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SEO and flash?

Someone Else wrote:
Cool Flash websites are far more attractive than static sites but not every browser or operating system supports flash. Up to now, search engines do not recognize flash coding either.

However, I have come across an interesting article by by Jonathan Hochman.

Flash gets a bad rap, undeserved in my opinion, for harming search engine visibility. Why are search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners concerned about Flash, and how can we SEO Flash content? The main problem with Flash is that search engines don't yet understand it, and probably won't in the near future. Flash includes logic and can take input from the visitor, but search engines are designed to handle static content. Flash is actually a running program, so it's much harder to analyze than plain HTML code.

The leading web development tool, Adobe Dreamweaver, embeds Flash in web pages with code that fails to provide accessibility for visitors or search spiders who cannot handle Flash. Instead of using the default code, my recommendation is to hand code Flash pages with primary HTML content, and a method of automatically testing for Flash support before attempting to insert the movie. The primary HTML content can be search optimized as if the Flash wasn't there, while the Flash provides an enhanced user experience for those visitors who have the necessary Flash player.

Fortunately there is a way to integrate flash by combining flash code with HTML or PHP onto your web pages. I am studying this right now and your further input would be appreciated.

Rolling Eyes
Your Copy and Paste skills are truly amazing Rolling Eyes

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