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Atif Aslam is Back with a New Album

He came, He sang and He conquered. 2004 was the arrival of Atif Aslam, 2006 was the year for Doorie and now once again he is back with his magical voice, which makes everyone go mad. Come 2008 and the unprecedented superstar of music is back with a new video and an album to start the New Year.

The marketing for Meri Kahani reminds one of the days of Doorie. The video aired with promos in tow and one day (Saturday night to be precise) the album was out. But this time, the shock value was less. In these strangely grim times, press conferences for album releases don’t just happen. And even if they do, like Jal’s press conference in Lahore for Boondh, they aren’t noticed as the nation gears up for elections. Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has put a damper on all things and it will take time for things to return to normal, but the release of Atif Aslam’s Meri Kahani will help.

Atif’s album release has thrown everything into a tizzy. His fans are storming shops for copies of Meri Kahani. Albums have been released in India and Pakistan. And it is supremely interesting is to see how many of Atif’s fans have reacted to this comeback. When Instep Today searched for reactions to the new video, one came across Pakstop forums and this time around, fans are not pleased with the video. Quite a few of them anyway.

Atif Aslam’s album is the first major release of 2008 and we all know how pervasive Atif mania is, but if things go as planned, this year will give him some fierce competition. There are some exceptional albums lined up that will give him a run for his money. They include Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Charkha, Strings’ Dhoop and Ali Azmat’s Klashnifolk. And then there are the long-awaited debuts of Zeb and Haniya and Kaavish as well as the new Fuzon album (with Rameez Mukhtar on vocals). For right now, fans just can’t wait to get their hands on the copy of Meri Kahani.

So the wait is over and Atif Aslam has launched his new album (Officially), with 12 rocking song’s. I have already heard the album before its launch, but the tracks I downloaded were not good quality, the site also mentioned that these songs were unofficially released by his Girl Friend, whom he met in Norway. This album was much awaited as this is related to Atif Aslam’s life. I dont know wether he has mentioned the incident of he robbing a “Samosa” and getting caught by a girl …, well to know what happened next just read the article and comment, i will mail you.
Very Happy
I doubt if it qualifies as world news.

Anyway, the album that I am really waiting for is Dhoop.
From the black guitar notes of Guarantees In The Darkness to the completing variations on The Beatles Helter Skelter, stone has its new king. The ability is unique with gritty words that control to be observed.
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