthday present for my birthday on saturday from my girlfirends dad, and it was a larger scale R/C helicopter was only 20 and takes 3 hours to charge but aparently only 15-20 flight time, which is a let down considering the 3 hour wait to recharge, suppose i cud buy loads of battery packs for it. but i dont know its handaling yet, i have to wait till my 18th birthday on the 26th.
Do either the old one or the new one have the dual main rotors that counter rotate each other?
nope the ones that i dont, they have a gyro balancer though that keeps the helicopters blades horizontal at all times. there only in the 20 range.
easy to damage..
esp when it at a very high place..
when battle begin.. the infra red (i think) hit your helicopter tail...
totally crashed!
Must admit flying choppers is great fun. I have one with a 4ft rotor span and a 10cc glow engine. Full 10 channel control gives you all the manouverability of a full size helicopter, and I have spent hours flying it around fields well away from people and property. It is best if you have some kind of insurance (as you should do for all radio controlled aircraft of any size) just in case you have a monor accident or heaven forbid lose control and it goes through someones window. Still gloom and doom over they are tricky to fly but when nastered give you a great sense of achievment.
i have a r/c helicopter shame its leccy tho, i want a petrol 1, i heard some rule with the law u have to over 16 2 take control of a petrol r/c helicopter!
I have 2 of the indoor ones,

They are soo fun and easy to control that even though they are as light as a feather you can fly them outside in wind without them blowing away!
I would like very much to have one of those mini helicopters.
It will be my next hobby someday!!
ok, so which is the best one out there in the market to buy?????
i was waiting for my rc heli honeybee king2 for a week now. i am so excited but unfortunately the seller did not approve my credit due to i am buying an online ticket which isn't my name and its for my mom. they kill my!
Martin it is one of those "you pays your money and you get what you get" moments. There are a wide number of options these days from the small indoor machines costing tens of to the larger glow engine models costing hundreds. Also the bigger the chopper the more stable it tends to get and the more funtionality you get with a better radio and control gear.
Wow RC helicopters, you know what guys, I ordered a Honey Bee King 2 fron rc-helicopter but until now it didn't arrive yet. huhuhu. it so sad that they want a photocopy of my card and billing statement before they will send it to me. But I don't want to give them the copy coz I already give them my credit card no. from their site during the time I ordered it from them. I am just so excited to have a RC helicopter. can anyone recommend me a good site to buy a good quality rc helicopter? thanks.
Have you checked out I haven't ordered from them yet, but when I do get a good RC vehicle, it will be from them. They seem to have a huge selection of choppers, trucks, planes, cars, tanks, and other vehicles. I spent a couple hours looking at their stuff the first time I saw the site Smile
I would like to find an RC Corvette, preferably about a 69.
My husband has just decided that RC is his new hobby. He has bought a motorbike and all the radio gear. Does anyone have any suggestions on little things... under $100 even better under $20 ... that I can buy him for father's day, birthday christmas.... and other random presents? things to go with what he already has I guess.
I think he does want other things too though, he was chowing me a car that he wanted the other day, and he originally wanted planes.
He often talks about battery life being real sucky. Any advice on that?
They look like fun but I need some spare cash before I can indulge in one of those toys. Wink
Last christmas we were playing with a friends RC helicopter, it was, admittedly jut a cheap one, but still. It was so hard to operate and would always just end up in a full spin and then crash dramatically into something.
Any tips on how to keep them going straight?
I would like too much to have one toy like that, could you post some photo to see how they are?
sweet i gotta get me one, they sound fun
RC Helicopters can be great fun. Do not forget that it is about as difficult as riding a bike.
Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to make a turn and you forget that you hang a bit to the side your are turning, you move your weight, you look the right way, you turn the wheel and keep paddling..
Eventually, you do all of these things without thinking.

It takes about 10 batteries before you can hoover a bit. Unless you have a dual-rotor which is kidstuff.

Start by trying to make the helicopter 'light on his feet' and don't take off.
You find that it wants to go to the left. This is the groundeffect which will go as soon as you fly at around 50cm (1.6ft) height. Keep the tail towards you at all times.
Practice by moving the helicopter a little bit to the left/right/forward (NOT backward!).

Once you get the hang of this, you can take your heli to about 1 meter height. Be very carefull on the sticks since everything you put in there, you must take out. In other words, if you steer a little bit to the left.. it will keep going there. You have to steer back the same amount to the right.
These corrections are only tiny!!!

Good luck!

ps you will not get as good as little Justin Chi.. but don't worry about it
Hi Freeshann
Any largish chopper will keep going in a straight line and at a constant height, because they have gyroscopes fitted, which act as stabalisers. I once tried mine without one and is was so skittish it was unbelievable, but once back on the gyroscope became quite placid, well relatively so any way.
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