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which digital SLR

It's great there are more and more optins at the prosumer level of dSLRs.
I'm gonna buy one. and It's possible for less than $1000,
However I'm still undecided between these:
1- Canon Digital Rebel XT
2- Nikon D50
3- Pentax ist D
4- Olympus evolt E-300
Has anyone on the forum any sort of experience with these cameras?
I appreciate your thoughts.
I'm no photographer, nor do I have the kind of money needed to own one of these, but I took along a knowlegeable friend to buy a camera once,
And he speaks well of the Rebel XT.

I'll suggest you try to find a review site where you'll get to compare most of these models - their specs, features, sample photographs and all.
You'll be able to decide once you have enough data.
i have fuji s5500, but if i win a lottery i would buy olympus(just because have a 1gb xd card:)), try reading reviews on dpreview, they are quite professional
I got the nikon d70 about a year ago for $1200 (without lenses), but chose it mainly because the lenses from my nikon n80 would fit. I would stick with the nikon or the canon, both companies are at the top of their game. You may want to invest in some quality lenses. It all depends on what you are going to use the camera for.
I worked with the Nikon D70, but today I would go for a Canon. Better image quality, and no annoying RAW DRM Wink
Having used cameras (both oltime and digital) for more years than I care to remember I would today go for a Cannon with interchangable lenses.
Thay make their own chips and have cutting edge technology. They seem to be in front right now but the picture changes almost daily (damn pun!)
Nikon is the way to go
Alot of people go with the canon rebel but I work for Circuit City and we see alot of those returned with faulty screens and firmware.
I like the stock Nikor lense that comes with the Nikon also, but if you are serious I would replace that lense for something better

My choice is the Xti (400D). Its cheaper the the D80 and it takes about the same quality picutres as the D80. The D80 does have more professional features on it such as the spot meter, but most of the features on the D80 I didnt need like trimming, red eye reduction, small picture, etc. The D80 is a great camera but for the price, I could get the 30D, but I do a lot of sport shots so the 30D isnt the most appealing camera if you dont need the fast FPS. The Canon cameras do take better JPEG files, which are great if you do not want ot do any post production after wards. But at the RAW level, both the D80 and the XTi are evenly matched, from there it depends on your skills and the type of lenses you get. For Canon get their red ringed lenses, I tried one and I couldnt go without one, any Canon with a red ring should have xx-xx mm f/x L <--- the L stands for Luxury which is Canons pro line. For Nikon their gold rings are the best ones they have (I do not know the name for their pro lenses). The D80 has the same imagine quality as Canon, why pay $300-400 more when you can get it for $700 with the XTi? Unless you already have glass invest in Nikon.

The reasons why I didnt choice the D80 over the XTi for myself.
1) Nikon does not have as fast auto focus as Canon lenses do. I needed all the help I can get since I do a lot of indoor sport shots.
2) More IS lenses, although I only have one it helps alittle bit in low light situations, other wise I just leave it off to conserve energy.
3) Full frame sensors at the end of their line (Mk-II's and the 5D)

Nikon vs Canon, this agrument can go on forever with flame wars. Nikon has better optics in my opinion (my dad owns a film Nikon) and Canon seems to have better in camera firmware than Nikon ( I own the XTi so I am a little biased to my camera).

The D80 if your going with Nikon, all lenses work for it and it will blow your mind with the imagine quality.

Just remember 80% of chocing a SLR is based on personal opinion (rough est.). If you have used a Canon use a Canon, if you have used a Nikon use a Nikon. Go to a local camera store and try one out yourself and see which one you like.
Go with Canon or Nikon.

