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I have just started a forum on my website

I am still 'touching up' the game pages

The address is

then click forums

Please register and tell me what you think.
well so far there isn't much to see.. but your text is ruining your layout as it moved into the navigation menu. also that black text on green background isnt pleasant to the eye... i'd rather you made the text green.. would look more rounded off..

And you links don't direct you to the right place. i clicked "forums" from the games page and it moved me to "/Games/phpbb3/" which is not where you want your visitors to go.

Still good work ! work hard and u'll make it even better !

p.s. you can easily get a template for your forums to match your site layout (green and black)
Well i did a survey amongst my friends and they all prefered the green and black

As for the links, i fixed everything 10 minutes ago

but yes the pages are a bit boring. how could i brighten them up a bit
well the text still goes through the nav menu ... maybe its just in my browser... dunno..

Are u using tables and divs to manage you content ?

well u can make em better... maybe use a content box for the text ?
and include images of games on your games page ?
the spelling of "bored" on your history page is "board" Razz

go to and download scripts to make the page more interactive.. if u know php.. otherwise learn php because if you want to survive in web designing, you need to learn php Razz

you can add stats about your site. add a content box on your page showing random games or forum posts...

there are a billion ways to make your website better ! just google it ! :p
Your banner is tacky and the text does go through the navigation bar. Also, you might try to tone down the colors; the green is a bit too flashy. I don't think making the background of the text green is a good idea. You might also want to explore with different types of fonts, as the slightly enlarged Times New Roman doesn't seem to work out well. I do like the style of your navigation bar though.
must be ur browser works fine on mine, then again it could be ur screen res

thanks for the assisst

jtayl153 wrote:
must be ur browser works fine on mine,

when designing a website you MUST design it with other browsers in mind and always check the design on them.

I have 5 diffrent web browsers on my machine for testing alone.

black text on green highlight on black background looks awful - its ugly. Keep it to green text on black if you must.

If you want to develop a good colour palette use the kuler site:[url] [/url]
i got a question

which is better to look at,

Green and Black

Red and Black


Blue and Black

Or name another easy to look at colour combination
jtayl153 wrote:
Or name another easy to look at colour combination

thats abit like asking "how long is a piece of string".

generally u pick 3/5 complimentary colours then work in that.

Black is a bad bg colour generally.

look up for inspiration
Like they said try to don't use a lot of different colors, if you use blue, try to combine blue colors, and same type of font, keep working on it and you will get it Smile good luck
the site needs to be updated more because the front page hasnt got much stuff on it
table based layout Crying or Very sad

Now is a time to learn CSS & DIV's, before your site really grows.

For color selection, give this site a shot. There are a few other sites out there that will help give you complimentary color selections as well.

Hey, I know that airplane.. that';s 1942 right?!?!? Wow, I feel old now.
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