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Finance vs CS jobs

For the uninitiated, CS=Computer Science

I see a lot of my friends with MS/PHd degrees in CS going into finance for the money. I always felt that finance jobs are for the terminally bored. My current job concerning research in networking and related fields. But the pay is kinda below average.
I am tempted by the money! Can someone with a CS degree but in the finance industry (and also having previous pure CS jobs) please enlignten?

According to me if you are with Computer Science degree and if you are going to finance industry they give you job related to computers jobs related to Transaction processing, Database ,Data Mining etc.If you have experience of work in networking you can get job of Transaction processing or networking related any.
If you want to do finance, it's fine with any background. Learn it by just doing it. However, if you want to do finance with your CS background, then you will face the situation that not many positions are waiting for you.

One of my friend works in a big investment banking industry as IT specialist. Although he likes finance very much and like to take more responsibility in financial deals. But apparently the traders are hired to do that job so what he assigned to do is only hands-on work in deploying IT solutions for differently clients.
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