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The MacBook Air....

Steve Jobs delivered his MacWorld 2008 keynote speech today, and the attention grabbing aspects was the introduction of the world's currently thinnest notebook computer, the MacBook Air.

The computer has no optical drives, supposedly just a single USB port and comes at a base price of US $1800.

More details can be had from the Apple Store:

What is your opinion? Do you think the rig is worth the money that Apple is asking?
I had been expecting an Apple "ultraportable" for awhile. Well, now that this "ultraportable" is out, I am not impressed. The only reason I could understand one would buy this is because of the design.

-Not really an "ultraportable" at 13.3". The footprint is even larger than the Macbook.
-One USB port. Sorry, but, the Asus EEE has more.
-Non-removable battery (not again)
-RAM is apparently soldered to the board.
-1.8" 4200 RPM HDD or an SSD at $999 more
-No optical drive, and what's with having an external USB drive?
-Black keyboard on silver body
-Drop it...there it goes.

These are the main problems I find. They focused WAY too much on making it thin. (It's not even the thinnest notebook of all time, Mitsubishi had a thinner one back in 1997). I mean, I would rather have something a few hairs thicker while having a smaller footprint and keeping the optical drive and making some parts upgradeable. Sony has had notebooks far better suited as ultraportables for awhile, and Toshiba and Panasonic have some very light notebooks that pack a decent amount of power. In my honest opinion, it's just not worth the $1800 base price when the Macbook is a bit thicker and more powerful.

Just my views on it. I was really interested in it because there were rumors that it could be charged by induction, guess not.
I think it is worth it. I will be getting mine in a few weeks.

It has alot packed into a small thing. The screen size is the same as my current MacBook, but it is in some ways more powerful than my MacBook.

I don't think the problems listed above apply to everyone. I think 13.3 is plenty small, but not to small where it is hard to see. I personally don't use more than 1 USB port on my laptop. IF I did, I wouldn't be very portable. RAM is soldered, but there is 2GB standard. Thats just as much as my MacBook has now. 80 GB HDD is a bit tiny, but a 160GB can be purchased through Hitachi. SSD is so much more because SSD's are extremely expensive still (unfortunately).

No optical drive isn't a big deal. I have a 4GB flash Drive, and that is as much as a DVD could hold. I never really use the optical drive on my MacBook now. And the external is optional, you dont need it. There are other ways offered to use CD's/DVD's.

Black Keyboard is slightly blah, but the backlit keys are good. And with the way the system overall is put together, a drop will not break it. Not unless it was a LONG fall. Like... 2 stories or so. Being 3lbs, and having an aluminum case makes it pretty tolerable to falls. And since it is all compact, nothing can really shift around if dropped.
Da Rossa
It's amazing, however it has too much limitations in order to be possible to be that portable.

As the friend said: ONE usb port is ridiculous.
It's too overpriced for the limitations, perhaps it's because it's a new beautiful release. But maybe I got their agenda: they are not targeting all the Mac fans; just the richer ones. After all, you're gonna have another well-configured Mac or PC nearby to install anything. Also, the very kind of person that would like exactly the way it is is the airplane rat, that is at least 5 days/month inside one, this would be the executive one, the same that is intending to make lectures in a conference room.

Perhaps the Macbook is still the best deal for those intending to get one MB Air.

The very good thing: the trackpad. Like iPhone's, it's wonderful.
Less than one inch thick Oo One usb? No problem for me Smile It's notebook for traveling, taking always with You no to be desktop replacement. One USB is enough to connec eg.mighty mouse. Bettery can be changed (see, specs are OK for Mac OS X and with SSD drive it should perform fawless.
Well, the thing about the size is that by definition, it's not an ultraportable. That's all I'm saying. I don't see why it should be so thin, but still have a larger footprint than a Macbook.

2 GB in many cases is enough, but I like the freedom to expand. And I think the reason it doesn't have a 160 GB hard drive because it's slightly thicker than the 80 GB. The SSD's price I completely understand. I'm actually glad it's selling at the normal $999 and not some inflated price.

The only thing about the optical drive is that I had hoped Apple would be a little more innovative and make a wireless optical drive, instead of wireless borrowing another computer's optical drive or using a USB external.

All in all, it's just too expensive for what it has. I'd rather get a Macbook, or if I wanted something small and thin, get the Sony TZ or Toshiba R200 (I may have the wrong Toshiba model).

I still hope some company will go on with the idea of charging by induction.
Totally agreed with 2nd post: nice and eye-candy, but totally useles.... I mean, 1 usb and 1 *mini-dvi*... come on...
Studio Madcrow
So fragile that you can probably break it by looking at it the wrong way and so underpowered that you probably will probably do so out of sheer frustration.
emem wrote:
Totally agreed with 2nd post: nice and eye-candy, but totally useles.... I mean, 1 usb and 1 *mini-dvi*... come on...

well if you watched the video they say they want to stay away from using such extra stuff and just stick with wireless connection!
my ThnkpadT42 has 2 USBs that didn't help me much anyways so I ended up having 7 port USB2.0 hub for $15 from MicroCenter

I'm not sure how fragile that thing unless i can feel it, I most worried about the screen! we'll see if this going to be any successful
All the truth about Air & comparision with...

Da Rossa
The Inquirer says the MBA is not an Apple innovation...
FunDa has compiled a list of possible uses for the Eject button that the MacBook has.

Yes, it has no CD drive, but has an eject button.


In case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s an eject button at the top right corner of the MacBook Air keyboard. There’s no disc drive, but you push it, something pops out. Somewhere. Click. Schwing. Poop. Some people say this key ejects the optional SuperDrive, but after countless—or maybe just three—days of in-deep investigation in cocktail bars and going through the trashcans outside Jonathan Ive’s house, we’ve compiled a list of potential actions:

• Ejects random F-15 Eagle National Guard pilot currently flying over the US.
• Activates road speed bump.
• Launches Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles while playing War Games with demented mainframes.
• Don’t make war, make love and launch giant dildos instead. (NSFW)
• Fires up the farter-burner in jet-propelled toilet.
• Ejects Blu-ray and HD DVD players and turn TVs off at boring consumer electronics conventions.
• Launches space fighters in the middle of the desert. Then press again to see them self-destruct mid-flight.
• Kicks bad Imperial fake rock bands off the stage.
• Remotely makes Steve Jobs said “Boom!” at will during keynotes and events.
• Launches squirrels into oblivion.
• Activates self-destruction function in Manila envelope.
• Triggers portable secret RDF unit, making everyone 1.5 miles around you to fall in love and go to the store to buy one.
• Provokes fanboy orgasm. (NSFW)
• Provokes Slut Machine an orgasm. (NSFW)
• Provokes Slut Machine’s fanboys an orgasm. (NSFW)
• Forces internal battery to self-destruct, eliminating the need to change it.
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