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My fraternity

It almost 8 years and active of our organization alpha phi omega international service fraternity sorrority since i was college i love being service to the schools and community. i know everyone dont like the word fratenity sounds like a gang or war useless brotherhood but if get inside to it the spirit of brotherhood , vision, missions and the services is very not convencing you but im just want to share what i have experience and im happy to be member of this org.
I did not join a fraternity when I was in college/university. I think some of what you said it accurate for some fraternities. I think others are better know for drunken parties, etc.
Drunking parties?wow nice life
Theta Chi here Very Happy

Loved it, great house and a lot more than partying. I don't even want to get into how the Greek system is misrepresented and all the nuances.
Well in canada we dont really have any frats, but i think it would have been an experience... Have you heard of people joining frats in grad school? dunno if this is possible or not... The networking factor intrigues me, as you can call on any of the members to assist you, provided they actually help that is...
airh3ad wrote:
i know everyone dont like the word fratenity sounds like a gang or war useless brotherhood

Eh... not so much of gangs or anything of that sorts. More like you are paying for friends.

When I was a freshman, I've rushed a couple of frats back at Michigan State. Met a lot of cool guys but also met a LOT of douches... pretty much didn't really feel the Frat scene was my thing.
Different Groups or gangs& Organazations, fraternitys all the eyes of the student get there attention i mean in mostly in Universities(schools)in our setuation here if you are frehsmen student we encourage them to join our organization through sending letters and free oreintation about our organizations we tell our visions ,missions our services to the community,schools, and brotherhood 99% we members are profesionals so there is no worries about frat wars we just focus our missions and services to all.many members of our organizations now in politics from Senators down Cabinet secretary, to Local goverment positions me im now a proffesional and im very active to our organizations.
How come all fraternities have a Greek letter in their name? Is there any reason for that?
Your fraternity is weak sauce. Just sayin'.
Ugh, frats/sororities were SO not my thing back in college. Why should you need to pay to have friends??
Yeah, that's pretty cool actually. I mean, outside of the first few years of college where you get to meet new people, but after you move out, frats/sororities are really the main places left for that.
Weak? hmmm will its not matter of strong or week its depend upon how can you help to the community or services, like we said its not a quantity but a quality!
meet in rio
I was having this bexplained to me by a friend from Indiana, and it just sounds bizarre. Bizarre and expensive.

I go to university in Scotland and we don't have anything like that here - just student-run societies (academic, sporting, hobby-based etc.). How is it worth the money? What can you do in a fraternity/sorority that can't be done elsewhere? (These are genuine questions, by the way!)
I am actually a JR right now. One thing I've been wondering about doing is joining a fraternity. I was invited to join on my freshman year but knew nothing about them so I declined... What do you guys think? Are they worth joining?
The value?the worth? they both similar me there is a lot of value help our fraternity 1st is the decipline, friendship and jobs .and to serve our cummunity and schools. other value is the sharing of our Books for your study and other things in school they share it on our members this is a simple value that i share .
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