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Make video?

Very Happy What started out to be a hobby for me has turned into an exciting profession with the potential of enormous reward. When the major companies started buying up the video hosting sites for billions, it made me think that videos are the future of web 2.0 and I was right.

Apart from such an enjoyable pastime, I discovered that no matter what subject line or name I chose, every time I created and uploaded a new video to youtube, it always appeared on the first pages of the search engines.

For example by typing in google search "makevideo" the videos I have created under that name have 8 positions out of ten on the first page. The same applies to every search engine.
That is just one example, it is not a boast, just a plain and simple fact.

Also other sites and blogs grab the embed code and place the videos on their sites and before I know it the video is all over the web - some sites I have not even heard of.

There are lessons to be learned by what I have told you already.

I have spent many hours perfecting the art of video jockeying and along the way, I have had my knuckles rapped by having accounts suspended over copyright issues but instead of bitching about the hours spent in uploading, I decided to study the rules and subsequently producing a video series on how to avoid copyright infringement.

All in all - creating videos is demanding but artistic and apart from the earning potential, the popularity aspect comes into it. I have many music artists and admirers the world over who have become my friends.
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