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caching for huge project

Hi everyone,
recentrly I started programing and designing a huge site that needs to be fast and scalable.
About scalability i'm doing well, but I've never worked on php caching and I dont have the least idea on how it works, what it does or anything... Sad

I'm guessing it caches the php-generated html and it caches it so it doesn't have to be reloaded everytime right?

If anyone can tell me how to install/configure or explain what it does.... Wink

Thanks a lot!
If anyone wants to view the site is:
It is in spanish, and by now looks great in firefox, but not as well in IE!!!! yea, i hate IE... Crying or Very sad

Well, thanks in advance!

By the way, if anyone has any tips on anything that can simplify my programing, or make it less time-consuming, i'd love to hear it!!
At first I was going to use also Smarty, to do templates, but finally I kind of created my own template engine... Sad
Hi, sorry I do not know anything about PHP.

But I would like to say. For a web designer why don't you keep consistancy between browsers?

Thats one of a web designers main jobs. If you was to use statistics of how many people use IE to firefox IE comes out on top..

I do some webdesign and I like IE & firefox. (I really don't see whats wrong with it. Is it because it is owned by microsoft???)

Think about it if every web designer was to focus on making firefox happy than IE then you will get loads of people who are new to computers and internet looking at a SH*T site....

I would seriously recomend that you reaserch ways around upsetting IE. There are plenty of HTML hacks to make IE & firefox happy.

Anyway firefox will always look the same to the way you designed it other than IE. Because Firefox reads HTML to how it is written... as IE likes to have diffrent <TAGS> for diffrent things...

Anyway good luck on finding a PHP cache....

I know, its just that when i was done with the css I tested it in IE and there were some things that didnt really look bad, it was just different...
I'll try to google for caching software for php i guess... Wink
alalex wrote:

I'm guessing it caches the php-generated html and it caches it so it doesn't have to be reloaded everytime right?

It is not the generated HTML which is cached, but the compiled PHP. If the generated HTML is cached, this is done by the webserver, a proxy of the browser on the client-side. PHP caching solutions store a compiled version of the PHP script in a ready-to-run form, so the script doesn't have to be parsed, checked and compiled again when it is invoked. So the script is always run, i.e.: the HTML outputted by your script is always up-to-date, but the script itself is 'not up-to-date' (but the caching software makes sure that if you make a change to a script, the new version is compiled, so you don't have to worry about that).

There are several caching solutions available (they are commonly called 'accelerators'). For more information, see:
O great thanks a lot!
Its just that I had no idea what it did, I just heard once someone talking about it and I was wondering if it would help.
So great, i'll try to get that to work in my server! Wink
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