I own a 20d myself, so I'm a bit biased towards Canon though.
^I agree

You really can't go wrong with Canon or Nikon. Personally I have a Canon Rebel And Canon 5D. Got the Rebel first for starters and I still use it as backup since I do alot of weddings. I have 2 canons based on research and also all my friends have Canons so its easier to borrows lens if I need to. Either go for the Canon XTi or the Nikon D40x or even if you can the Nikon D80 is pretty good. A factor is comfort, the Nikons tend to be built a lil sturdier especially with the entry level cameras so head on to a camera store near you and try them out in your hand and see which one feels best. They all take good pics though, Canon has a slight edge with less noise at higher ISO's but the other companies are catching up so the difference is very little if any.

Personally though I would try to get the Canon 40D is a really nice camera and definately worth the extra price if you can squeeze it. More professional features, weather sealing at the memory card compartments and also the battery door. Also it handles noise very well. close to the 5D i've heard.

Try them out at a store and you can also check image samples at pbase, have fun shooting with whichever you choose.
Another vote for either Nikon or Canon. They have the best and most complete lens systems and it will be far easier to upgrade.

Definitely put your money into lenses. If you get cheap lenses, the poor image quality and poor construction will drive you nuts. Lenses are much more important than the camera body.

For reviews, I always go to Digital Photography Review. They have excellent reviews there, quite in depth with lots of sample images.
nikon most the best camera
Canon 20D. Is it in your pricerange?
I would definitely go for Canon or Nikon because they have the best support and the best lenses. Their lenses are also very spread, comparing to other companies, so you will have wide choice of them. You also won't have any problems with selling or buying them and they are compatible with older lenses from classic SLR's as well.
However, you should lend few DSLR cameras from shop, take some pictures and they decide, which one suits best for you.
I forgot to mention, you want to put most of your budget in the lenses, instead of the body itself. You typically will go through multiple bodies, however keep using the same lenses.

The quality of the lens is just as important (actually moreso) than the camera body itself. So it would be wise to buy a cheaper body say the XT, and spend money on a nice L series lens.
I have used a wide variety of SLR cameras (Digital + Film).

Nikons:- most F series film camera. (The F1 being my favourite). Digitals:- D1x, D100, D200, D2x (all function virtually the same just different MegaPixels)

Canon:- Film cameras. AE1Programme (I learnt with this) Most of the EOS ranges (EOS 1 RS being my favourite). Digitals: 20D, 30D, 1DS MK I,II and III.

Overall my favourites and the best image quality have been the Canons. For ruggedness if you want to shoot in very hostile conditions I would use a Nikon (Most are bulletproof... and very hard wearing).

If you are on a budget though go for the Canon ideally a D20 (8.2 meg. which is good enough for most work). The lenses are cheaper and good quality. Also buy a FD - EOS lens adapter and start buying up older FD lenses and just use manual focus. This will also help you get a better picture as you won't rely on the autofocus.

Hope that helps and happy shooting.
If you want a 70-200 L f/4 lens I have 1 on ebay at the moment, just search for my user name.
Try Sony A100, A300 (new) series. They have 10.2M APS-C matrix that is like in Nikon D80 or D200.
Only one minus - Sony has a expensive optics for them.
Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 7:37 am Post subject: which digital SLR

The post was started in 2005!! Smile
Anyway I chose Canon and for the future I will choose Canon also.
However, I like how it sounds the "NIKON" word. I like the sound of the word so I will think if this word worth to spend some money... Smile
I personally have a Canon 400D (XTi) and... I am thinking to try a Nikon D class... to have both. If you say that Canon is the best, I have one, if you will change your mind and will say that Nikon rules... I have one of these also! Smile

ALL my friends have Canon...
There are a bunch of review sites, look it up.
well well, in your case, i'll choose Nikon D50. because i think Nikon is quite good in camera especially in SLR. and it has quite good features in digital SLR too. of course if you had more budget, Nikon D80 is good also.

for me, i still don't have the chance to have my own DSLR but i'm going to have one after i get to work. I'm a student now, so i'm budget limited. so i currently using LUMIX fz-18. sure the features and quality is not so good than DSLR but that suit to my budget. and after 6 months from now, i'll still consider NIKON.
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