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Xbox Modding

*Edited 9-02-05*

I have been on xbox live for some time now and the modding on it has gotten out of hand. Mad
On my old website I wrote:
"The auto-update for Halo 2 has been released and has brought much joy and confusion. First of all, the patch did not stop all cheating. Second, there have been reports of people finding a way around the patch. This means that modding will still be widespread and bungie can do nothing to stop it. "

I just want to know what you guys think about this and what should be done.
Xbox live and bungie have teamed up to try and stop it but they havent been very successful.

I just would like everyone to know, that although modding is cool, it is not meant to be done in a ranked environment. Do it on Xbconnect or at LAN parties, not on Xbox Live.
Come on guys reply to this topic if you know anything about whats going on. Sad
Its the same with like any multiplayer game, people that normally do horibally have to go and ruin the fun by giving themselfs an unfair advantage over everyone else. Just look at counterstrike, its hard to find a game that doesnt have a hacker in it.

Lockwolf: Hates Counterstrike and Halo with a passion!
That's why it's more fun to just have a couple of friends over playin splitscreen ..

Win or lose, it's all good fun
Splitscreen is good and all, but if ur playin on a 19 inch tele, it doesnt give u much room if your playing with four people.
I prefer to play on XBConnect, for there is no reason to mod in someone elses game because there is no ranking system.
I am an XBOX modder and have found that using KAI is the best place to be as far as LIVE goes. I agree that I dont belong out in XBOX Live land due to my machine being so modded.

KAI is awesome and you know that anyone you ecounter out there in KAI land is also using a modded box. This keeps it fair and lets the modders frag away without beating up unfairly on the rest of you...

XLINK KAI is a free gloabl gaming network... Wide use
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